The Smart Way To Self-Publish Your Poetry Book

Your voice, your vision, your poetry, if you’re
ready to self-publish your poetry book, chapbook, or poetry collection the experts at Self-Publishing
Relief are ready to guide you we have more than 21 years of experience working with poets
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all creative decisions are made by you and you keep all the rights and royalties poetry
manuscripts have special formatting and file conversion requirements and Self-Publishing
Relief can handle all the complicated technical tasks for you when completed you’ll have a
quality professionally finished self-published poetry book, chapbook, or poetry collection
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work for poetry books, chapbooks, poetry collections and other manuscripts of 100 pages or fewer
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5 Replies to “The Smart Way To Self-Publish Your Poetry Book

  1. I have about 150 Christian poems that I have written and  each person that read's them has asked me to publish them, I need guidance in doing this some are also Christian romance, I am a disabled person who would like to take up writing skills as well

  2. I am from india.Since teenage im writing poetries,and i used to share it with friends on social media.People love my poetries so much.But i now many page uplod my poetries without giving me credits.Thats actually my fault,i knew nothing about copy rights.
    But it Hurts so badly.
    Can i publish my poetry in Hindi(Indian Language) from your website,what about copy ritghts?

  3. Summer heat of the day,
    A bummer to me but my plants all will say;
    “This is great, what a life!
    While I’m burnt to crisp,
    From tending to their every wanton wish.

    I smile cause I know what I’ll reap in the end,
    All the while weary and sweaty taking care of my friends.
    I need them to thrive, they need the sun,
    So I put up with the heat, then along I will run,
    On my feet till I meet the rivers edge,
    For the ladies I love there’s nothing can wedge me from them.

    Unconditional love is a hard thing to find,
    Fundamental, spiritual neutrinos will bind,
    Symbiotic it is, fruitful for both,
    We rely on each other more than most.

    Without me they would die,
    Without them so would I,
    So I try to make friends with the sun,
    It can destroy or give life,
    I vote for the latter,
    So I love the sun no matter.

    Matthew Miller

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