The Metamorphosis (Franz Kafka) – Thug Notes Summary & Analysis

Whassap yo? This week on Thug Notes
we straight buggin with The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. Things dead as usual in the life of Gregor
Samsa. Oh yeah, cept for one thing: Fool realize he dun TRANSFORMED IN
TO A GIANT FUGLY-ASS INSECT. I ain’t even playin, man. But compared to slavin away for
the man, Gregor don’t give a fu** bout lookin all jacked up. Instead, he start marinatin
on how much he hate his daily grind as a salesman. When his mama come a knockin, she
say “Gregor! Get yo lazy white ass outta bed and go to work!” Gregor try to talk-
but his mouth just spittin gibberish. Then his manager rolls up to the
crib and say “Yo Gregor. Man da boss ain’t gonna take none o dis “sick-day” jive.
Get yo sh** together and go to work!” After Gregor finally opens the door, his Mama passes
out COLD, the manager BAILS, and Gregor’s daddy tries to swat his ass with a newspaper
before holing him up. Eventually Gregor on a new grind-
chillin under the couch, eatin trash his sister Grete tossin him, and listenin to his family
go on bout how they all tapped out now that Gregor’s useless bug-ass can’t bring home
the bread no mo. Later, Gregor be creepin round his
grimey digs when his mama peeps dat crusty ass and be all like “Oh SNAP!” Then his
pops start chunkin apples- wreckin dat big bug FO REAL. Without Gregor hustlin fo’ paper on
the streets, the Samsas start rentin out some space in their digs. One day Grete busts out
her violin and starts layin down some fresh jams for the tenants. Dem beats are so next
level that Gregor crawls out from under the couch so he can get a closer listen. But when
dem scrubs peep game at Gregor’s nastified self, they tweak out, throw up the deuce to
the Samsa crib and tell daddy Samsa that he ain’t gettin none of their cash monies. After dat, Grete say “Look, this nappy vermin
gotta hit the road, yo. I can’t live like this anymore!” Our
boy can take a hint, so Gregor crawls back under the couch, and checks out of this whack-
ass world fo good. With Gregor no longer trippin up
their game, the Samsas finally get to chill outside the city. Ma and Pa Samsa take look
at Grete and realize she turned out pretty damn fine. So she gotta start bussin dat ass
so she can find a man. Hopefully one who stackin mad grands. Priorities. Naw mean? This text right hurr layin down
some righteous truths bout what it means to be human in a modern capitalist society. The only thing ERRYBODY want you to do is
keep yo head down, grind hard at yo job, and stack that cheddar. And it
ain’t just the boss-man wearin yo ass down, it can even be yo own blood. See back when Gregor’s was hustlin
for dough by being his boss’s favorite nut-rest, all that bug boy’s family did was just sit
on their asses. But after Gregor gets smacked wit
the ugly stick, errybody in the family gotta sack-up and start makin dat scratch. Grete got Gregor’s back at first,
but eventually can’t stand dat nasty mug no mo and say he gotta GO. Even though back
then Gregor’s cash flow was providin fo THE WHOLE DAMN FAMILY, they trippin now that
all three gotta support JUST him. Aint dat some sh**? When even yo family lookin at you like you
ain’t nothin more than a cash machine, you livin in a cold- ass society
that can turn even the hardest hoods in to insects. For Gregor, all dat mess he gotta
put up with makes him a little less human erry day. Some scholars wonder if Gregor
ACTUALLY transformed in to a bug at all. Maybe gettin dumped on day in day out just made
him feel like an insect. In a
hopeless world of hoods always
rollin fake, Gregor does the only good thing a bug can do: curl up in to a ball and die.
Damn. And if Gregor had only one regret,
it would probably be that he didn’t subscribe to my channel. So what you waitin for? HIT
IT and catch me later. Peace

100 Replies to “The Metamorphosis (Franz Kafka) – Thug Notes Summary & Analysis

  1. I would love to use this in my classroom, but I just can't do it around the language. 🙁 I love the presentation of it though.

  2. I don't understand how this book is good at all. We are inclined to believe this is how reality would be given the situation because that's how Kafka's logic is driven by his depressed lifestyle. The "every man for himself" plot device is used a catalyst to promote the delusions that the author views the world as. There is no prevalent theme other than the world is cruel so I'm going to cry and lash out by creating a book that depicts a metaphorical situation I dwell in instead of writing a piece that depicts something other than madness and misery.

  3. One of the most perfectly abstract discussions on depression/mental illness, and coming from a time where our culture just recently started delving into the psyche.-

  4. DAMN! My English teacher wanted us to read this story this past semester, I wish I had discovered this channel earlier!

  5. Does everybody likes this book or am I just the only who fucking hates it? It doesn't make sense and I feel like he was tripping acid when he wrote it.

  6. wowww. great summary/analysis. this is my first thug notes video ive watched… and i just finished reading the metamorphosis for the first time…. damn, i actually relate to this story a lot more than i thought lol…. my thoughts on this story is that it's about gregor's family letting him down. he supported them for so long and when he needed their support they just lost interest in him. im surprised he died like he did. it was quick and peaceful? but yeah a lot of problems cuz of depression, work, family issues. i think its fantastic how kafka made him into a bug. that gave this story a lot more meaning

  7. Ahhh yes, nothing like learning that the lives of everyone you care about are improved the instant you’re gone. Or maybe that’s just what I got from it. :/

  8. This book was fucking nuts first book I've read in probably years, and in English class all we did was discuss it for 3 weeks. It's crazy how much he packed in such a short book. Anyways after reading this I geniuly believe that in our current state suicide is the only logical thing to do. Like life fucking blows and the few things that can give you happiness are probably more cynical than think. We live in such a grotesque and miserable world that it confuses me why all of us especially me cling on to our lives so dearly. Evidently our lives are pretty worthless in the grand scheme of things. We will all die one day why not make it today and escape the misery of existence

  9. This book back in highschool seemed depressing but looking at it again at it in college is much deeper and relates to me. I wish you were my prof

  10. This made me laugh so hard! I literally finished the book today in English with a not so happy ending. This video really added such much needed light heartedness😂 I love it, thanks Wisecrack!

  11. I think the book's ending might be implying that what happened to Gregor is going to happen to his sister too. The parents are going to be on her case about getting married to the point that she stops feeling human too and, whether the transformation to an insect is literal or figurative, she ends up like her brother

  12. Kafka wrote some crazy shit. two others are "The Trial", short story "the hunger artist" . they do have a point but crazy fun to read to .

  13. Spent three hours reading this and doing a one page report for my online modern fiction class. You've given the best summary and analysis anyone has ever made. Should've just submitted this vid to my instructor lol

  14. My high school teacher didn’t mention capitalism at all…She said that Gregor is an insect because he was an artist trying to live in an unfeeling world. Or possibly gay, and therefore shunned.

  15. Metamorphosis is without a doubt an interesting story and it should be said that it indeed has a much deeper meaning. I would first like to say that the title is likely referencing Greta because of Greta’s development throughout the story and the definition of metamorphosis. Metamorphosis is the process of transformation from an immature form to an adult or a complete change. Second of all the author likely chose the scenario of a family and a bug because they are opposites. Almost everyone hates bugs and almost everyone loves their family, but can you have both? That being the scenario, its likely that it is at the heart of what Franz Kafka is trying to say. In this story the answer is no. I would also like to note that Gregor was working to pay off his fathers debt, take care of the family and proved to have great morals and values even though he was a bug, and sadly his family didn’t. Well at first his sister did, but later she didn’t. Maybe that is the metamorphosis. She was loving and caring then at the end wanted Gregor to leave. She stopped seeing him as her brother(inside) and more as a bug(outside). Hope this helps 🙂

  16. i wish they’d make a 1960’s style b/w movie about this story. like they done w/ the castle. do kafka’s, ‘in the penal colony’ next. i love the ending.

  17. Surprisingly insightful. I thought it was an expression of crippling depression but the capitalist perspective adds a layer. Subscribed

  18. When I told my professor I’d read the book, she added that one of the reasons Kafka wrote it was because his father treated him so badly, it made him “feel like a cockroach”.

  19. This is one of the saddest stories I ever read. This playa ain't lookin to dirty the waters, but his family be like "Yo! You cain't fly wid us no mo! You ugly as hell!" And that brotha aint got nothin left but to check out beneath the loveseat.

  20. Kafka anticipated the consequences of the use of pesticides and the effect it would have on the general human populace. Most likely the culprit and main cause of Gregor's affliction was DDT, which at that time was used without restrictions, as it was hailed as a great advancement of agronomy.

  21. Maybe he became a Hikikomori… Think about it he didn't like: having a "fake" social life, tired of his boss abusing him for business growth, heartbroken that his own family lived on him like parasites, and he had no love life. He then ends up being a filthy reclusive hermit who kills himself because he feels worthless as a bug… A cockroach that if squashed no one will give a damn but feel relieved that his long gone.

  22. I love your take on this!

    Years back there was this movie "Kafka" where to introduce the setting a bit some people recognized Kafka and talked about some of his published works. And he was very shy, hard to talk with them. But they pressed him about his latest work…

    "It's about a man who wakes up one morning to find he's become an insect…"

  23. This is a life lesson that I wish I had learned at a very young age. I think all children should read this book as a requirement in elementary. Maybe it was, but not at my school. I am so happy to have read Metamorphosis, and I feel you did an excellent job explaining it. I got it when I read it and you were on the spot.

  24. I could not focus on the message because of the voice and way of speaking, please don't do this again…

  25. i just reread Kafka incl this story in original German but I gotta tell you = the Nabokov analysis also contained in my book is PEDESTRIAN compared to this one :)D

  26. I had this book on my reading list for a while since so many people told me to read it and I just finished today and I don't know what to think. I liked it, I like the writing and that entire switch idea and turning into a bug one day. I think I understand most of what the book is getting at but I can't help but feel I'm missing something. Like it didn't hit me hard as some short stories do, for example, animal farm, I understood the theme immediately and therefore it was impactful, but metamorphosis was good I just didn't understand what it was getting at and didn't find it very impactful. Maybe when I'm older I'll understand. Maybe I just find sudden plot line changes and obvious theme awareness to be my kind of thing and metamorphosis just isn't like that? I will admit however that I like the ending.

  27. This has got to be the most depressing story of all time. I read it in high school, but didn't get it. The worst part is, his family is better off after he died than they were before he stopped working. Before the beginning of the story, he had been providing money for his family because his dad was broke from a bad business deal, but in the middle we find out the dad wasn't as broke as well all thought.

    When he dies– after a long, slow illness– it's the cleaning lady who finds his body, and buries him, because not one other member of his family wants to go near. Then the rest of the family lives happily ever after. Now ain't that some shit.

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