The Grapes of Wrath – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

Yo what’s good? This week we throwin up the west side with Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck. After doin time for mercin some
fool, Tom Joad gets released from the big house and shoots the sh*t with Jim Casy, who used to be a preacher back in the day. Together these cats drop in on the Joad family farm,
but the place is dead! Where the hell is everybody? Apparently the bank dun run dem
broke-ass scrubs outta they own digs and now Tom’s family kickin it over at Uncle John’s crib. So our boys slide over to Uncle J’s
spot where the whole family packin their sh*t in some hoopty-ass truck. Word on the street
is there’s so much work in California, homies basically throwin cash at anyone who got the
juice to hustle. And since the Dustbowl dun f**ked up their hood, Casy and the Joads got to start trekkin to the West Side. As they swangin and bangin down Route 66, they peep a whole bunch of other homies who got the same idea. Some even say the work-scene in Cali is all cashed out, and errybody cruisin over there for no good reason. And when they reach Cali, it turns
out it ain’t all peaches and creme. With so many homies tryin to hustle
fo dat dough, all dem shysti capitalist big-dawgs can pay out jack sh*t to hungry hoods who ain’t got no choice but to keep grindin for bread. But not errybody just lettin them
rich folks walk all over em. When the Joads get a little work pickin peaches, Casy and some other righteous ballas go on strike and try to organize the workers to step up to dat 1%. Eventually the sh*t goes down: Tom peeps Casy gettin his head busted open by some strike breaker, so Tom keeps it street and straight ICES that punk. Since he still on parole, Tom gotta
leave the family so he can lay low from the po-lice. Now he can spend his time spreadin
Casy’s righteous word bout helpin brothas out. After gettin flooded outta their spot, the Joads roll up on some little kid and his daddy who bout to starve to death. Tom’s sister Rose of Sharon decide she gonna step up: She whips out dat tit-tay and lets him just suck the milk out so he won’t die. Mmm! Milk does a body good! Look- errybody know it sucks a fat
one to be straight tapped out with no job. But during the Great Depression, these cats
were hurtin on a whole nother level — like some o dat Old Testament suffering. And in dis book, ain’t no doubt
Steinbeck goin straight Ol’ Testament on our asses. The Dustbowl that dun f**ked up all the Joad’s grubbins reppin the plagues in Egypt, the trek to the West Side reppin the exodus from Egypt, and all them haters up in Cali actin just like the
tribes of Canaan. But ol’ Johnny boy just gettin
started with dem biblical allusions, son. The title ripped straight from “The Battle
Hymn of the Republic,” a sick 1860s beat spittin somethin raw: haters beware, cuz the big G-man gonna smite yo ass one day just like he say in Revelation. But it’s exactly all this bible
jive that Jim Casy throws to the curb when he goes to in to the wilderness to do some
soul searchin. Ol’ JC realize that holiness ain’t about which book you readin or what God you preachin — goodness comes from unity, brotha. As the story go on, the Joads keep
gettin f**ked by dem shysti bankers and landowners to the point where they gotta live like animals, and start droppin one by one. But even though all them deaths makin the Joad family smaller, the suffering they gotta beast through makes em part of a bigger crew. So when Rose of Sharon whips out
her titty to feed dat lucky fool at the end, it symbolizing that she now part of a bigger
family — a family of people who been fu**ed by the man. Maybe the American dream of
opportunity for all ain’t everything it’s cracked up to be. The rich get richer. The
poor get poorer. But all the sweet swag you can find
at my store is EXACTLY what it’s all cracked up to be. So keep it real and check me out
next week. Peace.

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  1. 1:18 This setup SO totally speaks today's American economic setup. (Inflation keeps going but minimum wage ain't changing…heck, experienced workers at some occupations are getting paid or raised LESS Than new, young, immature workers).

  2. I do wish they'd come out with a new type of GOW book. So many people being hated on, all because they're suffering. It would be nice to tell their story.

  3. I know criticizing this books as communist is kinda frowned upon, but I honestly cannot find a solid reason why it isnt. Can someone explain it to me??

  4. "Milk does a body good" lmao… I guess it's good that you can see the bright side of such a horrible desperate situation

  5. This book made Steinbeck famous, but Cannery Row is a heavier book in many ways,
    and doesn't get the respect it deserves. The sequel Sweet Thursday isn't bad either.

  6. Thank the gods I found this, holy shit dude. I just finished reading this book for college and by god was it a treck. Insta-Subbed. Gonna search for Jennie Gerhardt next. Help, fam.

  7. Rose of Sharon (the name it self is from a Biblical quote) had just given birth to a baby that had died. That's why she had extra breast milk to share.

  8. Didnt want to watch it until I finished reading it, (Finally did) great video really ties in the themes and gives a good perspective. Keep up the good work.

  9. Something I realized from Sparky's nicknames is that Jim Casey, has the same initials as Jesus Christ. The bible references just go deeper and deeper.

  10. Everything is the society and capitalism's fault. Great. What if I get a good job? Do I have to participate in this guy's unity? Maybe instead of rushing for the same job as everyone else, create your own. Don't release your wrath on those undeserving, but rather genuine wrong doing against you. I smell scapegoating.

  11. Could you do "On Such a Full Sea" by Chang Rae Lee? I read it a while back and I still have difficulty understanding some of its themes.

  12. My favorite Grapes of Wrath story is how the soviets tried to screen the film in Russia as propaganda to show how the capitalist West had failed, and everyone there was so poor. They quickly had to give it up, because it was causing unrest among the Russians. This was because the movie showed the poorest people in America wearing shoes and driving cars. Two things the Russians laborers hadn't had in years, and might never have again. It's always important to remember that America's "grinding poverty" has always been most other nations' "comfortably well off".

  13. I found the ending (before the titty part) particularly funny this episode.

    Here you are analyzing a book that's super critical of capitalism and then to really solidify your perspective, you capitulate to the capitalist system you just finished criticizing.

    I feel for you, man. We can't be revolutionaries all the time. You still gotta feed yourself. "Come buy my thug notes™ merchandise!". It's a shitty society we live in that forces us to perform the song and dance we hate just to keep existing. Slavery ain't gone. It's just working from a different legal footing.

  14. The rich get richer & the poor get poorer. Ain't that the truth. The American Dream is bullshit. Love this book.

  15. You don't need a religion to be an honorable person! Even animals have morals! Look at hippos saving gazelles from crocs, or dogs saving people from bears, or oddly, I've even seen a cat save a little boy from a dog. You DON'T need an ancient outdated religious book to be a good person. Heck, most of the stuff in the religious books is illegal by today's standard. Selling your children into slavery was a normal thing in the Bible, but you get more for your son then your daughter. Anyway, where are my well educated atheists, and believers in religious freedom?! Give a like!

  16. If people keep voting for the right-wing, then there will only be poor, and the super rich. Say goodbye buy to the middle class! Fk D Trump!

  17. Smdh. is this for real? jeez. the thirst is real. is this supposed to be funny? and u made like 30 of them. smh. ok bruh.

  18. This movie is a poster child for the Communist Manifesto, shocking they were brainwashing the American populous back as far as 1939…

  19. Read the book in the 9th grade, seen a peach farm @ 29yrs of age, and yes diversity in a tram is somewhat of a necessity for me. -$$$$

  20. The breast feeding thing is, I feel, allegorically Christian, in the same vein as the images of the stork puncturing itself and feeding its blood to its chicks, albeit in a socialist materialist way.

  21. The ending! Haha, that’s so good. Another excellent video. I’ve been showing these vids to all my friends. I love thug notes!

  22. In the movie the Joad's and friends go to shyster's migrant camp which is nasty . Then they go to one of the FDR "new deal" works project camps and things be humane, big meals, nice cabins and nobody worked to death

  23. THANK YOU. I finally fucking understand the ending of this damn book. You solved a mystery 11 years in the making. I am at peace.

  24. A white channel Wisecrack hires a muscular black person who talks in a very black, deep accent, calls him a "thug" and a ton of white viewers love it. Racism much?

  25. wait wait wait. The woman let the old man and her son suckle her breast so they would not starve? What universe this happen in? I know it was book universe, but I am shook up. How horrifying. Ohoh. I am about to scream. AAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Since you did such awesome work on the grapes of wrath, I will tell you a story about my experience here. My mother was in college dating a man who excelled in English and literature. He cared about my mother, but after reading John Steinbeck decided to move to California to inspire him to create a literary novel. Since my father and he were in the same fraternity, we asked my father to look after my mother while he was away. Well long story short, my father looked after my mom so well, they conceived me, they got married and that's how that went down. Meanwhile the lofty novelist wannabe ended up in San Francisco area and became a hippy, before hippies really existed, at least he didn't become Jack Kerouac. As John Steinbeck brings out, life has many twists and turns, the best plans of mice and men are often led astray.

  27. Grapes of wrath is a go to of mine when I'm feeling like it's time to give up. I ask wwtjd what would Tom Joad do. Thanks for posting this video. I'm too poor to support your channel via merchandise but will spread the love.
    Peace and all that is is holy…

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