The Catalan Language

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  1. Hi everyone! I hope you like the new video! Check out Pablo's channel "Dreaming Spanish", he deserves more subs!

    (He's the guy saying the Catalan sentences in the video).

  2. Compnyer , este video dona tota la historia del catalá , gracies este video , gracies a tu he pogut completar el meu treball sobre la historia de la nostra llengua.

  3. this video is amazong, but has some mistakes like some translations to spanish or how apostrophes are used. But 10/10

  4. Catalan here: I find Italian, to be the easiest language to communicate with, event hough I never studied it. Not necesserely because Catalan is closest to Italian than to French or Portuguese, but because the combination of Spanish and Catalan makes it the easiest for us. Portuguese would follow and then French (more difficult due to pronunciation differences).

  5. Correct sentence would be "Me'ls ha donat aquest matí" and "Dona-me'ls"
    A very good explanation: cience is truth, politic is out of cience. Congratulations! Thank you!

  6. I'm a catalan speaker and I find french as the closest to catalan.
    I speak german too and there are so many things in common between german and catalan. My german teacher has ever said as a joke that german is a dialect of catalan 🙂

  7. In Balearic Islands and Valencian Comunity dont speak catalan, learn aboyt history, the first mention about valencian language was at 1238, catalan was at 1360

  8. Entre el.valenciano y el catalán,hay.4.000 palabras diferentes,por.ejemplo salida en catalán sortida en valenciano aixida,buenas tardes,catalán bona tarda,valenciano bona.vesprada y creo que.con e mallorquín también,soy.hijo de valenciana de Sueca,que se parla molt el valenciá

  9. Very interesting that Catalan uses articles before nouns "La Sofia" etc…because in French this was also used for a very long time and still is in the country side, even though we tend to find it archaic by now. 🙂

  10. ¡Que bárbaro! Que buen canal te montaste. Te estoy descubriendo con este video y de plano capturaste mi atención. Historia, lingüística, un guión claro y muy bien conseguido, tu locución muy amena y sacando mucho provecho de tu persona, es decir, con el gusto de esforzarse en hacer televisión doméstica de calidad… ¡Justo la clase de canales que me gustan!
    Saludos desde la mística Xaman Ha

  11. Very good, thanks.. Catalan is very close to the occitan, a comparison between these languages should be interesting.. Moltes gracies per aquesta presentacio

  12. In Romanian it is “dat” not “donat”…donat means donate. “Dat” means gave, or “mi-a dat” which means gave me or gave to me. Hope that helps…again gave or given in Romanian is “dat”
    A da – to give:

    Eu dau – I give
    Tu dai – you give
    El/Ea dă – he/she gives
    Noi dăm – we give
    Voi dați – you give
    Ei/Ele dau – they give

  13. 11:31 the translation of "donat" to Spanish is "dado" (with no relation with the Spanish word for 'dice' ,"dado"), that's because in Catalan the verbs 'give' and 'donate' share the same word, "donar", but in Spanish 'donate' is "donar" and 'give' is "dar". The correct meaning of the verb "donar" is given by the context of the sentence.

  14. It has nothing to do with linguistics, but now there are more Spaniards who think that Catalan should be extinct than Catalans supporting their own language. It's a matter of politics in Europe.

  15. To all people that are not Spanish, please ignore the catalan please. I'm catalan and please learn Spanish before catalan, all the people that defend catalan here only want to break away Catalonia from Spain and that's very BAD. All people that want that are dirtying Catalonia only to do that, and believe me, that's not good. Thanks for your time

  16. Very good video! As a catalan native speaker I would say that the most similar languages are Spanish and Italian. French is so similar too (even more than the other 2) but in the written form. Even though a catalan speaker can perfectly understand a text in french, spoken it’s not understandable for us as the words are pronounced in a very different way than they are actually written

  17. Something is encouraging me to start learning this language, I can speak English and Portuguese and now I'm improving my Spanish skills, the next language I want to pick up is Catalan or German, Catalan is way similar to Portuguese, I could recognize all the words, not that hard.


  18. As a Spanish speaker, Catalan sounds like a combination of Italian and Portuguese to me. Would love to learn a little bit of it if I ever make my way to Catalonia.

  19. To me, the closest Romance language to Catalan is Italian. Especially the vocabulary, I find it very similar.

  20. Na / En article in Balearic dialect, don't forget this! In your historical context u didn't spoke about Kingdoms of the Crown ( Regne de Valencia, Regne de Mallorques and Principat Barcelona (not kingdom) Regne de Mallorques kingdom was independent of Aragon during some years 1276-1343 (territories of south of french: Perpignan, Rouslleon and Cerdanya)
    some grammar corrections: NOS (Valencia) MOS (Mallorca) ENS (standard version) I hope help u! 🙂

  21. Dude I don’t think you’re gonna be “smoked” by talking about those topics. I mean, only WE, the Spanish and Catalan ones argue about this. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  22. my family is from the French Catalan area , i'm basically the first generation of my family who doesn't speak it because we moved to provence which is in south-east of France , i which i could speak the language of my ancestry , basically if my parents had an argument it would be in catalan ,now the only thing i share with the catalan people is the gold and red flag ( brought in provence from catalan ) greeting to my fellow catalan from the provence 🙂

  23. i would say the closest language to Catalan is Occitan from France , my family can basically speak to an Occitan speaker as Catalan speakers , Occitan is STRONGLY influenced by Catalan 🙂

  24. The portuguese speaker in this video sounds weird, never heard that accent (sounds like some British guy trying to speak portuguese)

  25. I am Catalan! And to me the languages that ressemble Catalan the most are Spanish and French. Portuguese and ITalian are kind of similar, but I'd only understand it if I read it, or if the person speaking was very clear.

  26. Valencian… That's like in croatia they don't speak serbian, and in serbia they don't speak croatian.. but they speak the same language. Same bosnia and Hercegovina and montenegro

  27. The Catalan is a dialect to Valencian, study first pls. A lot people falls in this false history but I repeat you, is false

  28. Great, video, I loved it. I am a catalan and spanish speaker and I enjoyed watching this video a lot. However there's a little mistake I'd like to correct. In minute 11:29, you say in spanish the similar word to "donat" is "donado", but in fact it would be "dado", as "donado" it's used more frequently when it refers to a "donation" to a charity or something like that. Have a nice day 🙂

  29. Burro de mierda, en Valencia se habla valenciano y en Baleares el mayorquin.
    Ignorante mentiroso, no engañes a la gente

  30. Sóc l'única catalana que ha vist el vídeo per curiositat? Hahaha, no he pogut trobar a ningú als comentaris provinent de Catalunya. Em sembla una llengua molt tendre i bonica. Visca el català i visca la terra!

  31. I once took a course in Medieval French and it was almost identical to today's Catalan. I also took a course in Medieval Spanish and it was almost indentical to today's Gallego/Portuguese..

  32. I'm from Balearic Islands and I speak Catalan. I can understand other romance languages like Portuguese, Italian or French. Also I speak Spanish (that's a logical fact), and English.

    Good video 🤗

  33. Hello
    I am a native Spanish speaker and quite fluent French speaker. I understand 90% of catalán without a big effort. It is easier that Italian for example.
    For me, catalán and valencian is the same but it is even a little bit easier valencian.
    I think it is possible to understand all latin lenguajes if your mother tongue is a Latin one just studying a little bit.
    Always better than English of course!!
    Best regards

  34. As a Catalan speaker, have to praise you for the level of detail and accuracy of your video. And indeed: Valenciano is another form of Catalan, same as Balearic. When I speak with my friends from Valencia, we understand each other perfectly, the only difference is in the intonation of some letters/words, but it is the same language.
    Also, thanks for the accurate historic facts you have presented in the video. Very well done!

  35. Muy caro en dinero el catalán, hecho para los delincuentes locos y hablar entre ellos de sus sentimientos sin par.
    Mejor se entretengan en otras cosas. España en su Sistema español funciona igual de mal en todo su territorio.

  36. El catalán es un dialecto del Valenciano. Cuando se conquistó Valencia en el año 138 a.c. Cataluña aún no existía y no existió hasta el año 10 a c.

  37. I'm from Venezuela where we speak Castilian (aka Spanish) of course with our own twist to it like in many latin american countries. A couple of years ago I moved to Catalonia, originally to L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, I became quite interested in learning català since I felt it was the right thing to do while staying here. I've come to appreciate it as it feels different yet familiar. My wife's family is from Portugal and she also found many similarities between the languages. To me, a latin american castilian speaker, català sounds like a mixture of probably all the other Romance languages, it has a little bit of Italian, French, Portuguese and of course Castilian.

    Really nice video btw! I'll be definitely checking other languages on this channel 🙂

  38. bueno,para no liarme mucho, te dire que muchos escritores como cervantes, ya dijeron que el valenciano era un idioma, y antes de que jaime el conquistador entrase a cualquier parte de la comunidad valenciana, el valencia, ya se escuchaban cosas como esta.

    y si con eso no te a valido te pondre un video, de alguien que te o explicara mejor que yo seguro xD

    bueno, pues ya que estoy, te pongo las normal del valenciano.

    la region economicamente mas fuerte era valencia, despues de la conquista de jaume, esto fue causado por la peste negra que afecto mas a las otras regiones tengo entendio“

  39. Ni puta idea. El Valencià te publicacions mes antigues que estan datades abans de que apareguera el Català.
    No per dirho en Angles es mes creible.
    Anpliant fronteres del adoctrinament.

  40. 11:29 in Spanish will be "dado" form of verb "dar" (give) witch is the correct translation for "donar". Donado references another situation all thought it refers to a similar action (to donate and to give aren't the same)

  41. I'm portuguese. I could never understand writen catalan. It is the extreme case of false relatives, Vocabulary is impossible. A cousin of mine is married to a girl from Mallorca and the kids are bilingual. I never exchanged a word of spanish with that family, they prefer portuguese or silence.

  42. Just for your information, who is be able to speak spanish, french and italian (all of them), doesn't be able to understand catalan. That's a good point to understand this is not a mixed language, isn't it?

  43. I am Portuguese, so I speak Portuguese. I think Catalan is very close to my language, but there is some differences, mainly in the pronunciation. So, when I hear Catalan, I hardly can understand. But in write, I can easily

  44. As a portuguese living in Barcelona since 2007, it was easy to me to learn catalan as I found it very similar to portuguese, especially the phonetics. Perhaps, the fact that I also speak french and spanish, helped a lot because sometimes there are similarities between other romance languages.

  45. I speak Spanish and Valencian (yes, is Catalan from Valencia, not a separate language) and I love my two languages and, obviously, I speak English, but it isn't a romance language xD

    Visca Catalunya lliure i l'independencia de l'estat espanyol

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  47. el català és la meva llengua, i estic orgullosa que algú fesun video sobre la meva parla ja que no molta gent la coneix!

  48. My school did an exchange program with an occitan school. We could understand each other almost perfectly, except for a few words

  49. Aren't there tiny differences between Catalan and Valencian? I can remember one example: Sortida – Eixida

  50. That's not true, catalan is official in Spain not only Andorra. Valencians also consider catalan as a valencian dialog as well 🙂
    "Dinar" does not mean "to have a lunch" it means "Dinner"…

  51. I am Romanian and liked Catalan instanly – the first expression i heard was ”Que bonic” meaning ”How beautiful” (close to que beau from French) and it sounds like bunic (grandfather) in Romanian…

  52. I can speak Spanish and Italian and after this video I do understand certain phrases in Catalan however a very interesting thing with Catalan and Italian it's the use of articles before a person's name, it is not a grammatically correct way of speaking yes it is very commonly used (I personally do not like it because as I said it is incorrect and it sounds bad in my ears) it is a very interesting connection tho.

  53. I first heard and saw some Catalan from Boig per tu by Shakira and thought it sounded like a mix between Spanish and French.

    I can’t personally attest to it sounding a lot or more different to Italian and Romanian since I have had little to no exposure to those particular languages firsthand.

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