The Hannahschmidt229 Show’s Random Cosmic Frenzy Clip 3

Look, I get it, you’ve been married for 6 years, you’re looking to spice things up. But, trust me, adopting 15 children is the wrong kind of spice. Those things are basically feral. Pardon me, sir, but those youngsters are lambs! -Lost little lambs in need of two kind, caring shepherds!
-That’s right. Besides, how hard can parenting be? You treat the child like your best friend, you give them everything they want and you just love their little socks off! -Right, Tammy?
-Darn tootin’. -[fillies screaming]
-[gasps] Huh? -[fillies laughing] Hey, mom! Why does your lame TV only have 1 channel? [chuckles] Well? Hate to say I told you- Ow! [Captain groans]

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