Things Fall Apart – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

Yo, wassup, dawg? This week we keepin it together with “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe. Okonkwo got one of da illest reps
of any hood in the Nigerian Umuofia clan. But bein a high baller don’t run in the family. Errybody know dat Okonkwo’s daddy was nothin but a broke-ass scrub, and now Okonkwo gotta be a hard-ass hustla to shake off dat family shame. When some fool mercs a dame from Umuofia, Okonkwo gotta take care of his boy, Ikemefuna, to make everything cool between the clans. Okonkwo got mad love for this kid, even though he don’t show it. And it ain’t long before Ikemefuna starts callin Okonkwo “Daddy.” Then one day, the Oracle say dat fool Ikemefuna
gotta get put in dirt. Some geezer named Ezeudu tells Okonkwo
he best stay away from dat mess. Cuz no matter how much of a bad-ass thug you are, killin yo own son is wack. But Okonkwo don’t wanna be seen as no sensitive b*tch, so he straps up ready to bang out. When Ikemefuna cries, “Little help,
Pops?” Okonkwo ends dat fool. And for the next few days, Okonkwo all torn up. Sh*t gets even more cray for
Okonkwo during his boy Ezeudu’s funeral. During the salute, Okonkwo’s gat accidentally
busts a cap in Ezeudu’s son! So Okonkwo and his family get booted outta town for 7 years! While he gone, a bunch of bible-thumpin crackers roll up to
Umuofia, tryna convert homies all ova town. Soon, they got a whole new government up in
dis piece! Damn! When Okonkwo gets back home, he all
like, “Man, who are these honkies?!” So, he and his tribal leader homies roll up
to a church and stomp dat sh*t to the ground. “This is our turf, suckas!” After gettin thrown in the slammer for a bit, Okonkwo rallies errybody to wage war against them imperialist fools. When one of dem oppressors steps to, Okonkwo takes that fool out. But when he tries to get his posse to revolt against these haters, like all good Umuofians do, they all back down like a buncha ol’ b*tches. Later, the top dog white man rolls
up to Okonkwo’s crib to take him downtown. But when he walk in, Okonkwo hangin by a noose. Fool took himself out for good. Damn. First thing you best recognize is that lil Achebe came up in Nigeria after it was taken over by da west. Even though this book definitely got beef with the empire that did Igbo culture straight dirty, good art don’t just give
one perspective. See, Okonkwo reppin all the social
values of the ol’ Igbo society. He clockin mad courage, goes hard for da hood, and don’t let no candy-ass emotions get in his way. And for bein the realest brotha on the streets,
the elders trust him to raise Ikemefuna. But it ain’t all gravy for Okonkwo. When time comes to kill Ikemefuna, Okonkwo knows bein the one to shank his boy gonna piss off the Goddess real bad. But he ain’t no lazy coward like his daddy, and fool desperate to prove it. After Ikemefuna dead, it’s just one tragedy after another, til Okonkwo offs himself. Even his main man, Obierika, tell him dat was a messed up thing to do. “If I were you I would have stayed at home. What you have done will not please the Earth. It is the kind of action for which the goddess wipes out whole families.” Ain’t no doubt that those crooked-ass imperialists took a big ol’ dump on Africa. But like we can see with Okonkwo icin his
boy and disrespecting the goddess, maybe things started fallin apart before they got there. Just like Yeats preachin in the poem that opens the book, whether it be Igbo culture, western culture, or whateverthef**k — time is the enemy. And as time goes on, any culture can fall apart. But you know what don’t fall apart?
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  1. For some reason I realy hated okonkwo in this story. I always sided with his sons as they were way more compelling. I felt like ononkwo was consumed by his need to be masculine, and that he was the bad guy at the beginning and that the white settlers became the bad guys of the second half.

  2. im from Morocco and i study English studies my research is about this novel THINGS fall apart and all what i want to say is cooooooool u are amazing man keep going and more keep reading thank you

  3. Things fell apart because the men mistreated women and thus upset the goddess. The oracle and the goddes were pretty much upset how Okonkwo and other men mistreated their wives. I remembered reading this book It's pretty much about sexism and karma.

  4. This is great and I'd love to show it to my class . . . is there a version with less colourful language?

  5. I read this hoping Okonkwo would win in the end. I hated the missionaries and the british. It really is a story about a man at war with himself, his family, and the changing times he lived in. He wasn't a bad man but just a man doing what he thought was right according to the definitions of success of his society.

  6. years ago I read this book for a lit. class.. My teacher was obsessed with this book and offered to give a A to any student that could interview Chenua, Achebe.. I interviewed the next best thing his son in new york. I got a easy A.. brings back good memories…good job

  7. This book made me cry when I read it back in middle school because of the feelings he had towards his daughter. The part that always stuck with me was when he kept saying to himself "she should've been born a boy" because she had more of his spirit than he his son did.

  8. I read this book but just remember being like dame at the end.I couldn't tell u what it was about sad I know

  9. I've just finished the book. Thanks for your excellent summary and perspective. I agree, in Okonkwo's case it seems like time was against him. Is he really all that brave though?

  10. wow. this book is way more violent than i expected. things didn't fall apart, they got took down with a machete

  11. Using black stereotypes to review a book who's entire PURPOSE is to create a humanizing view of Africans and dispel European notions of how Africans lived? Not ironic at all.

  12. My college tutur showed us the thug notes for Romeo and Juliet. Me and my friends binge this on the regular because we just love these!

  13. I'm dying laughing from his pronunciation. I'm Nigerian, Igbo in fact, so I should be used to this by now, but every time I'm equal parts cracked up and annoyed.

  14. Okay so 3 things, so (1) it's the morning of the test and I haven't read this book so I go on Youtube thinking I can speed read the audio book but that's a nope so I go on here, (2) I discover Thug Notes and fall in love, and finally (3) I read through the comments with people talkin about yams and then the spoiler of "the dude kills himself" like oh shit bro

  15. yeah wassup doug this is Josh from Zambia. So i love your videos but the problem is only 2 of your videos are featured in my literature syllabus, So dude please please just wanna request for a review of "The River between" by Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o so african author plus "The Concubine" by Elechi amadi

  16. I'm looking for a shortcut to read this novel and this ain't it, i don't wanna be writing slang in my paper, i'm a fool and i'd straight up forget i have to be formal xD

  17. I need to this for a summer assignment I need to find 20 quotes and explain them and then I gotta do a essay in it 🤦🏼‍♀️ but thank you

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