The Ups and Downs of Life || Animated Poetry Video – JAHMARthePOET

We have seen day and night Darkness and light Felt the chill and the warmth Sadness and delight Climbing to the top for a down slide Experiencing a roller coaster ride Adventuring on an uphill hike But seeing the best view at the peak From the time we screamed our way Into this world to start the journey Life on earth doesn’t keep us jolly Neither does it keeps us gloomy So how do we cope When we are at a slope Or what is our attitude When we are on high altitude Our life is driven by our state of mind Our wings of faith keep us soaring But our heavy burdens keep us on the ground Our life is driven by our way of thinking If we are worried about our dark times It will not last If hope is not at our glance If hope is not at our glance God is mindful of our situation His point of view differs from our perception What we think is lost He can turn for our gain Our faith in Him, permits His intervention We, like a scale Is able to fulfill our purpose When we are enabled to balance Positive thoughts Against a negative circumstance The mind is God’s gift to us Better than gold to possess The molding clay in our hands To shape into defense Against the odds Hey guys I do hope that you were inspired by that animation video Be free to share it with your family and friends Give this video a thumbs up if you like it Share your thoughts in the comment section below And don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE This is JAHMARthePOET “Expressing Life through Poetry” Thanks for watching!

12 Replies to “The Ups and Downs of Life || Animated Poetry Video – JAHMARthePOET

  1. Great poem. Fantastic animation.

    Check out this poem I filmed

  2. hey bro it's deep entropy idk if u remember me but I've watched every video u ever posted been a supporter for a very long time I just left YouTube for awhile & in turn removed all my content including comments hope ur well fam hope u continue to write n upload

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