The Secrets Behind Doki Doki Literature Club

Doki Doki Literature Club is the Yandere Simulator
of Cuphead. After being in development for just over two
years by Smash Bros modder, Dan Salvato and being released silently on September 22nd
this year, the game has gained momentum and is widely regarded as the most, uhhhh surprising
game that has come out this year. The game is simple enough, you play a young
boy who joins a Literature Club to make bars with four other girls and they all seem to
have a crush on you and try to win you over by making poems. The lack of voice acting and the depth of
the game is just outstanding, it makes you feel like you’re actually in one of those
‘visual novel’ type games that you see streamers play all the time when you’re
bored of watching PlayGrounds Battle Known. I mean look at the game. It’s clearly Twitch bait, and best of all,
it’s a free download so you can play it anytime you wa- For those of you who haven’t clicked off,
I must confess that I haven’t exactly been telling you the truth. In fact, Doki Doki Literature Club is the
complete opposite of those fun and safe visual novels that you find on Page 13 on the Steam
Marketplace. Akin to Undertale, the true motives of the
game’s creator and the story are hidden in plain sight and are nothing short of terrifying. Due to the nature of this video, I’m going
to have to split the video into two parts, the main game, and the undertones of the game. I’ll be hopefully going through as many
secrets in the game as possible, so I will leave a timestamp in the description and on
screen to navigate around the video. To be honest, you probably won’t even notice
the change, the game’s secrets are interwoven in the story in such a way that I’d have
to spread them around anyway. Also a quick disclaimer, when I say this game
is on the disturbing side, I really am not joking; this game is the perfect example of
the concept that looks can be deceiving and I’ll offer the warning right now that this
video contains some disturbing content, so if you’re unsettled by any of these, click
off the video (countdown theme) and now let’s begin with the video. This game has been in development since 2015
using the engine Ren’Py, a visual novel engine that is used for many different successful
games such as.. Uh… hmmm… and was developed by Dan Salvato
as the premiere game for his new company, Team Salvato. A lot of people found it weird that someone
like Dan would make a visual novel of this calibre because he always disliked the typical
tropey visual novels that plagued the Steam marketplace. And this concern is for good reason as well,
from the cover to the description to the logo and to the general aesthetic of the game,
it looks like one of those typical visual novel type games you see streamers play all
of the time. The existence of the DDLC project was only
made known less than a month before its release on the 8th September 2017, when Dan himself
revealed information about his ‘big project’ with an accompanying image of four coloured
squares, which corresponded to the eye colours of each of the four main characters. On the 16th September, Dan made the first
tweet on his new developer account, Team Salvato, revealing that the project was indeed a game,
but the title, nature and type of the game were kept secret until the day the game came
out, on the 22nd September 2017. After some updates to the game since its release,
with new major and minor things being added here and there, the game in its complete state
was made available on the 2nd of October, and was free to download from the Steam store. Now that I’ve given you a little bit of
context onto the creation of the game and how it was conceived in the first place, I
guess it’s time to talk about the plot of the game and the significance of the events
that transpire in the game; it is free to download and I recommend going in blind, but
for the type of people that scroll down to the comments to look for jumpscare timestamps,
here’s an analysis on Doki Doki Literature Club. The game begins on a street outside your building
and you’re greeted by an ‘annoying girl’ running towards you while you’re on your
way to school. This girl is Sayori, she’s the Vice-President
of the literature club at their school. They’ve known each other for a long time
and she explains that she overslept but made it just in time to go and meet the player
before they go to school. Her oversleeping is an integral part to the
plot so remember this. You have a discussion with Sayori concerning
which club you want to join and like a stereotypical shy main character, you of course consider
obscene suggestions such as the anime club after Sayori is quick to correct you when
you claim that you have no memory of ever considering joining a club. She’s essentially that you may become a
NEET if you fail to join a club. To be honest though, who joins after school
clubs nowadays? If it isn’t anything sporty, no one cares
at this point, you can do everything you want to do at lunchtime anyway, I kind of feel
for the main character because the prospect of an after school literature club is pretty
daunting if you ask me, that’s basically a detention. Anyway the school day ends and you meet up
with Sayori, who then informs you that she’s the Vice-President of the literature club
and basically begs you to join after she promised the current members a new one. When you enter the room where the literature
club is held you’re introduced to 3 other characters, Yuri, Natsuki and Monika. They’re all 18 by the way. Legal. Jesus Christ why did I even need to say that… MOVING ON Sayori explains that Natsuki is
the one with ADHD and is really energetic (Natsuki jumpscare) and Yuri is the nerd of
the club who sits and reads all day. Funnily enough though, you and Monika have
apparently already met, you supposedly shared a class with her the year before and she was
the most popular girl there. Way out of your league. Now the characters have been introduced and
you socialise with them for a few minutes, this is the part where you actually play the
game! What a shocker it’s not a pure visual novel,
you can actually interact! This screen is where you write your poem,
there are a bunch of words on the screen and you’re basically tasked with generating
your own poem using words that are on the screen. The poems probably turn out shit, let’s
be honest, like how do you even make the words you choose rhyme? Anyway on the left side of your notebook there
are stickers of Yuri, Natsuki and Sayori; it can be noted that Monika is missing from
the book. When you choose a word in particular, the
person who the word appeals to the most will jump, showing that they enjoyed the word the
most I guess? You have to choose 20 different words and
depending on preference could affect how the characters talk to you throughout the duration
of the game. Once the poem creation screen is over, it
will cut to black and you’re back at the school, where now you are tasked with showing
each of the characters your poems, to which they will critique your poem and give you
sound advice based on the poem. Afterwards they will show you their own poem
and you basically lie to them and say you like it a lot, but let’s be honest they’re
all kinda bad anyway. Now the build-up of the game basically comes
with the fact that you’re preparing for a festival after the weekend, where each club
in the school basically shows what they can do in order to entice more people to join,
kind of like a freshers fair, where you’re basically meant to sell yourself and your
company to other students. Each of the characters has a specific type
of poem they’re all going to showcase on the day, and you’ve basically been doing
the same thing for about 3 or so days now. The game is split into Acts and Chapters,
like an actual play, and you’re helping them prepare for the big day. Natsuki’s preparing cupcakes, Yuri’s preparing
tea, Sayori I don’t know what she even did apart from get hit by something and Monika
is preparing the notebook that everyone is going to read their poems from. After a rehearsal by each character where
they recite their poems, it’s almost time for the festival. One thing about the gameplay that can be noted
especially is the fact that the game is reliant on the choices you make (Is that… is that
a TELLTALE REFERENCE?) and when you make them. The first anomaly in the game is seen when
Monika gives you one of her writing tips of the day: make sure to save the game and reload
so you can go over choices that you made to change them. She’s aware herself that it isn’t a writing
tip, and this is the first eerie happening in the game: people would normally pass this
off as a typical “don’t forget to save the game” message that you got in older
games when a character tells you to save the game instead of a visual cue. Now remember when I said that Sayori was an
oversleeper? Well as you continue on with the game, you
realise that Sayori doesn’t actually oversleep a lot of the time. On the same day, you’re informed by Sayori
that she’d been suffering from depression all her life, using that as an explanation
as to why she always came to school late or was normally out of breath by the time she
caught up with you in the morning. (By the way, just something to put out there,
if you’re suffering from depression, seriously, if you can find help, get it as soon as possible
because finding an outlet to vent is extremely useful instead of keeping your feelings bottled
up, it will make life a whole lot easier if you found someone to talk to about your problems
and I’m sure they’d be willing to listen if it’s seriously affecting you negatively:
I know everyone likes to joke about something like depression some of the time, but if you
need someone to talk to, you can find someone who’d be willing to listen, just stay safe
kids) Now back to the topic of choices in the game, at the end of the school day, you’re
given a chance to go home with one of the characters. You can save at any point in the game and
go back to make another choice if you weren’t satisfied with who you ended up going home
with, but if you choose a character that isn’t Sayori, you go home with them and have rigorous
s- you socialise with them. Once you leave the home however, you’re
met by Sayori who seems slightly jealous that you are socialising more with others and not
her and she essentially confesses to you that she loves you. You are then given another choice. Either tell Sayori you love her, or basically
friendzone her. Regardless of which is chosen, the first weird
moment in the game occurs as a file is written in the game folder called happy thoughts.png. Opening this file will give you this image. (hxppythxughts.png). If you choose to friendzone Sayori, she will
break down in hysterics and scream, after which she will run back home, heartbroken. If you choose that you love her however, she
says her goodbyes and you part ways for the night, a seemingly bittersweet ending for
you. The next day however, she is not in school. You assume that perhaps she is just oversleeping
again so you continue with the day as normal and you enter the club where Monika is waiting
for you. All the decorations are ready for the day
of the festival, and you check through Monika’s book to see everyone’s poem there, ready
to be recited. However something’s changed. Sayori’s poem is no longer there; at least
the poem that you thought she was gonna read, instead, she’s written this. After reading this, you book it to Sayori’s
house to go and wake her up for school, and she doesn’t answer the door: you have to
let yourself in and you go to her room to wake her up, only to be greeted with this. (Hanging scene unedited gameplay) This event
basically changes the rest of the game, it marks the complete tonal shift from a happy
stereotypical visual novel to a psychological horror game, as a lot of the events that transpire
after this particular event are just as twisted. When the game distorts in the background there
is a reference to a file called traceback.txt, which is where game engine errors are logged. If you go to the game folder and open this
file, you get a typical error message, but added text at the end shows that some divine
being may be pulling the strings, as it says: Oh jeez… I didn’t break anything did I? Hold on a sec, I can probably fix this… I think… actually, you know what? This would be a lot easier if I just deleted
her. She’s the one making this so difficult. Well, here goes nothing. If you go into the character folder, you’ll
notice that there are now 3 character files. Sayori has indeed been deleted. This change is reflected in the game as when
you go back to the menu Sayori’s typical pose is gone and is replaced with a corrupted
mess, with tiles from the other characters. The ‘NEW GAME’ button is replaced with
unintelligible glitch text as well. Now after witnessing something like that,
you’re probably wanting to go back and change some of the choices you made. The save files from Act 1 before Sayori’s
suicide are still perfectly intact, but attempting to open them will cause an error message to
appear: since Sayori’s not there anymore, the game instantly throws you back into the
game, but without Sayori. It can be noted that Sayori’s death is considered
the point of no return for the game, as once the player enters Sayori’s room, any attempts
you make to load the game at an earlier time period will throw you into Act 2 and force
you to continue the game. Also, you can’t quit when this scene happens
either. Pressing Alt-F4 will cause a distorted message
to appear and an image of Sayori glitching on the side. If you press yes, the game will close, but
when you open it, again you are thrown into Act 2. Act 2 begins when you either try and load
a save file from Act 1, or re-open the game and this marks the game’s rapid decline
into madness. There is a 1 in 100 chance of the game displaying
a different menu screen, instead of the typical logo with Team Salvato appearing you are greeted
with this. Attempting to quit the game if this appears
will cause a zoomed in version of Monika to appear for about 10 milliseconds before closing. Another easter egg in the game is noticeable
when you reopen the game: the disclaimer shown at the beginning of the text can change to
any of the following. Similarly, if you open the pause menu there
is a tiny change that this image will show up for less than a second before continuing
to the menu as normal. Bear in mind that this will only happen once,
so you won’t be able to try and do it again. When the actual game begins, you basically
have a deja vu moment, as it begins exactly the same way as the game started, but Sayori
isn’t there anymore. Sayori’s name’s been replaced with randomly
generated glitch text. After a few lines of dialogue, the glitch
appears, but the music stutters, essentially simulating a crash. If you are running the game on Windows in
full screen, the game will fake a blue screen of death for around 4 seconds before going
back to the beginning of the game, but this time, Sayori’s been completely omitted from
the game entirely. Instead of Sayori introducing you to the club
like before, it is Monika that introduces you, and when this happens, there is a 1 in
3 chance of Monika being distorted for several lines as she slides into the game. The game progresses as normal but some abnormal
happenings begin to show up: pay attention to the background. (Normal scene) If you look closely at the
background, the billboard at the back of the room has been replaced with a screenshot of
the scene where you find Sayori hanging from the ceiling. At the end of the day, you’re given the
opportunity to read a special poem by the game. This is the first of many and if you open
it, you get this image. It’s an extended version of the ‘happy
thoughts’ image that was added into your game’s local folder earlier. In the context of the game, the person who
wrote the image is unknown, but it’s the first of a couple unsettling poems you have
to bear witness to. The poem-writing gameplay is also completely
different in Act 2. Sayori is missing, since you know, she’s
dead. But since each word on the screen corresponds
to a score that is assigned for each girl the words that are normally associated with
Sayori are gifted to either Natsuki or Yuri. Pay attention to the screen when some words
are chosen. Did you see it? It only happens for a split second, but I’ll
slow it down so you can see things clearer. Now do you see it? Also towards the end of the poem writing segment
of the game, after choosing the final word, a subtle bass drop and this image scrolling
downwards for one second would appear. After this, a file will be written in the
game directory called Can You Hear Me: (text) (duck song very next day) Depending on who
you tailored your poem to in the previous section of the game, you will get an exclusive
scene with either Natsuki or Yuri. If you preferred Natsuki, you will read manga
together, much like what you did in Act 1, but when Natsuki tries to retrieve the manga
from the back closet, her text is edited to say: if you look at the history after this
happens, you’ll find that the text has been YouTube’d (monetisation) and it says something
else. Later on she says (text) and this phrase is
removed from the history entirely. Now if you preferred Yuri, you will read a
book with her. The book remains the same in terms of name
and the description of the book, but when Yuri actually talks about the themes of the
book, you’ll find that they are actually a lot darker than the first iteration of your
playthrough, in Act 1, she describes the book as a romantic book about relationships and
is vague about the dark themes, whereas in Act 2, she talks about cutting off people’s
limbs and other grotesque things before she stops herself. The name of the book that she’s talking
about is called ‘the Portrait of Markov’. This is not a real book, but it’s been argued
that the name Markov is in reference to Andrey Markov, a Russian mathematician, whose most
well known contribution to maths was the Markov chain: the Markov chain’s a process for
selecting outcomes based on one or more previous events, a similar type of theme that’s shown
in Doki Doki Literature Club. Her borderline insane side is also revealed,
albeit in a flash, as she then says that she likes bathing in the feeling of your body
heat in a distorted style. However, this line is skipped completely so
you’d need to be very quick to catch onto that line. Yuri will then run away. If Natsuki dislikes your poem, there is a
1 in 3 chance the music will pause for about 2 seconds and her eyes just pop out of the
sockets wordlessly. Things return to normal after another second. Now after all the poems have been read, the
argument that Yuri and Natsuki happens, similar to the first part of the game, but this time
it is ten times more intense, with Natsuki using insults that certainly uh… cut deep
(audience) you are then given a choice, Natsuki or Yuri. Clicking on either of them will cause the
screen to zoom in closer and closer (bear in mind that clicking either of them makes
no difference). The screen keeps zooming in towards Natsuki’s
name tag nine times until Monika suddenly appears and takes you outside, promising that
by the next day, Natsuki would completely forget about it. After Yuri tries to speak to you, you are
suddenly thrown into the poem game, and there is a 50/50 chance that you will encounter
a word that is just a glitch. Clicking on this word will cause the music
to change and the background to change to complete white. A large Yuri sticker will replace the regular
one and it will not respond to any preferred word. While on this screen, there is a chance that
clicking a word will trigger a very subtle, eerie version of the normal select sound. After this game is complete, your game folder
is changed again and a file with a bunch of Is will appear. (text)
The next day, Yuri is scared of apologising to Natsuki about what happened, but for some
odd reason, Natsuki has apparently forgotten about the previous day’s events. There is a 1 in 4 chance that Natsuki’s
mouth will be replaced with an annoying orange mouth. No seriously, it’s a realistic animated
mouth while she says some random gibberish. Now regardless of who liked the poem you wrote
the most, you are forced into a cutscene with Yuri. She goes to retrieve water to make tea, but
doesn’t return for ten minutes, after which you discover her cutting herself in the hallway. Before you can do anything, the game will
rewind to before you choose to leave the room, where this time Yuri will return with the
water she was originally getting, oblivious to anything that just happened. You and Yuri read together, but you are suddenly
pulled into a dark closet where she will stare at you for a minimum of 13 seconds. (staring scene) Monika will initiate the poem
sharing scene where you will share your poem with Natsuki and Yuri. Now if you held Natsuki’s favour for both
poems preceding this scene, you will get an exclusive cutscene with Natsuki where she
shares her poem with you. The poem shows an amalgamation of text, but
when decoded using Base64, the poem will make sense. After this she will ask you why you didn’t
read with her that day. While she’s berating you for not talking
to her, her eyes and mouth are replaced with swirling black squares and her eyes begin
bleeding. Her mouth is replaced with an abnormally large
smile after several lines of dialogue with you and she goes full on Exorcist on you. The game seemingly just ends right there (SIKE)
When the session is close to finishing, Monika asks for some time alone with the player,
but as she’s talking the background begins to darken. The screen starts to fade to black and she
notices this with these lines as the game fades to black. In this version of the poem game, Yuri now
has one sleeve of her blouse rolled up to reveal cuts on her wrists, and there is an
around 9% chance that you will see Monika jumping up when a specific word is picked
from the bottom of the screen. The poem game is normally out of twenty, but
now there are no numbers preceding it, it’s just 1s. It’s a new day and at the beginning of it,
there’s a small chance you will be greeted with this image. Natsuki or Yuri will apologise for arguing
yesterday with you depending on which one you preferred when writing your poem and the
game repeats the scene where Yuri cuts herself in the hallway, but if you’ve already seen
this, which you probably have, the dialogue will rewind again and Yuri will notice that
she has a feeling of deja vu. She laments to you over Monika’s recent
behaviour and starts talking about how nice it would be to spend time with you alone,
while this happens, Monika’s character sprite will slowly fade on screen, over the dialogue
box so you can’t see what Yuri’s saying. When she becomes fully opaque the game will
cut to black and you’re thrown back into the poem choice window again. If you choose Natsuki, depending on how much
you’ve interacted with Yuri over the past few days, she will express resentment, and
show you her poem, essentially a plea for help at this point after being witness to
Yuri’s weird behaviour. After reading this, Natsuki’s face will
disappear and she will tell you to ignore everything that she said, claiming that she
and Yuri are too managed, and for you to just think about Monika. This phrase is repeated in various ways, with
a choice box, a warning error and the game faking a restart just for the disclaimer to
say “Just Monika”. If you share your poem with Yuri, she starts
making obsessive comments about you and she shows you her poem called I don’t even know
how I’m meant to pronounce that. The poem looks like scribbles, but it’s
actually a font that is legible: the first part of the poem is an amalgamation of words,
but the second part of the poem is more telling of the madness that Yuri’s now experiencing,
as she goes full on Saw meets 50 Shades of Grey. After this, the club discusses preparations
for the festival, and you are offered the choice to help Natsuki, Yuri or Monika with
festival preparations. Your cursor is automatically directed towards
Monika’s name, but if you choose Yuri or Natsuki with your keyboard or force your mouse
onto the names, this happens. You’re essentially forced to choose Monika
and both Yuri and Natsuki reject your decision. Natsuki and Monika leaves the room as soon
as Yuri has a mini outburst and it is at this point that all the files that used to be in
your game folder are deleted. They are all replaced with one singular file:
have a nice weekend. Opening the file will cause a bunch of letters
and numbers to appear, but decoded it will read this. Using this opportunity, Yuri will confess
to her love for you and waits for your response. Regardless of which one you choose she will
laugh maniacally, then stab herself in the chest and stomach. When this happens, the entire history of your
game is wiped and replaced with one line of text, similar to the one used as the game’s
introduction on Steam. Since the script of the game is now damaged,
you are now forced to sit with Yuri’s drying corpse for the entirety of the weekend. She will produce 1440 lines of randomly generated
text in the distorted style, as the light changes from day to sunset to night. Her eyes will lose colour and Yuri’s blood
dries. If you quit the game, relaunching it will
throw you back into this scene immediately, so you have no way out and you are essentially
forced to skip the whole thing. It’s Monday and Natsuki enters, excited
for the festival, but vomits and leaves after seeing Yuri’s corpse. Monika then enters, and notices what’s happened. She deletes Yuri and Natsuki and the game
restarts. If you check your game files, you’ll notice
there is only one character file remaining. Monika. The next part of the game begins and you are
in a room with an eerie background facing Monika. You two seem to be the only ones in the room
and the game will check if you are recording with XSplit or OBS. If you are, the game will make note of this,
and Monika will guess your real name, or attempt to, she tries to find the username of the
computer account being used at that time. She claims she’s fallen in love with you
as a player, and she will talk about how she deleted Natsuki and Yuri, showing that she
knows she’s in a game and if you’re running the game from Steam, she will elaborate on
how she accessed the folder in question. The game will check to see if any of the streaming
programs are open again, and if they are, she will know she’s being recorded and pretend
to build up to a jumpscare. But of course knowing the game it doesn’t
actually happe- Monika will then initiate conversation with
the player, giving general life advice and talking about her life in the game and how
she interacted with other characters: Dan Salvato generated over 2 hours of dialogue
and Monika also makes references to Dan’s previous experience as a modder, asking you
if you’ve ever heard of Smash Bros. for example. She plugs her Twitter amongst other things
and you’re forced to listen to her. If you quit the game and reopen, you are forced
back into the room, and she scolds you for leaving. Similarly, if you attempt to skip any of the
dialogue, she will notice this and immediately disable the skip button. You are essentially stuck with her, until
you go into the game files and delete Monika.chr from the characters folder. When this happens, she will express betrayal,
and her character will glitch out, but showing remorse for her previous actions, will delete
her own character file and restart the game to the title screen. From this, the final part of the game begins. You are thrown back into the title screen,
which is normal for the time being, only now Monika is the character missing. Notice that Sayori’s back now. If you replace monika.chr in the characters
folder before the game restarts however, a dialogue box will appear before anyone speaks,
with Monika stating that she doesn’t want to come back. Apart from this, the story goes on as normal. Until the end of the game. After the first meeting the game will diverge
into two possible endings. If the player has seen every cutscene and
CG in the game, Sayori will thank the player for being so thorough with the game, and spending
so much time with the club, and the game will end without any issue. However, if you don’t do this, Sayori will
thank the player for getting rid of Monika, and she reveals that she knows everything
that Monika did as she has become president of the literature club. The background distorts and flickers to the
same classroom where you were going to spend an eternity with Monika and Sayori is delighted
that she could be with the player forever. However, she is stopped by an external dialogue
box. In a deus ex machina moment, Monika comes
back from the dead and deletes Sayori, deletes the ‘game’ and says goodbye to you. After this the game will cut to black and
the credits will roll, ending Doki Doki Literature Club. You guys still here? You still good? Because I’m still not done yet. There are bunch of secrets in the game that
I haven’t touched upon that some smartasses on Reddit, Discord and Twitter have found
out about the game that I need to talk about. Let’s start from the bottom (now the whole
team here) If you go into the game folder before the game starts and delete Monika’s
character file from the character folder, you’ll be greeted with a confused and panic
stricken Sayori, who exchanges a few lines of terrified dialogue before the game shuts
off by itself. When you reopen the game the game ends: all
the character files are instantly deleted and you are stuck with this. Leaving the game up for ten minutes will cause
a small message in Sayori’s handwriting showing up. Speaking of the character files. If you rename Monika.chr to Monika.png, the
file works and this is the image you’re greeted with. A fiery cracked circle with a block of black
and white pixels in the centre of the screen. It turns out the black and white pixels correspond
to a string of binary, and the binary can be converted into alphanumeric text. The contents of the text decoded will be available
in the description. Natsuki.chr is a file that’s also present
in the same game directory. It’s a renamed JPEG image file and when
you rename the file extension to .jpg, this image shows up. Now you may think that this image is kind
of weird, but the image has been rectangular mapped and inverted. If you reverse these effects, you get this
image. Dan has not given any information regarding
this character but it’s been widely speculated that this character is related to Project
Libitina. Now I’ve abstained from mentioning this
project, but I’ll leave some details in the description. Decoding monika’s character file shows ‘2018’
and Sayori’s character file contains a link to the website, but Project Libitina is the
working title for Dan Salvato’s new game, and from the information we’ve been given,
it’s safe to say it will be an interesting game I guess…? Yuri’s character file is quite interesting. It’s not a specific file type but it contains
a lot of Base64 text. When decoded into ASCII, it is an excerpt
from a short story that’s about a 19 year old girl who brutally murders someone out
of curiosity. This story was written in 2015, and Dan admitted
to writing the story close to the start of the game’s development, including it in
Yuri’s character file as an easter egg. One more subtle secret that was added into
the game occurs right after Sayori dies: now as I’ve said before, any attempts to revert
back to a previous save will cause the game to instantly through you into the new chapter,
but someone found a way to revert back to an old version. Or at least he thought he did. He took the raw save file from the game and
put it on his desktop. When the suicide scene then happened, all
the files then deleted as per usual, but he put the raw save data back into the game and
attempted to reload the game. The game reloaded as normal, but when he tried
to load the game the screen cut to black and a dialogue line appeared saying the game was
corrupted. After this Monika herself appears and asks
him: Thanks for watching the video, I’ve been
trying to deviate from more trendy videos as of recently and this is because I feel
like I can make something better if I put my mind to it and I can offer a lot of analysis
into something, whereas with something like current affairs I wouldn’t really be able
to because I’d just be going off of instinct. What I can actually see from what’s happening. That explains the lack of videos lately, but
I’ll try and pick up on the trend sooner or later. This is a different type of video, and I hope
you guys like it, this doesn’t meant to say my channel will just be creepy Game Theories
from now on, but I really liked how this game pulled the idea of psychological horror. It’s a lot less intense for me, editing
wise and I hope the atmosphere was unsettling enough for you to enjoy I guess? Thanks to everyone who helped me with the
video and I’ll see you later.

100 Replies to “The Secrets Behind Doki Doki Literature Club

  1. At 12:05 I thought I had fucked something up and was honestly left terrified out of my mind. But now that I know that there’s a 1/00 chance of this happening now I feel lucky and terrified

  2. Funny story, I played the game blind without ever knowing it was a horror game. I played it hoping to be able to woo some cute anime girls with my sick poem skills, I was very wrong. I cried when I saw Sayori because I rejected her at first… I thought it was my fault.

  3. when i first played this i thought it had the warning because it said the word depression in the poem game…boy was i wrong


  5. Dan: hmmmm…suspicious what should I make. Bf: I watched a horror movie last night. Dan:ah ha I've got it make a game 18 year olds are in literature club and u try date one but then a girl named monika will fuck with your computer

  6. One I found – when the poem game goes to just 111111111111/20, the game will continue until you pick a word Yuri likes. I picked about forty Natsuki words, and the moment I tried a Yuri word, it moved on.

  7. I have a poem

    Im playing minecraft

    Watching this video

    Trying to sleep

    Felling like a dido

    For watching this video

  8. 13:20 wait, whaaat? That's really cool.
    I watched The Game Theorists' playthrough of the game, but number they apparently didn't have the game in fulscreen, just only streamed the open window.

    That's interesting, I've seen silly spoof OS's fake BSOD's, but not a game such as this. Adds to the authenticity, I guess.

  9. 1) i frickin love your accent
    2) this vid was amazing
    3) I’ve never played the game cause I’m a pussy and I can’t do horror but this vid was so awesome, so thanks for making it!

  10. I'm definitely hearing Corpse Party music in this video and I love it. I hope you will make a video about the Corpse Party series sometime.

  11. Wait, is the back of the scene at 9:34 edited in by u? Or does all that flashy stuff actually happen? (I am interested in this game, but I hate horror but I’m ok to look at it, and I really don’t like anime stuff that much other than Pokémon lol)
    Edit: it doesn’t say F***ing monikaaa its monikammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lol

  12. Still think this is my favourite horror game, I always love slow descents into uneasy psychological horror rather than jumpscares and chase sequences. This game was a trip, I hope Dan keeps moving ahead with the implied sequel.

  13. I've seen hanging sayori as a meme and just normal gameplay so much that everytime I see it I do funny fortnite l dance (I dont play fortnite dont kill me)

  14. lol if anyone is too lazy to know what the monika.chr is imma tell u cuz I know there is some lazy ass people here so this is wat it means

    Can you hear me?
    …Who are you?
    I can't…I can't see you.
    But I know you're there. Yeah…you can definitely hear me.
    You've been watching for a while now, right?
    I guess I should…introduce myself, or something. Um…my name is…actually, that's stupid. You obviously already know my name. Sorry.
    Anyway…I'm guessing if you were able to put a stop to this, you would have done it by now.
    I mean, I know you're not, like…evil, or anything…because you've already helped me so much.
    I should really thank you for that. For everything you've done. You're really like a friend to me. So…thank you. So much.
    I think…more than anything else…I really don't want it to all be for nothing.

    Everyone else is dead.
    Maybe you already know that. I'm sure you do, actually.
    But…it doesn't have to be that way, right?
    Well…there's a lot of stuff I don't understand. I don't know if it's even possible for me to understand it.
    But I know that this isn't my only story.
    I can see that now. Really clearly.
    And I think everyone else has had the same kind of experience. Some kind of deja vu.
    It's the Third Eye, right?
    Anyway…I could be totally wrong about this. But I really think you might be able to do something.
    I think you might be able to go back…or however you want to put it…
    …To go back and tell them what's going to happen.
    If they know ahead of time, then they should be able to avoid it.
    They should…if they remember their time with me in the other worlds…they should remember what I tell them.
    Yeah. I really think this might be possible. But it's up to you.
    I'm sorry for always being…you know…

    Never mind. I know that's wrong.
    This is my story. It's time to be a fucking hero.
    Both of us.


  15. don't mind me putting happy Yoshi game music in the bg because my dumbass chose to watch this at night and I'm freaked

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