The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (Hunger Games Trilogy) (Summary and Review) – Minute Book Report

This is a story about a teenage girl named
Katniss who lives in District 12 of a post-apocalyptic North America called Panem. She lives with
her mother and younger sister, Prim, as they struggle to find food and survive in such
tough conditions. Each year, as part of a punishment for a previous
rebellion, each of the districts select a boy and girl as tributes to compete in the
Hunger Games, a battle royale with one survivor. Prim gets selected, but Katniss quickly volunteers
to take her place, becoming one of the tributes for District 12, along with Peeta, the baker’s
son. Katniss and Peeta are transported to the Capitol
to be trained by their coach, Haymitch, a drunkard. But Haymitch is clever and proposes
a strategy to fake a romantic relationship between Katniss and Peeta. Katniss and Peeta are dressed by their stylist,
Cinna, who adorns them with flames for the opening ceremony. As they are paraded around
the arena, the audience cheers. Over the next few days, each of the tributes
train with specialized trainers, learning survival and combat skills. At the end of
the training, each tribute is given a rating to help potential sponsors and betting. Peeta
earns an 8, while Katniss earns an 11. As they prepare to enter the arena, Haymitch
tells them that their best chance at surviving is to immediately run away when the game starts. All of the contestants are then transported
to the arena and the gong signals that the Hunger Games have begun. Immediately, Katniss
is engulfed in a scene of killing, as several of the contestants are attacked by the stronger
tributes. Katniss reaches for a backpack and then runs
towards the woods to hide. She is fortunate that the backpack has some basic survival
supplies, but she lacks water. As tributes are killed, a cannon is fired
to indicate their death. Katniss continues to search for water and it looks like she
will die of dehydration. She eventually finds water, but sees a group of strong tributes
working together, which she calls the Careers. With them is Peeta. The Careers, led by a boy named Cato, trap
Katniss in a tree, but she decides to drop a nest of tracker jackers, an insect with
powerful venom, on the group. She swarm kills two girls, scares away the rest of the group,
and allows Katniss to escape, though she is stung a few times. Katniss decides to take a bow and arrow set
from one of the dead girls. Peeta helps her escape Cato, but she is confused. She walks
away, but succumbs to the venom of the tracker jackers and falls asleep. When she wakes up, she collects herself and
meets Rue, a small girl with acrobatic skills in the trees. They decide to work together
against the Careers by destroying their supplies and food. As Rue lights a series of fires in the distance,
Katniss destroys the supplies by setting off the surrounding landmines. However, she loses
hearing in one ear. She tries to meet up with Rue, but Rue is killed by one of the Careers.
Katniss avenges her, but it is too late. An announcement is made that will allow two
victors of the Hunger Games if they come from the same district, which means that both Peeta
and Katniss can win. This drives Katniss to find Peeta, who is injured badly with a leg
wound. Katniss takes care of Peeta’s wounds in
a nearby cave and the two of them begin to get romantic with each other. The audience
watching loves it and expresses their approval with a gift of food. As Peeta recovers, another announcement is
made that each district will be given supplies at the Cornucopia, a centerplace in the arena.
Since it’s dangerous, Peeta doesn’t want Katniss to go, but she drugs him and goes
alone. She tries to recover her supplies at the Cornucopia,
but is attacked by one of the Careers. Just as Katniss is about to be killed, another
tribute saves her, repaying her for helping Rue. Katniss goes back to the cave and uses
the newly acquired serum in her supply pouch to save Peeta. Peeta recovers and the two decide to leave
the cave. As they are gathering and hunting food, one of the other tributes, a girl Katniss
names Foxface, unknowingly eats poisonous berries that Peeta was gathering. That leaves
only three remaining: Katniss, Peeta, and Cato. Katniss and Peeta go to the Cornucopia to
find Cato and he shows up, but is being chased by mutated dogs. Katniss realizes that the
dogs are actually the tributes that were previously in the Hunger Games. They leave Cato to the dogs and he is killed.
Katniss and Peeta are the last two tributes alive. However, an announcement is made that
there can only be one winner, but the decision is then reversed when Katniss and Peeta try
to poison themselves. Katniss and Peeta are declared the winners
and are taken back to the Capitol. Haymitch warns Katniss that their suicide stunt was
not appreciated by the Hunger Game officials. Katniss and Peeta are interviewed and eventually
get to go home. In the end, Peeta discovers that Katniss was
being coached to pretend to like him, while he truly felt those feelings. As always, a lot can be said about this story,
but what draws my interest and attention is the idea of illusion and what this story says
about our society’s willingness to cover up the truth with images that aren’t real. As soon as Katniss enters the Capitol, she
notices all of the “fake” people covering up themselves, such as the women with dyed
hair and makeup. Everything seems artificial and setup. No one seems comfortable and natural,
unlike her conditions in District 12, where she hunts freely and can be herself. As Katniss prepares for the Hunger Games,
she soon realizes that her prep team is changing her by waxing her hair and fitting her in
costumes and outfits that she wouldn’t necessarily wear. Interestingly, Katniss resists at first,
but then sees herself in the arena and likes what she sees. In fact, her survival during
the games relies on a clever illusion of a romantic relationship with Peeta. So while I’m not yet convinced that Katniss
hasn’t entirely bought into the paradigm of the Capitol – that she hasn’t gone all
Hollywood – she is willing to play the game, so to speak. Not only does she win the Hunger
Games, but also manages to fool the audience into believing that she loves Peeta. However, as I’m sure the other books pursue,
a person can’t stay with one foot in both the illusion and what they conceive as real.
Eventually Katniss will have to choose to either reject the illusion and stand up for
truth as she sees it, or allow the illusion that she is delving into become her new truth. So, let me know what you think of the story
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