The Hunger Games – Thug Notes Summary & Analysis

Hey bruh, welcome to Thug Notes. This week we payin tribute to “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins. 16 year old biddy Katniss Everdeen hustlin in a bent-ass vision of North America called Panem, which been split in to 12 districts
all run by the Capitol. See, back in the day the districts tried to throw down with the The Big C, but they got wrecked. Now the Capitol stages a televised Battle Royale called The Hunger Games to remind dem districts that they ain’t sh*t. Every year, 2 kids from each
district get picked to run around a stadium glockin each other til only one G remains. That sh*t cray, right? So when time comes to pick da “tributes,” Katniss’s little sister Prim gets picked to represent da big District 1-2, but Katniss say, “Oh HEEELL NAW. Best back off my blood. I’m goin!” The other tribute is some poor bastard named Peeta who Katniss know from da hood. So Katniss and Peeta start gettin schooled by their new teach Haymitch and roll up to the Capitol to gear up for the Games. Both of em recognize dat givin dem rich people a good show will give them a better chance of survivin. So when Peeta say on air that he got the hots for Katniss, Katniss all like, “Da Hell? You playin wit me boy?” When the Games start, homies droppin like flies, so Katniss hauls ass into the woods. Eventually, Kat-neezy peep some badass mutha named Cato headin up a crew o hard-ass playas, and dat boy Peeta dun joined em! Damn!
What dat fool thinkin? When dem leet killaz run Katiss up a tree,
some little G named Rue does her a solid and helps her get the jump on dem haterz. Then Katniss jacks a bow off one of em when — oh sh*t! Cato runs up on our girl! But just then Peeta drops down and say,
“Bitch run!” Wait — Which side is he on? Later, Rue and Katniss hatch a plan
to mess wit dat killa crew’s stash o goods, but Rue gets straight OJ- ed. Kat don’t play dat game and ices Rue’s murderer. Street justice, son! Then the Capitol lays down a new rule: two tributes can win as long as they from the same district. Oh snap! So Katniss finds Peeta, whose leg all
jacked up, and then she say, “Hold up. Lovers fighting for
their lives is damn good television.” So she drags his ass to a cave, and starts
nursin mo than just his leg, naw mean? And just like she thought,
the capitol start makin it rain gifts. Eventually dat fool Cato shows
his face and almost mercs Peeta, but with a lil teamwork, Katniss and
Peeta throw his ass to the dogs. Now that they the only ones still
standin, they all like, “We did it. Let us out, yo!” Dem rich capitol folk decide to play dirty though, and change the rules back to only ONE survivor. But Kat and Peeta call them out on their bullsh*t and threaten to kill themselves by slammin some poison berries. Then the Capitol
ain’t got NO winners! So then they like “Aight, aight
chill baby. You both win, aight.” Even though they live to see another day, Peeta start actin like a whiny bitch when he realize Katniss was just gettin sweet on him to play
the audience. And to top it all off, Katniss at the top of the Capitol’s sh*tlist now for clownin em in front of the whole damn world. Now no matter how hard you
hustlin, you ain’t stackin bread like ol’ Suzy-C. And I ain’t talkin bout her fat
pockets, blood. Naw, this girl stackin a mad bread motif all up in this text. Now let’s take a look at dat fool Peeta. First off, look at his damn name. Next, brutha works at a bakery. And most importantly, he saved Katniss by givin her some bread when she was a little girl. Like Katniss say: “To this day, I can never shake the connection between this boy, Peeta Mellark, and the bread that gave me hope.” But that ain’t all, son. The name of this backward-ass country is Panem, which is “bread” in Latin. Maybe Suzie givin a
shoutout to my Roman homeboy Juvenal: “The public has long since cast off its cares; the people that once bestowed commands, consulships, legions, and all else, now meddles no more and longs eagerly for just two things — Bread and Games!” Just like Juvenal thought about them Romans, the thugs of Panem done handed over all that power to somebody else. Sad thing is, they did it
just for grub and entertainment. And you best be peepin this motif
too — flowers. Cuz in the face of all the ugliness of da Hunger Games, dem flowers constantly fillin our girl with hope. Not only is Katniss named after a plant that helps her stay alive, but Rue, the little thug who helps a sista out, is also the name of a flower. So when Rue gets shanked, somethin
changes inside of Katniss. Just survivin this mess ain’t enough no mo. Now she gotta step up and try to smoke dem haters up in the Capitol. And that’s what I dig so much about
Katniss. In a time where money is power, she gonna stand up for the poor who can’t protect themselves and stick it to a culture as twisted as Rome before sh*t fell apart. Now while dis book got a whole lot in common
with Ancient Rome — here’s the crazy thing: It ain’t so different than ours. “I program the closet for an outfit to my taste. The windows zoom in and out on parts of the city at my command. You need only whisper a type of food from a gigantic menu into a mouthpiece and it appears, hot and steamy, before you in less than a minute.” And like Katniss sayin throughout
the book: How you gonna worry bout yo threadz, bling, and entertainment when erryone else around you just grindin for bread? All kinds of f**ked up. So focus on the essential things in
life: Like hitting dat subscribe button. Catch y’all later. Peace.

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  1. Quite an old comment, but Panem has a full name, which is Panem et Circenses. The translation from Latin is Bread and Circuses, an old technique used by Roman emperors to keep the public docile by providing food and entertainment.

  2. 12 seconds in, and I wonder "Can they do a video on Battle Royale'? The original IMHO. Or is there an earlier rendition?

  3. I'll be honest here, I've never heard of this video. I only came across it while looking for an analysis of the book because my girlfriend and I just finished watching the movies for the first time. I will say that this was absolutely fucking amazing and I laughed my ass off. You've earned my subscription and I will definitely be watching your other videos. Well done sir, and keep up the good work!

  4. "Bitch run"!!!
    If I had this guy as my literature teacher in high school I would have actually listened and read the books.

  5. District 12 is in Colorado it's said in a throw away comment. Katniss talks about how District 12 is in a region that used to be called "the Rockies"

  6. I temper when I first read the Hunger Games. I was in middle school while the movies were coming out and everyone kept telling me to read the books. When I did I got the the three books and when opening the first one the first thing I did was read the last page which I kept doing for each book but I remember when I guest read it I got so into it I read all that night and say just to finish the first one don't even get me started on the rest.

  7. It wasn't the flowers that gave Katniss hope; it was the butterfly she had on her finger shortly after the opening of her first entry into the HG. If you look at what came out of Pandora's Box, after all the ills and evils are set free, the last to appear was hope in the form of a butterfly.

  8. 1) Panem = Pan Am?
    2) The plot reminds me of a Japanese film I once saw where some schoolkids are sent off to an island and they have to kill each other, with the last one standing being the winner. Of course, here there's the layer of reality tv-cum- capitalistic expoitation.

  9. The Hunger Games is actually really good considering it's an introduction to preteens and younger teens on commentaries about society and humanity. It has the whole "oh, you wanted blood? Well you're just as detached and bad as the higher ups " critique of the reader (like undertale. I'm gonna get even MORE hate for this lmao) It also introduces its younger audience to the sacrifices of becoming an ideal society and the risk of granting power to someone that despite differing beliefs from a previous tyrant, can still cause a lot of damage, and restart the cycle of a united society and rebellion.

  10. as for thr flower motif, primrose is forgotten! primrose is a flower too, and she is a gigantic motivation for katniss. without her, the plot would fall apart!

  11. When my mom demanded I start reading Shakespeare, I about died from the horror and shock. Until Thug Notes translated that shit for me. Thank you Thug Notes!!!

  12. I was thinking all the bread stuff could have been a reference to The Conquest of Bread by Pytro Kropotkin

  13. Technically a fictional story showing how first world countries live off their third world counterparts… Or how the rich live of the poor. Yeah we are going to pay some day.
    I hope not but God, the Universe or life itself… have something in common they all play by the rules of karma .

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