Thugs Of Hindostan – Official Trailer | Amitabh Bachchan | Aamir Khan | Katrina Kaif | Fatima

1795, India. The East India Company
came to trade… …but now they rule us. Fire! But for some slavery was intolerable. “In the afternoon of twin days
on a moonless night… “…astride a rosewood stallion
comes the peril of sinners.” – Who is this man?
– An Indian, our enemy. His name is Azaad. To catch Azaad we need
a thug like Azaad. Firangi Sailor. Village Gopalpur. District Cawnpore. Awadh. Sahab, what’s the word in English
for “kaminey?” Bastard. That’s me, sir!
Fun meeting you. Now it’s 1,2,3, quick march! Azaad. Name ring a bell? I’ll get Azaad’s army on its knees
for you. I’m Firangi, the “foreigner.”
Foreign inside… …not outside. 1, 2, dash it. Nonsense, quick march. 3, 4 pudding-wudding.
Good night! I want to be free like you. Too pricey. I’m selling freedom.
Don’t bargain, sire. Let the fun begin! If freedom is a crime… …let the punishment be mine. What befalls us now… …is God’s will alone. Deceit is my nature. To trust is mine.

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