The Most Poetic Vows – A Desert Wedding at Ace Hotel in Palm Springs

a girl with a velvet soul once sat in a
tree at night and looked to the Stars tilted her head and wished upon a light.
May I find a friend who sees me, may I find someone who won’t leave me, may I
find a lover who was both wise and kind. You are my peace, you are my energy, you
are the best of the world and you are the best of me. The universe bowed to the girl and said, “You will have the love that you believe you deserve, you will have the light your
heart truly seeks – girl with your velvet soul and your freckled cheeks.
You are my cotton candy sky, you are a soft flickering light at night. You’re a solemn stone,
and you are the voice I have known. So she dreamt of a soft love and she wished for a strong love to match her
velvet soul. She conceived of the man with stars in his eyes a – man with a soul
like the sky, infinite and wise. You are my truth, you are my life, you are my patience, you are a drop of rain, and you are the whole sea. The little girl first had to believe she deserves the love she wants to receive and so she grew and fought
herself until she could see that you and she were meant to be.
You are my muse, you are my spark, and you’re the one who will follow me into the dark. Tonight a woman with a velvet soul will look at a man with stars in his eyes knowing she deserves his love and
knowing she has stayed by his side. With heartbeats that beat alone, but one that beats together – you make me better and we are better together. I have some things to say it’s my best
friend my lover my creative partner and inspiration my confidante my moon and
stars and meaning and breath I want to tell her in front of these who mean the
most to us how I feel and what I swear to Rachele world’s failed to describe how
deeply I love and I’m committed to you to us and our family communication is
unable to express how you have stirred my soul since the moment we met but
you’ve taught me more than anyone in life the virtue of finding my words so
here I am to say to you that you’re the most impressive person I have ever met
you’re the coolest person I know you are uniquely intelligent and insightful
you’re insanely well-read you’re an artist in every action you’re even
borderline better than me and destiny too your beauty leaves me stunned at every
glance and always has you strive for your truth and you don’t live your life
for anyone else’s idea of what is good and right you are so brave or so strong
I have never been so sure of anything as I am of our love when I hold you close
and close my eyes that’s truth that’s what’s real life leaves me with
uncertainty at every turn but at my center is the truth and strength of our
love I love you two together I love the way
you laugh together I love the way you came together I love the way you support
each other and the way I love the way Mike looks at you I just like see him
giving you these little glances and I just it chokes me up and not only do you
compliment each other you challenge each other I think in such a like an
important way Michael and Rachel today you sit before us as the ultimate symbol
of love those of us who are married you remind us to take joy in the gravity of
romance for the others who have yet to find their soul mate you exist as role
models for what is possible within the formidable domain of the human heart long as I’ve known Rachel I’ve watched
her continually push herself to grow and change it isn’t the responsibility of
our partners to make us better it’s our own responsibility and when we’re
invested in our own development in ourselves to become more wholesome and
reflective people then we become more invested in the happiness and love of
our partner I want all of you I want the clumsy you
the brakes things I want the patient you that lets me rant I want the timid you
that holds things in and I want the brave you that refuses to settle
I want the silly you that sings songs with me to our dogs and I want the
grumpy you you that refuses to let me take care of you when you’re sick
I want to giving you that takes the harder tasks for yourself and I want the
you that I see and the you who truly sees me back I want to you with a
twisted past and an insurer future I promise to be honest kind calm
grateful and supportive I thought always choose love and
humility growth and compassion I swear to you here in front of our families
that I will put the best of myself into us as you deserve and inspire and I
promise to be with you for the rest of your journey in this world and the next
one I promise to be your biggest supporter I
promise to love you deeply with all of me that exists I promise to dream with
you and to prioritize our growth together I promise to carry the weight
when you cannot I promise to be honest even when it’s hard I promise to always
try to see you and really see you when you feel alone eight world
promised to snuggle with you our bodies a pair of parentheses I promise to never
stop making them rates together I promise to be your best friend through
lover your partner and your life my love you the things that do not have a home in
our relationship I need to be right my fear of being alone my inability to
trust and negative talk about my fucking life you inspire me to let go of selfishness
myopia carelessness anger and emotional paralysis this is what I will give up to
grow hello Michael I now pronounce you man
and wife Michael you make a spread tonight a woman with a velvet sole will
look at a man with stars of his eyes knowing she deserves his love and
knowing she will stay by his side with heartbeats that meet alone but one that
beats together you make me better and we are better together

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