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Fergus Suter. You and I are going to make history. That’s the reason I brought you here. Only gentlemen have lifted the cup. Men from fine schools,
with fine clothes, fine lives. Imagine what it would mean
to see men like us lift it. That’s the dream. The business of football
is growing. You’re afraid of them, aren’t you? You are afraid new teams like Darwen
will take over your game. We invented it. For gentlemen. I’ve seen you play. You’re a genius. People won’t stop shouting your name. The market is saturated. Our mills are struggling to turn a profit. Whilst our wages are being cut,
you were paying them to play football. -But that’s against the rules.
-Rivalry is good for business. Their stomachs will be empty
long before our pockets. I love you, Arthur.
But this game brings out the worst in you. There are people who don’t think
working men should be playing the game. I feel like a fraud. You’ve got a gift, son.
A chance to get out of this life. I can’t keep thinking about
the life that might have been. I know we have to find a way through this. I care about the people that live here. I hate to think they’ve been
walked over by anyone. That’s an excuse to riot, is it? Don’t you see what’s happening?
We are not free to live our lives. They’re desperate. They want
a better life, who can blame them? The time for talking is over! The only way to show them
that they are wrong is to beat them. This is bigger than football,
bigger than any of us. This is your dream, Fergus. Remember that. It’s clear what the people want.

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  1. I can't wait!! Anything Julian Fellows I co-sign! I adore his work…I can't wait to watch this!!! Looks like it will be right up my alley

  2. I don't want to see a football origin movie, I want to see a drama series based on modern European football. Something like FIFA's The Journey but for adults.

  3. I swear I saw an add about this but advertising something else like a year ago and I really wanted to watch more and now they're making a movie about it!

  4. I'll watch it, but why are you releasing this and Self-Made, another series, on the same day? Give us costume drama loving fans some space in-between 6-8 episode shows! lol

  5. For all those Americans commenting , it’s Football . It’s round and its a ball and you kick it , with your foot . You don’t pick it up ,run with it or throw it and its not shaped like an egg , nor is oval or bladder shaped .

  6. I'm just gonna say: London Spy and see how many – probably not that much – will get it.

    I loved that mini-series btw. It broke my heart.

  7. What’s the song in this trailer if anyone knows please comment cause it’s really good! 😁🙌🏽

  8. This looks like the English remake of Hindi movie "Lagaan". They have just replaced the game of cricket with football.

  9. Как фанату футбола в принципе, должно быть очень интересно!!

  10. Че, русскоязычных никого? Всем добра
    А фильм жду с нетерпением, Великой игре великую экранизацию

  11. Funny.. the english didn't invent the game and it sure as hell wasn't "invented" by "gentlemen". Load of rubbish.

  12. Period peices comprised of all whites as if there was a time where us blacks didn't even exist always seems to be the movies I gravitate to 🥴 With that being said this looks like it's gonna be a great film 😌

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