This Man Speaks 32 Different Languages

– My name is Ioannis Ikonomou. I’m from Greece, and I speak 32 languages. Russian, Portuguese, Norwegian, Turkish, Hungarian, Czech, Polish– – [Narrator] Ioannis is what
we call a hyperpolyglot. It means he can speak a lot of languages. See, the thing is, Ioannis, he’s a quick learner. This doesn’t happen by
just sitting at home and studying, though. The world is a big place
with different cultures and, yes, different languages. Wait, wait, before we go:
if anyone knows, it’s you. What is the most complicated
language to learn? – Mandarin. – [Narrator[ Mystery Solved.

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  1. Frankly, I'm not sure whether to be impressed that he speaks 32 languages (47 now in 2019 btw) or that he some how manages to speak all of them with a thick Greek accent…

  2. Turkce konusuyo mu diye bakmaya gelenler turkceyi gordukten sonra gururlanip acaba nasil konusuyo diye bekleyenler duyduktan sonra da anasini sikim ben daha iyi konusuyorum diye dusunen.

  3. I'm kinda lucky to be one of the Arab natives who speak English fluently. I'm proud and learning mandarin now yay

  4. No offence, but the mandarin he's speaking isn't really understandable but I admit, being a Chinese myself and learning it from young, it's pretty hard.

  5. What a stupid question "what is the most complicated language to learn".
    It all depends on your native language..

  6. His pronunciation of Dutch is totally shit. He sounds like a foreigner who can barely speak it.

  7. His pronunciation in Turkish is pretty clear, considering the unusual vowel/consonant structure. He must have spent some time on it, Μπραβο!

  8. Let me guess he doesn't speak albanian because its imposible to learn albanian
    Only natives can speak the language..we albanians are special

  9. I'm starting ön my journey to start learning languages im starting with Russian I only know how to read in some languages and im fluent in Spanish and English.

  10. In video : he's able to speak multiple languages n I'm not denying it

    Quick tip in video (after observation) : Sit in different positions to speak each language

  11. Seven
    English: goodmorning
    French: bonjour
    German gutenthag ( speaking not writing)
    Otanees pag la to ma
    Biri : to fai sa
    Vask ( Danish dialect)
    Ir mama est ain shunne damen , das bitekand ir fattor hid nig sin oge in hire broksak ( your mom is a beautiful woman, that means your father didn't have his eyes in his pockets) 🥰🤔 damm is broksak writing with a c or a k ?

  12. Well, Mandarin is not that hard, as they have many sources. Try to learn spoken Arabic. Google don't translate the language except the MSA. Sources to learn it? Oh goodluck if you found those that really help.

  13. This guy is kind of famous among linguists and polyglot and certainly he is an accomplished performer in tons of languages..Everybody admires him and recognizes his skills but I would say that his pronunciation in most of the languages he spoke in this video is far from least in Italian and Dutch..but who cares about perfection?He is great

  14. I speak British, American, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, and a little South African.

    I know, right? Pretty impressive.

  15. Interesting. But I barely understood what he said in German and Dutch because his accent was so thick- the enunciation of his vowels and consonants is poor as well as intonation actually sound like different languages than what they are. I'm sure people whose native tongue are in the language he is speaking can understand it but if you are a foreigner good luck. It's like when you learn English and you study it and then you get two different foreigners speaking the language and can't understand one another because of their unique accents.

  16. Greetings in 10 most widely used languages from Polyglot Yeo

  17. You have to be incredibly gifted to be able to do this stuff. All the different sounds, conjugations, accents, verb tenses… just wow.

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