The Poet and the Tsar (1927) movie

The Poet and the Tsar a tragedy in 8 acts
script: V.R. Gardin and Ye.V. Chervyakov director: V.R. Gardin
camera: Svyatoslav Belyaev (locations)
Naum Aptekman (studio)
designer: Anatolij Arapov Produced by “Sovkino”
Leningradskaya Kinofabrika 1927 Lieutenant Baron Georges de Heeckeren d’Anthès, horse guardsman,
he’s conquered the hearts of most of the ladies in the capital /B.P. Tamarin/ The Emperor Nicolas I
/K.N. Karenin/A.F. Smirdin.
Library, books, pictures, music
Faddey Bulgarin – a journalist and a man of letters,
under the special patronage of the Gendarmerie
/ I.V. Lersky/ The important publisher Smirdin was known as a philanthropist
and a friend of literary circles. Hard times for Pushkin’s publishing business …
How much would you pay for his “Sovremennik” Journal [The Contemporary] Maybe 15.000. Pushkin and his friend, the poet Viazemsky,
are in the habit of visiting the bookshops
/Ye.V. Cheryiakov, L.N. Tkachyov/ Whenever you come to Smirdin,
you never find anything good,
you only collide with Senkovsky or … step on Bulgharin. Bulgharin is the scum of our literature,
and also a snitcher. I’ve heard your “Contemporary” isn’t doing well.
Would you sell it to me? I’ll pay 15.000. Nikita – Pushkin’s valet
/A.O. Larikov/ Natalya Pushkina née Goncharova
/I.N. Volodko/d’Anthès, d’AnthèsKaterina Nikolaevna Goncharova
– Natalya’s sister /O.P.Spirova/Coiffeur CharleI just saw Pushkin. He seemed to be in low spirits.
Probably his growing horns are itching. They’ve left for Peterhof! I shall not wholly die. In my sacred lyre
my soul shall outlive my dust and escape corruption.
And I shall be famed so long as underneath the moon
a single poet remains alive. Natasha, Masha and Grisha – Pushkin’s children. Alexandra Nikolaevna Goncharova
– Natalya’s older sister /Ye.A. Roziner/ Zhukovsky /A.N. Pheona/ I came to fetch you. Let’s go to Peterhof,
otherwise the Emperor might be offended. We’ll drop by the Smirnovs on the way
and take them too. Head of the Gendarmerie, Adjutant General,
Count Benckendorff /I.N. Khudoleev/ Another of Pushkin’s pranks, Your Excellency.
I can vouchsafe its authenticity. He was made emperor, and right then
displayed his flair and drive:
Sent to Siberia a hundred-twenty men
and strung up five. If Your Excellency will consent to my plan … You can always count on our support and understanding.Gendarmerie headquarters, 3rd district.
Dossier – re: Chamber-Junker A.S. Pushkin – opened: 1827
Peterhof is boiling with fun.
A palace, pearly fountains, gendarmes, white plumes,
ladies’ corsets, livery arms. /Lermontov/ Baron de Heeckeren, the Dutch Envoy,
seeks for patronage and a career at court,
with the help of his adopted son, George d’Anthès. /V.K. Plotnikov/ Try to relax for a minute, my boy. she loves me … she loves me not … She loves me! Have you seen the magic mushroom? The literary circle used to meet at Smirnova’s,
a friend of Pushkin. /M.A. Dobrova/ The fabulist Krylov /A.P. Nelidov/ Gogol /F.V. Lopukhov/ Why d’Anthès? And where am I? You are here with me, Your Majesty. Arise, arise, prophet of Russia,
clothe yourself in a shameful garment,
go with a halter about the neck,
and appear before the abhorrent murderer. I’m writing down all of Pushkin’s sayings.
Every word of his is a lesson in the art of literature. Her Majesty!d’AnthèsThat name might come in handy. Idalia Poletika, Natalya’s friend and rival
/Z.P. Valevskaya/ Great Sovereign, you are the source of our troubles:
You are a poor Tsar, but a brave warrior. Unfortunately, he’s too famous,
I can’t deal with him like with any other subject. They say your son is mad about Natalya Nikolaevna. Don’t you know that she has great influence? You’re falling for Natalya, Georges!
You’re breaking my heart! Why don’t you read us your new poem? I don’t write for the drawing room. How dare a Chamber-Junker appear at court
in civilian clothes instead of his court uniform? My boy will meet you near the pavilion. Are you going to write a history of Peter the Great? Isn’t there a man like him in our times,
deserving to be glorified by your pen? His Majesty takes after his great ancestor. Where’s Natasha? Listen, my boy. You can obtain a most brilliant career through a woman.
A felicitous affair is more appreciated by society
than diplomatic success or a victory on the battlefield. In Mikhajlovskoe, the village where he was born,
Pushkin seeks rest and privacy. Here is the cottage, sadly declined now,
where I lived with my poor old nurse. I was thinking about my youth,
that was wasted in fruitful trials, about stern blames that I deserved,
about the friend, who paid me with grudges in return for my trusting and gentle soul.
Bitter feelings were boiling in my heart. … here I am again, the past has flown out eagerly to embrace me, claim me,
and it seems that only yesterday I wandered within these groves. Baron de Heeckeren d’Anthès is having fun. Just got it from Vienna.… the venerable Grand Master of the Order of the Cuckold …Let’s send it to Pushkin. D’Anthès! You’ll see, I’ll give up everything
and leave for the country with you. Your stupid jealousy is intolerable! I came to ask for your decision about a proposal
I had the honor to make to you. I’m not selling the “Contemporary”,
especially not to you! I’ll pay you a decent sum of money. May I offer you a collaboration for my “Northern Bee”? I beg to be excused,
I’m not the lackey of the gendarmerie. The due date for these bills of exchange is near.… I, Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin,
owe 10.000 roubles to … 20 July 1836
How come you have them? I’ve bought them just in case. Maybe this will change your mind? In his spare time, between dealing with tasks of national importance,
the Emperor attended to … Your husband is unworthy of you!re: the Grand Master of the Order of the Cuckold …unanimously elected:
Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin Please have it cleaned up. I broke it by accident.… I’m challenging you to a duel … He sent a challenge to my son.
But this is a misunderstanding. George loves you, and visited your house only for this reason.
He wants to ask for your hand in marriage. Go to Poletika right now.
Georges is there. He’ll explain … Women can arrange such things better than men.
Talk to your husband. Do you really want to cause my misfortune? If you insist, I can postpone the duel for two weeks. Pushkin is an excellent shot. I’ll marry Katerina to save my life,
but I shall always love you. I have loved you for a long time, Katerina Nikolaevna,
but only now I dare ask for your hand. Tell me, what’s going on? It must be done, or one of them will be killed. What a devil’s trick that I should have been born
with a soul and talent in Russia!
What cursed times, what cursed people! For the bride – from His Majesty. Dear Katerina Nikolaevna,
M. Georges d’Anthès has allowed me to … Throw it into the sewer. D’Anthès is going to marry Katerina Nikolaevna. All this is just an act to make me cancel the duel. A month has passed.
As usual on the graduation anniversary,
Pushkin meets with his old comrades. Danzas, Pushkin’s friend from Lyceum days.
/G.M.Mitchurin/ Two of us are absent
– Kuchelbecker and Odoevsky. Deep in your dark Siberian mines
preserve with pride your stubborn patience.
Your grievous toil is not in vain,
nor are your lofty aspirations. Your blood-soaked memory is now being slandered by rumours.
The famous poet doesn’t dare to dwell on it. But you didn’t die in vain:
All that you have sowed shall be reaped,
all that you have so passionately desired, shall be fulfilled! A masked ball at the palace.“The Northern Bee”I absolutely must see her today. Is she here? We’ll know in five minutes. Where is she? My son will die of his love for you.
Don’t be so cruel to him. The wife is heading this way. Distract her. Where is Georges? But where’s your husband? He’s down there with his friends. I bet he’s cheating on you right now. He’ll never cheat on me.
He loves me so much. Let’s go; I’ll show you his love. Scoundrel! I renew the challenge! You are your King’s Envoy, but you’re acting
like a dirty old procuress for your son. I’m much obliged to His Majesty
for the fatherly care he’s taking of my wife![a banknote of 25 roubles]Pushkin is fighting a duel with my son.
You must take the necessary steps to prevent a tragedy. All right, send the gendarmes, but … Is the place convenient? I couldn’t care less,
just be quick with your preparations. Please take your positions. Are you ready, gentlemen? One … Two … Wait, I feel I can still make my shot. Bravo! Is he dead? No, wounded in his hand and chest. I thought I would enjoy killing him,
but now I don’t. However, if we both survive,
we’ll have to go through with it again. Tell me, Dahl, how soon will I die?
/Ye.A. Boronikhin/ We truly hope you will live, Pushkin. All right, I’m feeling better now. Where are the children? His Majesty’s personal physicianIf God won’t let us meet again – I forgive you.
And my advice: meet your end as a Christian.
Don’t worry about your wife and children.
I will take care of them. Nicolas. Where’s that letter? Dahl, lift me up. Life … is ended. Pushkin has died. Worried about possible disturbances of the peace,
Nicolas I ordered Pushkin’s body to be secretly moved to Mikhajlovskoe. The end The titles have been restored,
keeping the original spelling and punctuation. sound by GTRK “Kultura” cinema studio The soundtrack uses themes from the following composers:
Handel, Vivaldi, Sati, Tchaikovsky, Mitrofanov,
as well as waltzes and marches of the times of Nicolas I GTRK “Kultura” 2013
Engl. subtitles: IDBoris & [email protected]

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