THE GHOSTKEEPER’S JOURNAL & FIELD GUIDE | The first augmented reality novel ever made!

How do you become a Ghostkeeper? Grab a copy of The GhostKeeper’s Journal. The moment you open it you will release the ghosts inside. Synchronise the book with your free ghost-o-matic app. Scan every page of the journal for hidden clues, visions, hints and revelations. Attract the energy of the ghosts back to the book, collect it, control it, shape it and reveal the ghost within. You’ll need the power of every ghost back in the book to confront the ghoul that lurks at the heart of S.P.R.U.N.G. It’s a story to read, a world to explore, a mystery to solve. In a book like none you’ve read before. The Ghostkeeper’s Journal, an augmented reality adventure.

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