The Giver is one of the Worst Books Ever

Hello everyone, Meep Reads here! Welcome back to another video. Today, I am going to be reviewing The Giver by Lois Lowry, and I’m also going to tell you why it is potentially one of the worst books that I have ever read. If you guys enjoy the video, be sure to subscribe, leave a like and also click the bell so you’re notified when my next video comes out. Let’s get into it! The Giver by Lois Lowry has 255 pages, and it is definitely a fiction book. And before we move on, I want to say that I am NOT going to be doing this summary. That’s how much I hate this book, and also there are some really messed up things in it, Which I don’t really want to explain. So that’s a fair warning to you guys. I give the characters a 1, and the reason I give them a 1 is because they literally have no emotions. Not one of them throughout the entire book, Ok, maybe one or two, but still, you cannot have a good book where the characters do not have emotions. And I know people that like this book, but I think that they’re absolutely insane, and the only reason that I gave the characters one point is because it actually has characters. No book would ever not have characters. I give the storytelling a three. I just took the seven points off because I hated the book, which I already told you before, but I will not stop saying again, and Lois Lowry is a pretty good author. I liked her book Number the Stars, which was based in World War Two. And I had to read that in fifth grade, and I thought it was gonna be really bad because it, a couple of those books that I had to read during the school year were absolutely terrible, but it was, it was decent, but this book was actually my summer reading book this year. It was absolutely horrible. I Give the plot a zero, and yes, you heard that right, a zero. Now, like I said before, you can’t have a good plot or a story with characters that don’t have emotions, and this whole town is exactly like that. There’s not even diversity and any decent book, even any horrible book, has characters with emotions. But any good book has diversity and this has, doesn’t have any diversity at all, I mean, It’s completely original, but it’s completely original because it’s not diverse, and I really hate that about it, So yeah, that’s another reason why I hate it. I give the length a five. Now we’re going somewhere a little bit more positive, but this book was pretty, it was a pretty good length for a summer reading book. Now, I haven’t been, really had any summer reading book that was longer or shorter than this, but it was a decent length. You could kind of get through it, but I mean, I would have liked it to be shorter because I absolutely hated it, but again just my negative opinion. I give the ending a seven, and this is the most positive that I’m going to get about this book at all. It’s actually, pretty much a happy ending. It’s not like the best ending in the world, But yeah, that’s really all I have to say about it, but should you read the whole book just to get to the ending? No, you should not. Okay, so The Giver got sixteen out of fifty points, which when I look back at it, seems really, really generous for this book, because I feel like it should have gotten around the low tens maybe, which it kind of got in the middle, so I kind of, I probably did mess up, uhhhhh, on the ratings, but I guess it was just because of the ending and the length, but yeah. You should definitely not read it though just to get to the ending, because it’s only happy for around the last five pages. So yeah, just completely dump this book away. Now, if you have to read it for summer reading, like I unfortunately did, then you have to read it. So go ahead, but do not have any high expectations for this book because it is so messed up, it is just horrible for so many reasons. Just stay clear of it. That’s going to wrap it up for this video. I hope you guys enjoyed, even though I did not enjoy the book, but next time we’ll have a little bit more of a positive book. Actually, a lot more positive because I’m going to be doing the second Harry Potter next. So I hope you guys enjoyed today, my negative opinions which it might have been enjoyable, but that’s up to you guys. So be sure to leave a like on this video, subscribe, hit the bell to be notified when a new video comes out, and I will see you next time.

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