The Handmaid’s Tale = A Whack-Ass Future For Women? – Thug Notes Summary & Analysis

What’s happenin, y’all? This week, we bendin over for da man with “The Handmaid’s Tale,” by Margaret Atwood. The sh*t’s gone ham up in da USA, where a crew of Bible-thumpin honkies brought down da government, took a sh*t on the constitution, and now they runnin da game wit a new society called Gilead. And up in G-town, da man always hatin on women. They can’t own property, work, learn, nothin. They just get tossed in a house and gotta do whatever they told. And since mutha Earth been f**ked by pollution, syphilis, and all kinda other mess, most women can’t pop out babies no mo. To keep da human race alive, some women are captured and turned into Handmaids — which are basically baby-makin sex slaves. This story followin da life of Offred. Girl tried to bail to Canada wit her fam, but she got got by da fuzz and brought to da Reeducation Center, where they gonna brainwash her into a true-blue handmaid. Offred eventually becomes da handmaid for some brotha named Commander Fred, who she gotta get buck nasty wit while layin on his wife, Serena. And ain’t nobody enjoyin themselves at all. What Serena don’t know though, is dat da Commander and Offred been chillin like she mo than jus his booty call. They doin da kinkiest things you can think of — scrabble and magazine readin. Mmm-mmm! Offred ain’t really feelin their little date nights, but she go along with it anyway. One day, Offred out shopping with a sista named Ofglen when she like “Psst — say girl, keep this on the DL, right? But I’m a member of da resistance called “Mayday” and we tryna stick it to them Gilead haters.” Pissed dat a bitch ain’t gotten preggers yet, Serena say she’ll give Offred info on her long-lost daughter if she bangs the gardener, Nick. Serena wanna get rid of Offred real bad. Turns out, diddling Nick’s dangle is pretty sweet, and they start bangin on da reg. Later, Offred get word dat Ofglen offed herself cuz she was afraid da secret police were comin to get her. When Serena found out dat Offred hittin da club wit her hubby, girl gets mad crunk. Not long after, two bustas roll up in a van to take Offred away. But, Nick say, “Don’t trip, girl. They actually Mayday members comin to save yo ass.” So, Offred get tossed in dat van, not knowin whether she bout to be freed or get wrecked. Da book end wit a section called “Historical Notes.” Bout two centuries later, some stuffy-ass professor talkin bout Gilead, and da fact dat “The Handmaid’s Tale” might be a bunch of bullsh*t. Da hell? Now, if you dun peeped dis text, you might be askin yourself — Why da hell is this story all janky and out of order? Da main character, Offred — even though dat ain’t her real name — tellin this story like she time trippin or somethin. Well there’s a good reason for that, homeboy. Like Offred herself tellin us, “I’m sorry there is so much pain in this story. I’m sorry it’s in fragments, like a body caught in a crossfire or pulled apart by force.” Da structure of dis novel is all jacked up, cuz that’s exactly how Offred feelin — broken, tore up, and confused as hell as to how everything in da world went to sh*t. Sure, Atwood givin us explicit reasons everything’s so twisted — like pollution and syphilis, but there’s more to it than that, padna. Think of dis book like a thought experiment, where Atwood takin common ignorant thoughts bout women, like “women should stay in their place,” and show us where dat kinda hateful thinkin can lead us. When you got a whole society tryna put women in a box like that, it gonna make em into empty, choiceless drones dat don’t serve no purpose other than poppin out babies. Sh*t, you can peep dat dehumanizing effect by the fact that Offred ain’t even got a real name. Girl feelin like she already dead. “All the people I could love are dead or elsewhere… They might as well be nowhere, as I am for them. I too am a missing person.” In the end, everything looks like it turned out aight. Or does it? We get some uppity professor yappin bout Offred’s story like it’s da distant past. But on da real, he usin da same kinda woman-hatin logic, sayin dat her story probably ain’t even legit. And that’s the same whack-ass jive dat turned the USA in to Gilead. So truth is, this book just straight-up depressing as hell. But chin up, homeboy, cuz dat subscribe button is still there to cheer yo ass up. So, hit it and catch me next week, playas. Peace.

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  1. I hope the future doesn't become like in this book. I want a power armor and a synth girlfriend, not a Caesar Legion society that treats women horribly and destroys science.

  2. there's this TV show on Hulu and it's based on the book. I know it's all entertainment. but somehow I feel like in the future women's rights are going to be taken away

  3. This is such a great channel. Handmaiden's Tale is an great book read it when Emma Watson added it to her List of must reads. There are many books to suggest one of my favorites is Incantation by Alice Hoffman

  4. I almost wanted to watch the show after liking the book before I read the comments of all the idiots comparing it to Islam, which is nothing like this. I wish people would spend more time on their education rather than mindlessly trying to comment on a topic they obviously don't know shit about.

  5. Oh damn I didn't realize this was an old jawn. Thought it was new since this show is so hot in the streets right now.

  6. Dr Sparky, you should do contemporary book reviews! Like, new critically acclaimed fiction. Kind of like Oprah's book club, but awesome. Like "Yo, today we peepin book number 3 on the Pulitzer shortlist, (Title) by (author). If y'all players done yo homework, y'all'd've already figured out that (blah blah)"

  7. Just discovered this series and wanted to say thanks! I've read this book twice, in college and again recently, but I didn't catch that the historians at the end were engaging in the same subtle misogyny as the Americans/Gileadeans. The book IS scary AF, but important to read.

  8. This is where theocracy and religion (if given the opportunity) will inevitably lead us to. So do us all a favor and leave your bible/quran/torah in a dumpster. For the good of all humanity.

  9. If something like this happened irl I'd probably try to sail away in a boat like to Canada Mexico or Iceland and keep a gun in the boat in case I get caught I'd rather be dead than a sex baby slave.

  10. Who knows. Directly after ww2, women in France were humiliated who sided with the nazis. Because they dated nazis, married nazis, got pregnant by nazis. And sold out many people causing many deaths. While women got the treatment in the book, scarlet letter style. Shaved heads, walkin around with signs they are guilty of treason. All the men were shot, executed on the spot.

    What if women cause ww3 and we survive? Like what if rosie odonnel nukes China after she joins isis to fight Donald Trump. And then the world teams up to say, end the irrational styles of managing things from war to finances. If all these feminists team up, there is no limit to the destruction that can be caused.

    Sure mistreatment is bad but world ending population destroying war is worse. There is a reason the entire world in this book acts this way. Maybe to properly address all the chaos in the world. What seems like it works logically and rationally. Might only seem that way because an irrational person is lying about the value of some things and covering up the problem. Like propaganda, everything in propaganda is backwards and the only way to deal with it is by countering the argument and creating solutions that work, minus the lies and fake constructs of a fake societal structure. Communists take the definitions of society. One means a group comprising a community. And instead of that, they refer to society as a club. Like the dead poets society. Or the no homers club in the simpsons.

    To deal with a club of people trying to shake down sections of actual society are called rackets, is by basically doing the opposite of what they want. It's fake so authenticity can always win tit for tat.

    The only way to fight back is by doing things backwards. And it seems wrong. To do things backwards in a backwards world.

    But chancelor merkle declaring her self the new furher and declaring a 4th reich. And like 60% or more of women on earth going to war with men and tragically losing. Is WAAYYYY worse.

    Maybe there's more to it than hate, because of how no 2 people have the same opinion during an eye witnessing of a car accident. No two people, same exact opinion. So how could the entire world be basing logic off the same exact opinion?

    I think if the whole world did it, there was probably a bigger reason than roles.

  11. Wow I kept seeing this HMT advertised on the tele and for some reason I wasn't buying it not even know the in depth storyline but now it even justifies why I think it's wack…. don't understand how the crappy shows are all the rave…. just like reality tv …. SUCKS! Hey I liked and subscribed Please check me out …. Thanks for the review (" Peace!

  12. I love how many people agree blaming religion and what ever for current problems while comparing the book to the present. The thing is greed, oppressors don't care about sexism or racism or what have you. They want something you have and they use religion or ideologies to justify their actions and control others.

  13. If you have ever read Dan Brown inferno……this is the after effect……God is pissed off and he is coming… ready.

  14. You skipped the part about the underground railroader Baptists who helped Offred escape, man. That is an important detail that makes a distinction between the twisted Bible-thumping Gileadites and real believers. It was also Margaret Atwood's answer to people who accused her of denigrating Christianity with this novel.

  15. The worst thing is that what happened in the handmaiden's tale did sort of happen for real in the 19th century – what about the slavery that took place in America and elsewhere?

  16. I actually had a friend (?) comment that he could, in Trumps world, see this story most definitely turning into reality. And here I was thinking that I only had intelligent friends…..

  17. I love this book so much for to reasons.1. It's so deep and thought provoking.2. It's the first book I've ever seen my name in.

  18. That's what fundamentalist christians and fundamentalist muslims want, therefore religion should be kept out of government.

  19. My guy… I'm talking to this new chick and she tells me about this show (Handmaids Tale) I came on YouTube to get a crash course. Ran into your Youtube channel and thank God I did. You got me some buns bro…Thank you

  20. What's really depressing, is that Aunt Lydia is what June (Offred) will become. Combination of Stockholm Syndrome and protectionism.

  21. This coment section is crazy, for all you harpys saying this is can happen because evil white males and crying how people bring up Muslims, first look at Muslim countries and see how the treat women. As a female handmaiden’s tale is idiotic. Ladies we are not oppressed, not in this country and just because we believe you pay for your own control or try to get rid of abortion (about 50% of women are against abortion) doesn’t mean there is a war on women, oh and most women would to be house wives but feminists deem mothers a lowly position.

  22. If only we could return to patriarchy women would be far happier, the data shows that woman's Peak happiness was roughly around the 1950s the perfect balance. Ever since then with feminism more freedom and women entering the workforce they've become substantially less happy. Women are not men and should not trying to be men, it's rebelling against nature and the best interest of humans. This experiment of feminism has ended up pushing our civilization towards destruction, here watch this video if you want to learn the truth

  23. Did not like the TV series. I did not care for the social agenda being promoted. I could not cheer for anyone. I did not really care about June. You hear it all the time: Black men are good, White men are Devils, White women should have brown babies, etc. I am sick of it. Just more Socialist propaganda.

  24. That society is seriously messed up. Not only are women objectified and owned, but less powerful men aren't even allowed a chance to be with them. It's only leaders and military. A strong statement on gender and class differences.

  25. Lol, stop the nonsense. This movie is clearly about the so-called black folks. That's why they have all the hangings, Bible reading, and slavery. This devil knows who he made this movie about. Who're the most hated people on this planet? The so-called black folks, so ain't no white women gonna get that bottom slavery position but us, so stop the nonsense. This devil is getting so desperate he can't even make up good lies no more. I really liked the movie though. That's one thing I can say, that devil has talent, with these movies and music, and all this trickery, it's a shame though. Just wasted talent.

  26. This(The Handmaids Tale) was a feminist story used for Propaganda purposes to demonize the concept of having a Patriarchal society. There is nothing wrong with men being in charge of everything. This story presents an extremely warped distortion of: What constitutes as a Patriarchy and it's functionality. (The Handjob maids tale is just a strawman.)

  27. Admittedly, I haven't read this book, but a super conservative friend of mine just wrote on Facebook, "My poor son had to read 'The Handmaid's Tale' for school [12th grade]. Yuck!"
    Now I see why.

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