This is Reactored language tool

Reactored is an application for effective, personalized foreign language learning for schools and for individuals. For educators Reactored offers a diverse tool with which they can create pedagogically planned study sets and follow their students progress. Reactored has a
multi-channel approach to language learning, listening speaking and writing
are combined with pictures, which benefits all kinds of learners. Reactored
includes the unique spellchecker feature which helps even self learners
to produce words and sentences correct from the beginning without any additional dictionaries. It enables the learners to choose the
appropriate learning mode for themselves and also advanced at their own
individual pace. In Reactored the learned words are immediately used in a context. Learning a foreign language means a lot of work and a lot of repetition You have to learn a huge amount of words, phrases and sentences. Reactored is the best tool for that. I often create my own study
sets for my students and assign them as homework. In addition I often hold a
short Reactored section during my lessons. I love the fact that it enables
my students to advance at their own level and pace and that it gives every
one of them instant feedback. For me as a teacher it gives more time to instruct those who need more guidance. I really enjoy using Reactored it’s
really effective it allows me to track my progress and compete with other
students I really like using Reactored because the built-in spell-checker helps me to translate difficult sentences that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

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