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What is the Bible? What is it for? Matthew shows us it is a treasure waiting
to be explored. For in Matthew’s own work, we hear Jesus
teach this lesson that a scribe who has been trained for the kingdom of heaven brings out
from the chest of the Old Testament treasures both old and new. And that is who Matthew is. That is what he set out to do. To be the scribe Jesus described who opens
Israel’s Bible and shows the treasure hidden inside. So, throughout his account, Matthew pulls
many old items out of Scripture’s treasure to show how Jesus is their new fulfillment. The most common of which are three people
who represent three covenants, which cover nearly every one of the Bible’s pages, and
these three people are Abraham, Moses, and David. To understand who Jesus is, the way Matthew
portrays him, we must understand these three men and the covenants God made them. The covenant made to Abraham stated that his
children would bless all nations. The covenant made to Moses noted that if Israel
kept the law, they would live with God as they hold them. The covenant made to David named him as the one whose son would sit on an eternal throne, forever coronated. But by the end of the Old Testament, the promises
made to Abraham, Moses, and David still awaited fulfillment. Abraham’s seed had not spread a blessing,
but a curse. Moses’ Law had been broken at every verse. David’s throne was vacant, and his people
had been dispersed. What is the Bible? What is it for? Matthew shows us it is still a treasure, and
it’s waiting to be explored. For there was another artifact in the Scripture’s hoard. Another promise the Bible had stored, and
it was for an anointed servant, a Messiah from the Lord. A new Abraham, a new Moses, a new David who
would fulfill everything God spoke in his Word. And that is who Matthew claims Jesus is, the
recipient of everything the Scriptures present. And so, all throughout Matthew’s account,
by the way his report is told and organized, he takes the old treasures of Scripture and
holds them up under new light. From Jesus’ genealogy, to the great commission. From building the new family of the church,
to his 12-disciple selection. Matthew shows us that Jesus is the new Abraham
who will bless every nation. From Jesus’ birth and flight to Egypt, to
his 40 days in the wilderness. From his teaching on the mountainside, to
his walking on the water’s surface. Matthew shows us that Jesus is the new Moses
who will bring a new and better exodus. From Jesus being named as David’s son, to
his birth in Bethlehem as it was fated. From his cross-shaped enthronement, to his
coming kingdom proclamation. Matthew shows us that Jesus is the new David who will be the everlasting
king of his everlasting nation. Matthew’s gospel is an intentional explanation of how Jesus is the fulfillment
of all the Bible’s expectations. What is the Bible? What is it for? Matthew shows us it is a treasure that points
to Jesus, and it’s waiting to be explored. But when many people saw Jesus, they did not
connect him with the words of the Lord. Instead, they saw him as a challenge to their
traditions, a threat they could not afford. They saw Jesus’ ministry
but never truly perceived. They heard Jesus teach
but never truly believed. And most often in Matthew, these are the groups
known as the Scribes and Pharisees. Their hearts were calloused. Their minds were clouded. So when they looked at the treasure of scripture,
Jesus was shrouded. So instead of seeing how Scripture pointed
to him, they only saw how it justified them. They saw a blessing that came because they
were Abraham’s children, a salvation that came not through the Law, but through their
own traditions. They saw a king who would come like David
and raise them to a higher position. When they looked at all of scripture’s inscriptions,
they could not see that Jesus was indeed the new treasure the Old Testament was all about. They thought they were teaching their Scriptures
correctly, but really, they were locked out. So, when Jesus stepped into their world, they
didn’t see that he completed every covenant and all the Scripture’s details. So instead of giving him the praise he deserved,
they gave him a cross, a hammer, and nails. They thought they were fulfilling scripture
by putting a blasphemer to death. And yet, ironically, when Jesus died by their
hands, Jesus actually did fulfill all of it. For his crucifixion is the treasure hidden
in the pages of scripture. His death and resurrection are what brought
completion to the covenants God had made them. Jesus fulfilled the covenant he gave to Abraham
by being the final seed who died in order to bring the blessing of life to all nations. Jesus fulfilled the covenant shown to Moses
by dying under the curse of the law even though we were the ones who broke it. Jesus fulfilled the covenant made with David
by conquering the grave to bring us into the eternal kingdom we have all awaited. And it’s not just these Jesus fulfilled,
for every story, law, and promise written down for us in the Scripture’s collection
was unlocked for us to see in Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. What is the Bible? What is it for? Jesus shows us that he is the treasure,
and he’s waiting to be explored. Thank you so much for watching
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