Theatrical Dictionary: Swing

♪ (drum and bass line) ♪ TDF’s Theatre Dictionary Swing: You can swing for the fences. And swing at the playground. And it don’t mean a thing
if it ain’t got that swing. But, at the theater,
a swing is an understudy who learns multiple roles in the ensemble. Here’s how it works. Say there’s a new
musical, and the star gets sick. The star’s understudy
is probably in the ensemble, so she’ll take over the lead role. But someone needs to replace
the understudy in the ensemble. And that person is the swing, who’s
ready to step in at a moment’s notice. A swing knows several roles. So if this ensemble member gets
sick, the swing can cover his part, too. And that lets the show go on. (audience sounds) (all) Swing! ♪ (drum and bass line,
record scratching) ♪

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