The Hungarian Language: Magyar nyelv

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  1. Hungarian: I have 18 cases for noun (but actually they're agglutinative suffixes).
    Learner: omg I'll try another language.
    Russian: I have only 6 cases (and they freakingly inflects).
    Learner: Well I'll try you.

  2. Why does everyone believe in the stereotype that Hungarian is the most difficult language?
    it is a typical agglutinative language.
    No more complicated than any other language.
    even easier
    Because of all agglutinative languages ​​have a simple and logical grammar

  3. Hungarians are of Turkic origin. Accept it or not. Maybe they're not exactly pure turk, but they definitely have Turkic blood. Attila was a Turk. So are the Huns. The Western world doesn't accept that this day. I mean Of course they don't. Because a nomadic Turk, whom they described as a" barbarian, " brought the pope, whom they considered holy, to his knees. They never got over it. in addition, many of the Turkic tribes that accepted Christianity, as they assimilated over time, unfortunately lost their essence.

  4. Thank you, because this video is great. Today is 21th December of 2019, so Trianon is coming soon 100 years old, when Hungary became small.

  5. Well I see why no one in my family other than my grandmother (who was born to Hungarian immigrants) could speak Hungarian now.

  6. Hungarian-sumerian words
    Magyar-sumér szavak:
    Ábrázat- abru azaad, csuka-suga, gúzs-guz, dalia-deli, göröngy-girin, darab-dar, derék-dirig, bab-ubub, bánya-banü, deszka-dusuge, bába-baba, barack-baru, dézsa-dusu, babona-babuna, barázda-bar, dolog-dugluag, babrál-babar, birka-birga, gally-gal, gatya-gada, borda-barda, bolond-balandu, ganaj-gan, csata-sata, csipke-siip, gát-gutu, kakas-gagasu, kalapács-kalappatu, konkoly-kankal, megye-mada, kantár-gantur, kór-guur, kapa-kapa, hála-haala, mér-mer, hiba-hipü, karácsony-guurasumu, mocsár-musir, kása-kas, huszár-gisar, munka-muunga, kasza-kaz, irha-irih, néma-numu, katona-kadunu, jegenye-iagina, ösztön-astin, király-kuruigi, kabát-gubbutu, kosár-kusurra, kocsonya-kusunu, kacsa-kusu, kuckó-kuku, kúp-guub, lepény-lebenu, lom-lum, lúg-lug, pocok-pusru, pohár-bahar, sás-sasa, palást-palasutu, palota-balatu, pap-pap, parázs-bar, sáv-saba, pálca-palusu, párduc-baartusu, szablya-zublu, séta-sid, suba-suba, súly-sul sulyok-suluag, szakács-sakasu, szarka-sarraku, ugar-ugar.

    The Sumerians wrote themselves down so: KNGR, consonant with a writing. Today this KINGIR it is said with a name, but really consonant categories were marked. K and H coughing sound, so HUNGÁR may be likewise, than KINGIR!

    A sumérok saját magukat így írták le: KNGR, mássalhangzó írással. Ma ezt KINGIR névvel mondják, de igazából mássalhangzó kategóriákat jelöltek. A K és H is köhögős hang, tehát éppúgy lehet HUNGÁR, mint KINGIR!

    A magyar az egyik legősibb nyelv, nem származik se az altájból se az uráli népektől, nem vett át és nem kölcsönzött sehonnan. Legfeljebb a tanítvány népek (indo-európaiak és az ő rokonaik az ugorok is) eltanultak szavakat.
    The Hungarian one of the most ancient languages, does not originate neither from the altai folk and the Uralic folk, did not take over and not borrowed from nowhere. At worst the pupil folk (indo-europeans and their relatives the Ugrian ones also) words were learned.

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  8. 896-ban nem történt semmi, a hunok is magyarok voltak, Árpádék egyszerűen hazatértek testvéreikhez, nem 896-ban, hanem 575-ben.

  9. As an agglutinative language speaker, I feel case suffixes are logical, while the case, declensions of Latin, Greek languages are really headache.

  10. I've started to notice that the Hungarian connection with Austrians, dating back to WW2, makes the language sound like a softer and more exotic form of German.

  11. We have some interesting words…
    Puszi sounds exactly like 'p*ssy' and it means 'kiss' (on the cheeks)
    Csók sounds like 'choke' and it means 'kiss' (on the lips)
    Fakanál sounds like 'f*ck anal' and it means 'wooden spoon'

    Our loved mother language 🤣🤣🤣

  12. A very precise and well made summary! Thank you for making it!
    I as a Hungarian personally think that Hungarian is most similar to Turkish among main modern languages (the sounding of it, the way it conjugates and keeps vowel harmony etc.).

  13. Thanks for the great vid. I was able to translate an old BASIC text adventure from Hungarian to English with your help and Google translate:

    II Constatinus Császárnak 350-ben mondták a Médek a mai Szerémségben, hogy " MARHA MARHA MARHA" és hozzávágták a csizmájukat a papucsos császárhoz

  15. i am a turkish man , and i like the magyar people and magyar language . and for me ist magyar best frends of turkey from europe

  16. Hungarian is an artificial language created in the 18th century by a certain Kazinczy, and the same is true of the whole nation.

  17. Why don't you do the Jamaican language or Barbados bajan language Antiguan ,or Grenadians ,st Kitts or st Vincent
    Do a Carribbean video
    Much more interesting

  18. Well, yeah, you got it pretty good. This is the Hungarian language. And now, I'd say a part of a song. ''It is a pity that no one understands the Hungarian language besides us!''
    (Kár hogy, a magyar nyelvet rajtunk kívül nem érti senki!)

  19. Paul If I only watch movies and your videos it is enough for improving my listening skills in English?

  20. Please translate: A legnehezebb rész a mondat bontás, illetve az egyszerű/ összettet mondat meg tanulása.
    A legkönyebb pedig az hogy rákérdezzünk a szavakra, ezáltal besoroljuk őket alapszófajokra pl. Ige, melléknév, főnév.

    Ui: Thank you the video!

  21. Very interesting. Off topic: the word Zseb (Pocket) sounds very similar to the Arabic word for same (Jayb). I wonder if it is a borrowed word (maybe through Turkish) or just a coincidence.
    And Arabic is apparently one of the few languages which the name of Hungary is closest to how natives call themselves (Al-Majar)

  22. German native speaker here, trying to learn Hungarian since several years now. The by far most horrific task for me learning the gyönyörü magyar nelvet is the syntax. You learned Latin? You struggled in school with sentences of Cicero going over five or more pages? Forget that, it was sooooooo easy. Stuff for little children indeed. There is nothing a weird and hard to fight with in Hungarian, as the hungarian syntax. Like in Latin, sentences can go over pages and pages without a dot. Like Latin the structure of the words in the sentence is solely defined by the relationship of the words toward each other. But other then in Latin this can easily be expended into the infinite. I fear, I will never be able to understand those pages-long sentences and surely will never be able to formulate sentences like those. Nontheless I deeply love Hungarian, it is one of the by for not IF THE most beautiful languages makind ever developed. I hope very much you all like this beautiful language and will try learning it, too It is in anyway much worth the struggle.

  23. YEAH MAN! I love this video cos Ive been waiting for this for a long long time! I love languages and I listened to YOUR videos as well. Now I think you're real great. And thank you for this video so much. Its absolute correct and absolute amazing like my native languages really is!!

  24. Hungarian words:

  25. Én magyar vagyok és tetszik ez a videó!
    Örülök, hogy vannak más országokban is, akiket érdekel a magyar nyelvünk!🇭🇺

  26. So…always thought that I would like to learn Hungarian- the language of my father and grandparents. Looks like I will be studying for the next ten years or so…

  27. To be honest ad a Hungarian I've never found a language which would be similar to it so far
    Not even finnish
    It is a very unique language

    Very good video btw, it worthed the energy, thank you 😊

  28. Okay guys and other!!! Please stop believing this nonsense that the Hungarian language is a member of the Ugric branch of the Uralic language family!
    IT'S A FRICKING LIE! Just search for it! But PLEASE don't believe it!

  29. A videó kiváló. Gratulálok.

    Lehet én gondolom rosszul, de a HUN => Hungary és MAGOR => Magyar nem ugyan az. (Ős eredet: Hunor és Magor két külön törzs főnöke volt. Valamikor nyilván azonos területen éltek.)
    Így én azt gondolom, hogy mi nem hunok vagyunk. Mivel mi Magyaroknak hívjuk magunkat. Csak mások azonosítanak minket a Hunokkal és Attilával.
    Az én logikám alapján ha mi magyaroknak nevezzük magunkat, akkor a Magor által vezetett néptől származhatunk.
    És nem Hunor népe vagyunk. Így a Hungary elnevezés szerintem téves azonosításra vall.
    De lehet tévedek. ( )

  30. For expressing future "fogni" means literally "to hold" , it used to have a meaning also "to start doing sg" (today it's "hozzáfog"). In comparison with English it's rather like "going to", as it has mostly the intention or certainty of doing something. You can also use simple present and add time determiners. For uncertain or less willful future we use simple present with the time determiner "majd". Abd there are intermediate solutions like "Majd meg fogom csinálni". But of course language users are not always so conscious. 🙂

  31. According to the latest genetic tests Hungarians have the highest % of people of the original Europeans! We have no genetic relation with Finnish, only a few hundred words the same – there are many Turani languages have thousands of Hungarian words. The Huns and Hungarians are the same and we have signs to be in the Carphatian basin for at least 34 thousand years [Hun ruin writings in the Bosnian piramids].

  32. Sziasztok, szerintem sok szó azonos a szolvák nyelvvel. A nyelvtanja is eléggé hasonlít a többi nyelvhez képest, amiket ismerek.

  33. Wow, don't watch this if you want to learn Hungarian; even myself, a Hungarian, is shocked seeing how complicated the things seem. Don't get me wrong this is a beautifully put together video about our language. If I were to learn Hungarian though, I'd run away screaming 😀

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