The Roaring 20’s: Crash Course US History #32

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  1. I don’t understand how John can say that the economy flourished and benefited a select few. When the economy flourishes it raises the living standards for all. His hypocrisy can be seen when he says the by the mid 20s over 50% of the population owned a automobile. If a flourishing economy only benefited a few you would not see a rise in the standard of living like this.

  2. So we deregulated business and the economy to see a huge boom in business and growth that eventually lead to the great depression. Does anyone else see the irony here?

  3. Our American values are laid out in the constitution and Declaration of Independence. Those that believe in those values and support our nation, are American. An American can come from anywhere, but they’re values are singular

  4. CApitalism and greed those are the american values oh and religion because these go hand in hand, gotta keep the sheeple poor and enslaved…

  5. I'm related to Enrico Caruso! Honestly I don't know anything about him other than he was an opera singer

  6. cramming this with a conflict+tension and usa history paper on monday. the only way to revise

  7. Studying for my social studies praxis. Any educators out there with some tips to hopefully pass the 5081 exam?

  8. Sorry to be a smart arse but its Edward Doheny, not Harry Doheny. Harding had another friend invloved in the teapot dome scandal called Harry Sinclair but Doheny's first name is Edward, not Harry

  9. Everyone in the comments is using the for exams and I'm just here trying to research for Call of Cthulhu 😂

  10. It's incredible that, until the 1920's, the United States still used the British Pound. It shows that the U.S. used to be a childish, teenge-like version of Great Britain, while it is now a fully fledged adult. It's strange how different our culture is, despite how little time there was between us. History is incredibly fascinating.

  11. Thank youuuuu!!! Lmao ive been dumb and subconsciously pricrastinated revision for my mocks today😂😂

  12. The part where he asks if Calvin Coolidge is a native American was really cringy. I get what you're saying but its really dumb.

  13. (Leading up to the Great Depression): Staunch conservative Republicans hewed to the policies favored by business lobbyists including lower taxes on business profits and efforts to weaken the power of unions, the presidents stocked the boards of the federal reserve and federal trade commission with men who shared their pro business views shifting the country away from economic regulations, the presidencies were marked by government corruption (re appointed government positions). Big business meant that smaller businesses disappeared, and the number of manufacturing workers declined. Oh, and virtually everyone considered living in debt normal…
    sounding familiar?
    What we don't have today is the industrial and business boom that the 20s had, putting us in an even worse position than we were back then.

  14. British, grounded in the 18th century enlightenment values, but with a twist and a different accent. Mostly "Aspirational".

  15. That moment when you realize native Americans arent actually native to America at all. And that they in fact have no more claim to being American than any of us.

  16. " . . . it's true that Gatsby turned out alright in the end."? Really? I don't remember it that way.

  17. FYI, the REAL Native Americans were ancient CAUCASIANS from the region of ancient France thousands of years before the asiatic ancestors of those who call themselves "native Americans" today. They were called Solutreans, and they were here first. Their ancient DNA is still present in some eastern tribes today. So if you want to try and act intelligent, at least get your facts straight.

  18. You forgot about the stirrings of that wacky Ancient One, Cthulhu!
    Maybe that's why there were so many contradictions runnin' around…

  19. In my humble (and very late) opinion, American ideals are freedom, democracy, and acceptance of immigrants and refugees. So the statue of liberty, basically

  20. I feel bad for the farmers who lost their farms but the government wasn’t created to subsidize farms. Subsidies take money from one group of people and give it to another. It’s

  21. can you really explain it in this modern day of cellphones? you'd would have to of been there to really understand it.

  22. USA Values: Labeling people, military might, legal cartel sponsored over-medicating, full spectrum entertainment, can't do attitude, fear vs. openness, Guns, guns, guns

  23. Crash Course and YouTube have replaced Clift Notes from back in the day. Not that I ever used them, I did the actual research from the libraries because I live in the Wash., DC area and went to the library of Congress as well.

  24. I had forgotten this was when the US dollar replaced the British pound as the major currency. The British must have (crapped) when that happened.

  25. At 10:30, John mentions that the immigration quota for Filipinos is capped at 50 per year; keep in mind that at this time, the Philippines was an American colony…

  26. I think a lot of those poor people are like new immigrants and there is a lot of them especially irish. If you work and work your way up you probably live pretty good compare to the rest of the world …

  27. I'm watching this in August 2019 and there are way, way, WAY too many parallels to today. What's that? The next episode is on The Great Depression? Terrific.

  28. Calvin Coolidge was born in VT. Although he did live and rise to prominence in MA. Small quibble for an otherwise awesome video.

  29. No TV, movies suck

    I'm here with my gal

    Shake your hands, kick around

    Wear a suit to breakfast

    Underwear that laces up

    All girls have a guy's haircut

    Crank your car to make it start

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  30. Filling the government with pro-big business friends and weakening unions is exactly what's happening in Australia right now.

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