Tina Shares Her Erotic Holiday Fiction | Season 7 Ep. 6 | BOB’S BURGERS

– You guys are into The lady who had the baby? No, the herb. I’m looking for recipes
for Thanksgiving next week. Uh-oh. Somebody is getting
excited about Thanksgiving. Hm, maybe. He’s freaking out. Look at him. Yeah, he’s pulling
his hair out. Oh, wait. No, that was like that. Hm, bald joke. Yeah. What you doing, Tina? You didn’t finish your
homework last night? Oh, this isn’t homework. I’m working on some
erotic holiday fiction. Hm. Oh, like the one
you wrote where Saint Patrick got his groove back? – Oh, you read that?
– Yeah. I loved that one. Wait, you read it, too? I mean, I heard about it. Well, I was
reading it out loud. I overheard some of it. I heard it, too. What’s this one about, Tina? Well, this one’s
for Thanksgiving, and it’s called,
“The Quirky Turkey.” It’s about a turkey
who wears glasses and also she has skinny
legs that she may or may not hide with knee-high socks. And she feels left out
because she doesn’t look like all the other turkeys. Is that about you? No. Uh, what? All right, fine. It might have been inspired
by a real-life event where a certain word was thrown around. Hi, guys. Tina, you’re so quirky. She’s right, you are. You are. – You are.
– Oh, my god. You really are. Oh, my god. She’s, like, so quirky. Wait, is quirky a good thing? (LAUGHING) That’s such
a quirky thing to ask. So, yeah. I’m taking back the
q-bomb and mixing in a fun holiday message. Well, that doesn’t sound very
erotic, which is totally fine. No, some stuff
happens with a pig. Oh. Some suggestive
situations, implied nudity. Oh, OK. I got it. So how does it end? The not-quirky turkeys
realize that they aren’t there for dinner– they are dinner. And they get their heads
chopped off on Thanksgiving. Aw, that’s nice. So you excited? My little turkeys
get a long weekend. [sighs] I’m looking
forward to Thanksgiving, but I am not looking forward
to the day before Thanksgiving. We have to sit through one of
Mr. Franz’s stupid plays again. I’m still bored from
last year’s play!

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  1. 1:46 genes chewing is EVERYTHiGGG lololol i loveee him soooo much.

    i love them all.. but especially gene 🙂 the things that come out of that boys mouth!!

  2. Tina and Linda are both voiced by men, like how all the little boy characters in the Simpsons are voiced by a woman.

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