Theater Talk – “Mean Girls” and “Randy Writes A Novel”

6 Replies to “Theater Talk – “Mean Girls” and “Randy Writes A Novel”

  1. The old lady is an idiot. You never introduce the man before the woman, and Taylor is the Tony nominee for best leading actress, while Grey Henson is a supporting actor nominee. Taylor is playing a leading role in "Mean Girls", while Grey is playing a supporting role.

  2. By the way, Taylor's hair doesn't look good. She's striking as a blonde. The highlights aren't working.

  3. Stan comes from an Eminem song about an obsessed fan, so a "Stan" is an intense fan of something. i.e. Drake "Stans" can't stand Kendrick "Stans"

  4. Gosh that throw up remark wasn’t cute. I’m sorry Taylor, that must have been uncomfortable. Overall, good interview.

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