Tom Clancy’s The Division: Broken Dawn Novel | Author Interview – Alex Irvine

The Division Broken Dawn is a novel that picks up some of the narrative threads from the first Divison Game and from New York Collapse and weaves them together in such a way that they lead to the back story of the second game. There are four main characters: the first one is a character from New York Collapse, April Kelleher. We find out what she is up to after the mysterious ending of that book. Then there are two Division agents : there is Aurelio Diaz and Ike Ronson who both get involved in April’s story in different ways. But both also bring also their own stories to the book that get intertwined in some complicated ways. And then the fourth main character is a little girl named Violet who is part of a group of children surviving not quite on her own but kind of on her own. There’s a real emphasis on civilians in the book as there is in the second game. And I think that this focus is important because the Division agents have a really particular experience. They are out on missions and they are doing that, that’s their entire focus But most of the world is not a Division agent so I wanted to explore what it’s like to just be an ordinary person in the aftermath of all this. And we find that people put under the same kind of stresses tend to behave in the same kinds of ways because they are people. You know tendencies toward extremism get magnifiedand those people get dangerous and those are the factions that we see. And then the run of the mill ordinary people are just trying to you knowdoing the best for themselves and the people they care about. I think that there is a lot in this book for Division fans of every stripe. Fans of New York Collapse are gonna be able to see what happens to April fans of the second game can read the book to get sort of warmed up for it. I think there is something in this book for everybody and I am excited to share it with readers.

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