THIS IS GETTING CREEPY | Doki Doki Literature Club – Part 3

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  1. (Spoiler if you’re watching this playthrough for the first time) 19:47 funny you talk about people committing suicide when it comes to Sayori…..

  2. Sayori: Hi-Hi Jack
    Jacksepticeye: SHE SAID HIJACK, she’s trying to HIJACK something TERRORIST.
    I was dying

  3. I went with Natsuki, and I think she tried to kiss me before she left, but Sayori interupted. 1:15:55 was my reaction when she got closer, I hugged my cat for normalness

  4. if anyone’s still watching this, I just want to say that while in many cases jack is right about telling the parents if someone dear to you is in a bad place, also make sure the situation is alright for that, meaning if they have parents who abuse them in any way it would probably be best to keep them in the dark, just for safety reasons. hope everyone is doing well and can maybe be helped by this

  5. the idiot friend

    its a summer morning (for me) 1 o'clock my friend stayde over last night
    i was watching jacksepticeye playing doki doki literature club
    my friend says "HEY… what you watching"
    i reply " jacksepticeye playing doki do-" i was cut of by my friend
    he tells me" yeah ive seen him play it" he stands up and watches it with me
    then he says "can i see the highlight of the next video"
    i move the mouse across the screen and put it on top of episode 4
    then i see the highlight of the video i suddenly feel like punching him in the face while he is on the floor laughing he starts making jokes like guess sayori is not HANGING on her phone anymore
    and guess jack will never HANG out with her again then i end up staring into his soul and i put my hand an arm space away from my head and it is facing my friend i sick my thumb out then stick the middle one out and i tell him so thats why everyone wanted him to stick with yuri

    (by the way the highlight was sayori hanging herself)

  6. jack: you will always be my dearest friend

    me: did you not here what she said about how much she liked you but oh well i cant wait to see your reaction next episode

  7. you know the thing that popped up in your folder just think who has a red bow AND a rope is at the top soooo ooooooh ooof oooooof jack you messed up

  8. Natsuki: I just looooove sweets!

    Me: what about diabetes?

    Natsuki.chr blew up from knowledge

    Natsuki.chr was deleted

  9. U can chose Natsuki so u can make peace with her boi so she won't be mean to u and then stay with Yuri but I still think Sayori is a better girl

  10. I feel exactly like Sayori, except I'm not allowed to be late to school.

    You don't want people to waste their precious time and effort on you.
    Man I wish life could be so easy as to join a literature club and things got better.

  11. 1:05:24– jack i feel like the police are going to kick my door down any second
    also jack 10 seconds later- FBI OPEN UP

  12. Jack shes deppressed and you technicley friendzoned her you monster i heard what you said but come on even you must have thought saying you will always be my dearest friend is gonna oof u

  13. I know I'm late but I know what you meant when you said there was a drink that sounded like "Yoo Yoo" I think you were talking about a Yoo-hoo. It's a chocolate drink 😂

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