The Catcher in the Rye – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

Holler at your boy one time! This
week on Thug Notes we gettin twisted with The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. This book tell the story of Holden
Caulfield, a 16 year white boy who start talkin about the events that got his ass slung up
in a mental hospital. You see, last Christmas, Holden got
kicked out of his prissy private school for flunking all his classes, cept English! Holla!
So then he drops in on his old teach, Spencer, who tells him that he gotta get his sh%# together. Later, Holden rolls up to his crib
where he throws down with his roomie Stradlater, who be mackin some girl
Holden used to holler at. After gettin his ass whooped,
Holden peaces out to New York City where he gonna lay low at the Edmont Hotel. Now my boy comes clean to the
reader and admits he ain’t never busted his cherry, even though he say he always been
swimmin in trim. So he decide to get himself a pro named Sunny and get his freak on. When Sunny rolls up to his crib, Holden chokes
like a bitch and say he just wanna talk. Then Sunny try to shake my boy
down for mo cash, but Holden ain’t backin down and kicks her ass out. Next thing you know, Sunny’s pimp
Maurice busts in, bitch slaps Holden, and jacks dat paper son. So Holden eventually decide he
gonna see his baby sister Phoebe, who axe him what he wanna be about. Holden says he
sees himself in a big field of rye full of kids, where he be standing at the cliff catchin
any little homies who bout to fall off. Now when his folks come home, Holden
slips out to kick it with his old teach Mr. Antolini. But Holden gotta bail when he thinks
that creepy cat be feelin him up while he sleep At this point, Holden be bout to
straight lose his sh**, so he decide to get the hell outta dodge. His sista Phoebe
wanna join up, but he shuts her ass down. Phoebe gets all amped and tells
him to shut his trap. So Holden apologizes to Phoebe and
takes her to the zoo where he enjoys watchin her kick it on the carousel. At this point, Holden say all he
wanna say. He could talk about how he got sick and got locked up,
but he just ain’t feeling it. A true playa might say that Catcher
illustrates how Holden tryin to find stability and acceptance in a broken society full of
people that always be fakin. But when that fool come up empty handed, he gotta get real
and buck the system. Now break yo-self for this here symbol,
blood. By turning around his hunting hat, Holden be tellin us that his values be the
reverse of the rest of society’s. And if you rollin like a G, you probably noticed
that be the same way baseball catchers wear their hat, foreshadowing his role as the
Catcher in the Rye. And unless you peep this quote that
be explaining the title, you be actin a straight phony On the literal, Holden be saving
kids from fallin off a cliff, but figuratively he saving them from the all the bent-ass shit
of adulthood. Even though they ain’t nothing Holden can do to stop the pure world of children
from changing to the fake-ass world of adults, he gonna buck it for hisself and other little
homies for as long as he can. So when Holden preachin about the
glass cases up in the Museum, what he really saying is that he don’t wanna join the ranks
of them fake- ass adults. He wanna freeze time just like
dem plastic playas behind the glass. That’s why the only one he can
keep it real with is his baby sister Phoebe. But that ain’t cuttin it. Holden be
trippin cuz he got a legit desire to search for beauty in human contact, but just ain’t
finding it in a world of such ugliness. This is what makes Holden one of the loneliest
playas in all of literature. He keeps it so real, while errybody else frontin’. But as much as Holden be spittin that
righteous talk, he sure as hell ain’t no prince. Like he say: “I’m the most
terrific liar you ever saw in your life.” And although he want you to think he hard,
homeboy got a gentle soul. That’s why he always askin what them ducks in the central
park lake gonna do once the water freezes over. So, in the end, this gangsta pays the price
for bein too soft in a world twisted by deceit: By spendin his days in a
psych ward. Damn. Yo thanks for checkin in, I’ll
catch you next week my well-read ballas.

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  1. In the end of Chapter 1, Holden explains that he almost got TB and he came out to California for checkups. Yes there was a doctor there that consoled him but he didn't go to a mental hospital. Just clearin' that up.

  2. Thug Notes are Awesome. Was looking for the short version of C.I.T.R, found this, now I’m hooked. Love the analysis’ too. Keep up the great videos.

  3. i looked this up after my teacher showed us one of hamlet she said she could show us this at school but she can't stop us from looking it up on our own hint hint

  4. Did anyone else notice how he is wearing a backwards red hat? Just saying you should look. Was it intentional? I hope so!

  5. So I read The Catcher in the Rye to hopefully find an escape from my midlife crisis. I feel like such an idiot for not reading reviews or even what the book is about before I forced myself to read it.
    I’m also 17.
    Nothing is interesting anymore.
    Can I have some advice from you well lived adults who obtain the amount of optimism and intelligence I can only dream of.

  6. Out of all the books I read during high school, this one is my favorite, and it was optional extra credit for the winter break.

  7. Even Holden cannot catch them all. By the way, who cares that he's a so-called white boy? What's that got to do with anything? Stupid is as stupid does. Oh. You're dis-owning him.

  8. Yeah and that's why Salinger became such a recluse. He was so terrified of adult life that he went crazy and locked himself away. I always thought this book, and its protagonist were both wishy-washy trash. I've heard time and again that I must love Catcher in the Rye, but it's just some whiny punk mewling about how life isn't fair and grown ups are mean. Cry me a river Holden. Do some more of the heavy hitters. The Idiot. The Death of Ivan Illyich (short one). Do Candide already. And Steppenwolf, or better yet Narcissus and Goldmund or The Glass Bead Game. Do The Man in the High Castle. Neuromancer. Midnights Children. Do In Cold Blood, even if it's not fiction. Fuck it do two segments for War and Peace. Do Candide! he's a badass. Do Titus Andronicus just to show how sick the Bard really was. Do Kafka on the Shore, that book is nuts. Do Blindness or All The Names by Saramago. Do The Good Earth. Pimp. Yeah why hasnt Thug Notes done Pimp? Is that racist? Not at all. But when a guy like Iceburg Slim is skipped over by a guy named Sparky Sweets… Well that is a conundrum. Do Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said. The Satanic Verses. The Unberable Lightness of Being. Mother Night or Sirens of Titan or Bluebeard. Do The Road. Demons. Foundation. I don't know. There are a lot of books that come to mind that you've already covered. I like this channel and its videos, they're clever, do more of them please.

  9. after hours of studying about this damn book
    this shit really is relieving as fuck.
    and its not even that bad of a summary

  10. That was much better than Cliff's Notes could do, lol. And if you think Holden Caulfield is a character with problems you'll love this guy:

  11. While I agree with most of the literary analysis, you missed one thing. Holden was in the hospital because he got tuberculosis from living on the dirty parts of the city. Mental problems are part of it, but he mentioned that he was going to go to another school in the fall.

  12. I have to read this book for a college course, I'm hating it, I hate the protagonist, I hate most of the characters, they're all assholes and the protagonist is a big one, being a spoiled pretentious one at that

  13. Holden is lonely, and I think his views on childhood and adulthood and all that are merely a way of protecting himself.

  14. Thank you! Grown ass woman here finally know what this book about. Talk in about readn' it twice n shit, damn, just x plain it to us real like

  15. Usually at the end of a book the main character changes or learns a lesson. Maybe i'm dense but I didn't see that. I mean usually there is a point to a story, but the only message I got was that it sucks to grow up. That's not really any point or lesson. Idk can one of you smart people explain what the message was other then growing up sucks because society?

  16. just finished reading it and loved it way more than expected too <3 Love how Holden hates superficiality. no wonder a lot of people dig this book <3

  17. This channel is so great cuz this is the type of stuff that gets the lil homies interested in reading. People have forgotten how important it is to expand your mind

  18. Or why give such a shitty character so much empathy? He sounds like he legit made the psych ward and needs to just be written off as a waste of everybody's time.

  19. The writer JD Salinger is using much of his own personal biography in the character Holder Caulfield . It is no wonder that Salinger became a recluse after this book made him more than enough to live by himself in some pretty nice digs up in New England woods somewhere

  20. Read it in hs, thought it was OK; read it twenty years later, it made me cry like a baby. Holden is not likable to teens, because he is so flawed. But to adults, who have distance from the pain of adolescent reality, it is extremely powerful and Holden is beautifully tragic. – – Also, he's in a sanitarium, not a psyche ward.

  21. Had to read this for a book report and this cleared some confusion I had about the book and some events. Thanks. :)))

  22. If you hate the narrator then you don't understand him or the book as to which I say you're well off. If you understand him. If you love this book. Then you get it and to you I say, keep swimming.

  23. Catcher in the Rye is possibly the MOST OVERRATED book ever written. Pure unaduterated CRAP. It is child abuse that so many brain dead NEA drones inflict this bilge on generations of students.

  24. "Catcher in the Rye" is phoney, anti western civilization CRAP. It really is. And that goes for the hermit loser author as well.

  25. I loved your channel bro, and that’s the first video I’m watching, btw I loved your job and your style, I wish billions of subscribers to you bro ! <3

  26. You know what bugs me most is that…theres nothin in the books to prove that our home boy here was ever in an institution,asylum i mean. So anyone suggestions.

  27. There is a lot more to the sunny interaction than just choking.
    He realized that sunny was probably 14-15 and was so immature that she said fun instead of fuck. His thoughts come to what her live must be like and how people view her and how she must view her future. He wants to talk to build some form of bond between them to justify to himself the act of using her. She isn't interested and is board by the talk which leads to nothing.

  28. You know, I remember reading this book in high school; that being said, I don't remember much about its contents. I just remember Holden calling everyone fake and a prostitute named Sunny, I think. I also remember REALLY disliking this book.For me, there was no literary nuances to discuss in a classroom setting, it was just a really shitty book. I also remember hating the ending, not that I remember what it even was. I'm also typing this comment prior to watching the video, so I haven't watched the summary yet. Maybe I'll get some insight from watching.

  29. such a good fucking book man you just had me relive it just listening to this playlist while playing games i stoped my game to listen lol

  30. I wanted to click like, but I didn't want the algorithm to start sending me a bunch of literature related/book review videos. This experience is phony.

  31. its a sanitarium  for TB not a psyche ward, n he doesn't spend the rest of his days in it his brother DB is picking him up the nest day. cmon wisecrack at least read it

  32. Holden was definitely the fakest among them all, he called out "phonies" and talked about how he hates them so much, that just shows how insecure he is about him being himself and I feel like his little brother Allie adds to the emotional aspect of it. In my opinion, Holden felt what he felt about phonies cause of Allie's death and the fact that he mentions that Allie "escaped" adulthood pretty much adds to how he's just running away from his problems rather than confronting them. He only likes to talk to his little sister because she's innocent not real. Children can't be "real" cause there's no "child" phonies.
    Holden keeps asking bout the ducks cause he's again looking to find a loophole in society's problems rather than looking for solutions himself. So, technically, he's not saving children from adulthood but from losing their innocence. Being adult is a part of life and has nothing to do with being a "phonie". I think by "phonie" he meant losing innocence.

  33. The Controller in Brave New World was right, goddamn literature causes instability and should be banned, for chrissakes

  34. Great summary. I've always loved this book. That being said, I don't think he was in a psych ward – I think he actually had TB.

  35. it’s a good video except he’s forgotten to mention the most important part and the explanation for why Holden has the mindset of a child- because of his brother Allies death. He died when Holden was 13 and through the years he’s only been thinking like a 13 year- it’s an important motif throughout the story that anchors a lot of his actions

  36. It takes a massive amount of courage to hold on to innocence in this world and hardly none at all to grow cold.

    I just reread this book after watching a different review but I still wasn't feeling it. I don't think most kids can relate to it, as it's written, but your review makes it relatable and understandable.

  38. Don’t forget that the reason why Holden chocked when it came to sunny was because she was young. His age

  39. I always wondered what that story was about. Now If only he could explain why most psychos and domestic terrorist love reading this book.

  40. Allie’s death hurt Holden so bad, and the perfect memories of Allie only remind Holden that he will grow old and phony. He is so scared of growing older he just wants to seclude himself and never pick up the habits of the adults around him…but Phoebe is still pure in his eyes, and he just can’t let her down. Thankfully she was the person to empathize with Holden.

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