The Book of Numbers

Jon: The book of Numbers gets overlooked, partly
because it has a really boring name… Tim: which is a shame, in Hebrew tradition the
book’s name is “bamidbar” ( במדבר) which means, “in the wilderness”. Numbers
is an epic travel log of Israel’s journey through the desert on their way to the land
promised to Abraham. Jon: Now, this pilgrimage should only have taken
about 2 weeks on foot. Tim: But instead it takes them forty years. Jon: That’s crazy. practically half of someone’s
lifetime. Tim: Yeah, it’s a very long camping trip with
lots of interesting stories, BUT, lets remember, it’s most helpful to start with how the
book is designed. Jon: Right. Tim: So, the book is broken up into five sections.
There are three different wilderness locations, broken up by two road
trips that link it all together. Jon: OK, so the story starts in the wilderness
at Mt Sinai, right here on the map. Tim: Then in the second section they travel
towards a region called Paran. Jon: and then a whole bunch of things happen
there, in the wilderness of Paran. Tim: Then, in this fourth section, Israel’s
road trip to Moab. Jon: The book ends with a large section in the
wilderness of Moab, right across the Jordan river from the promised land. Tim Now, through all these sections, the
storyline flows like gripping, dramatic movie: everything starts great, then the trip goes
horribly wrong. But it ends with a final redemptive moment, a surprising act of God’s grace. Jon: So lets begin with the first act, Israel
is at the wilderness at Mt. Sinai. We’ve become really familiar with this Mt. Tim: Yeah, if you remember Israel came here
after Egypt, they formed a Covenant with God here, got the 10 commandments
here, built the tabernacle here, they’ve been here for one full year. Jon: and now they take a census to number the
people as they prepare to leave. Tim: right, and then they’re are given instructions
for how organize themselves in the camp: God’s presence in the tabernacle, then the tribe
of Levi and the priests around it, then the rest of the tribes around them. This pattern
is a visual symbol of how God’s holiness is at the center of their existence as a people. Jon: And they are told that when the cloud of
God’s presence moves on they are to pack up and travel with it. Tim: The ark of the covenant carried by the
Levites is in front, then the tribe of Judah and on and on. This order also a symbol how
God’s holy presence is their leader and guide. Jon: So we begin the second section of this
book with enthusiasm as they leave the Sinai wilderness and travel up to Paran- God’s
with them, everything is organized, everything is going to be great!… Tim: …but it’s not great. After just
three days on the road they start to complaining about their hunger and thirst, and even Moses’
brother and sister start badmouthing him in front of everyone… Jon: Not a great start. But now we’re
in the 3rd section – the wilderness of Paran – this is where they send 12 spies to scout
out the promised land, two of the spies come back really optimistic.. Tim: but the other ten are freaked out, they
don’t trust God and say “we’re gonna get annihilated” So they start a mutiny,
and they try to appoint a new leader who will take them back to Egypt. Basically, they are refusing to go into the promised land and so God honors their choice and says that this generation of people will wander for 40 years and die in the wilderness, and only their
kids will get to enter the promised land. Jon: You know, this story gets brought many times in the Bible by different authors… Tim: and always a reminder that while God remains
faithful to his people, he will honor their choices and let them waste their whole lives
if they choose to live in rebellion. Jon: OK, so this trip’s been a disaster so
far. Tim: it gets worse in this fourth section
as they travel to Moab – even Moses has a moment of rebellion, and is disqualified from
entering the promised land. There’s another rebellion among the people, the results in
a snake attack And what makes all these rebellions
even worse, is that every step of the way, God’s been providing, he offers
forgiveness, he provides them food, water, and this crazy stuff called ‘manna’… Jon: What is that stuff? Tim: No idea! But in spite of this they
they complain and say they wish they had died in Egypt. Jon: If I was God I would give up on these guys Tim: You would think, and that is what makes
this story in the final section so surprising. Israel just arrived in Moab. The King of Moab
is freaked out that this huge of people traveling through his land, so he hires this pagan sorcerer
named Balaam to pronounce curses on them. Jon: This dude means business. Tim: yah, and Balaam says, “I’ll pray to
the Hebrew God and we’ll see what happens”. And three different times he attempts to curse
them, but each time he finds he can only utter blessing.
Most surprising is the last blessing in which he prophesies that out of Israel will arise
a victorious king, and this King is somehow connected to God’s promise to Abraham to
bless all nations thru this family. So, here is Israel rebelling down in the camp, totally unaware that up in the hills God is
protecting and blessing them. Jon: So, the book ends here in Moab. They are ready to go into the promised land. They count everyone up, again like
at the beginning, as they leave behind the old generation including Moses Tim: But before they leave Moses, he leaves them his last words of warning and wisdom and that speech is what the next book, Deuteronomy is all about. the next book, Deuteronomy, is all about.

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  2. Don't forget, there were giants in the earth in those days and also after, they were freaked at the site of giants

  3. Ya are skipping things…. When they were complaining about being hungry all the people that ate from the food that rained down died

  4. Well the Quran tells us that Bani Israel were shaded with a cloud in the desert when there was no shade from the sun, given manna and salwa, one was a bird which just came down and sat while people would easily catch and cook them, where as the other food item sent by Allah was a sweet stuff and would collect on leaves. And even then they would complain to Moses that we would like to have some Vegetables.
    Bani Israel gave a real tough time to Moses and there this nation and prophet Moses is oft repeated in the Quran to encourage prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, to not to lose hope and that prophets had a much tougher time in dealing with their nations

  5. Just three weeks ago, a group of archeologists discovered in Israel a plaque with an inscription of king Balac, the first one ever found, before that some of them believed he was an invented character.
    With this discovery, we are closer to realize that the history of the Torah was, in essence, a real thing.

  6. Didn't learn any of this in church, as far as the more easily explained details Thanks
    And no thanks to church. To be honest I didn't learn much in church. I'm mostly self-taught. That's just the way it is.

  7. Your omission of key information changes the the overview of the the material. It's not ok or excused because you call it a summary.

    It's would be better if you didn't do it at all, for anyone who adds to or subtracts from the Bible will suffer all the curses writtenn therein.

  8. The Lord Christ is returning. Believe in him as your Lord and Savior and also believe that he died for your sins on the cross

  9. Mount sinai you 2 dickheads is on the otherside is in the land Madian That's where God talked to moses not in Egypt.

  10. Visually seeing how the Israelite camps were told to arrange themselves to depict a cross with God's holiness at the center is absolutely mind blowing….Never would have gotten that image just by reading the text. Amazing work guys.

  11. mana is a white tree sap which falls from a type of tree in clumps. at least it was found in that area.
    honestly god could have just rained begles if he wanted.. but you know.. hes usually a light tough..

  12. Wonderful, wonderful!!! Your video's make the bible easier to understand and take in!!🙏GOD bless you all

    In JESUS holy name amen!!🙏

  13. I am just so impressed!!! Good job guys!!! You give me hope for our future, a future with God in it!!

  14. I love your channel; what a great video. i would only corrected one thing in this video -that is i wouldn't have said "Moses has a moment of rebellion" [3:36] But that – Moses disobeyed the command to speak to the Rock and in anger smote the rock. I think the word "rebellion" for Moses toward the LORD is Strong. i hope this is Ok and i don't want to sound judgmental.

  15. Moses and his crew walked around in circles for 40 yrs performing the Hadj circling-the cube. Same as the Muslims do today.

  16. Oh that’s he book I had to present in my class and explain even tho I didn’t because you’d get a full mark in religion either way so 😂

  17. Thank you, so much, for doing this project. I have been trying to learn from different sources their accumulated understanding of the bible. There is one thing I discovered in listening: that the bible, not unlike the Holy Trinity, represents three in one. I'll explain: each area of the bible that references a particularly powerful or noteworthy event, references it in past or present, but it also applies to the future. If you understand the references, you can see just how things are about to unfold. Yes, it is true that history repeats itself (human nature, I suppose. Destiny) BUT in the bible you will find the pattern written out for you , therefore you will find you can deduce what the outcome is to be by what has already happened. It's incredible! Just wondered if you find this to be true , as well? My statement may be a bit convoluted, so I hope you can decipher it, as I find that when you finally understand something in the bible, you cannot really explain how you came to this decision. I think it is because it speaks to you on a very subconscious level and so it's like trying to describe a dream, especially a dream that has clued you in on something. Thanks for reading.

  18. You guys doing such a great job . I pray to God that He may bless you More with Devine wisdom and understanding of God's word as He has already blessed you and that his Love , Peace and Grace may abide with you always ! Aameen ! 🙏🙏🙏🙏😌😌

  19. Ever notice that when the tribes are surrounding the tabernacle that they are in the shape of a cross?! Look at 4:55. God knew what He was doing this whole time. We serve an awesome God!

  20. I am a Muslim from Peshawar, Pakistan and serious student of Bible. Your videos are helping me a lot in my study. Thanks!

  21. People still fallin for tha BS geezus fairytale?? Sad… Ya know, if U actually studied, it's becomes clear how utterly deceitful religions are. Particularly tha main 3

  22. So blessed by this channel. You guys were God sent to us who struggle to read and understand the Bible esp. the OT. God bless your ministry.

  23. You have no idea how much your videos have helped me in pursuing God. Thank you so very much!❤️

  24. I am thankful that you guys depicted the God ordained order of the tribes as they camped around the tabernacle (6:11) as a cross (because it actually did ! This is another beautiful prophecy of the redemption by Yeshua our messiah! the Lord has revealed to us!

  25. I've noticed through these videos how exact and precise God is with just the formation of the books. Like how Psalms 119 ends up being the middle of the entire Word and the chapter before is the shortest in the Bible, and the chapter after is the longest

    “Then the Lord will create above every dwelling place of Mount Zion, and above her assemblies, a cloud and smoke by day and the shinning of a flaming fire by night. For over all the glory there will be a covering.” (Isaiah 4:5)


    "Isn’t it interesting how Numbers 9:16 correlates with Isaiah 4:5? The two verses speak about My presence filling the tabernacle in the midst of the assemblies. This presence was the very covering over My people. It was not just a sign to the foreign nations that they belonged to Me, but a sign to the darkness in the spiritual realm. Do not be mistaken by thinking that Israel went out to war against nations alone. What possesses a nation to war against another is a spirit. Therefore, when Israel fought against nations they were dealing with spirits in the heavenly places; and the spirits knew I was with them because they carried My presence. This is the importance of staying close to Me and under My covering. The enemy shall know who you are and who is with you. This covering is the blessing of being in My will.

    The danger many Christians face is when they walk away from My covering like Korah did, and it is done more than people realise. Anything done independent from My will is a form of walking out of My covering. You open yourself up to darkness and the enemy no longer recognizes that you are protected by Me. He then has a right to attack you because you chose independence instead of life. Where is My blessing in doing your own thing without My consideration? Therefore, challenge yourself to stay in My will. Each time you want to do something consider this, “Am I in My Lord’s will?” or “Lord, what do You want me to do?” Then and only then will you experience My full covering along with My blessing."

  27. Thank you to those 500 people for funding them monthly. Loving Jesus a lot of times means hitting rock bottom in many ways before you get back up with His hand. The ones that need this most aren’t usually able to give when it helps them.

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