The Best Social Media Platforms for Authors

social media can be a wonderful way to
get your writing in front of your target market the problem with social media is
it can also be a trap too many authors find themselves dealing with multiple
different social media platforms and ultimately they don’t do anything right
and therefore they get nothing out of it well in today’s video I’m gonna show you
the most popular and effective social media platforms for authors right now
and show you some of the key things that you should be doing so is to get more
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that let’s begin if at any time you want to learn anything more about each one of
these social media platforms be sure to check the description below where you
can see a full article of mine about each one where I not only provide extra
examples of authors doing it right but also some extra resources to help you
learn more about each the first one is Facebook now this is the largest of all
the social media platforms and no matter what you write or what niche you’re in
you will definitely have your target market there however if you’re looking
to use Facebook as your social media platform to push your writing you might
want to look at whether or not you should use your personal profile a
professional page or a group now we’re not going to go in the details of each
one however though they each have their pros and cons I personally have my
personal profile which I enjoy sharing with friends and family but I separate
my business by having the Kindlepreneur page a group is a great way to increase
engagement but it is a lot of time so be sure to do some extra research to figure
out which one’s best for you here’s a couple of examples of authors who are
using Facebook to improve their engagement as well as their brain the
first one is Neil Gaiman who of course is a very famous author but instead of
just talking about his books he also talks about his interests and really
does a great job of branding himself as a person another is litRPG books this
group was created by a certain author who is basically bringing in reader fans
of litRPG as well as other authors this creates a great opportunity to not only
increase networking engagements with other litRPG authors but also find fans
of your upcoming books previous ones our next social media
platform is Twitter Twitter can be a great platform but it can also be a
great waste of time if you’re not using it right if you’re tweeting make sure to
use the right hashtags now in that article in the description below i have
a link to an article that has all of the different hashtags that authors should
think about using when you do your next tweet this will get it in front of the
right people and get more engagement another great use of Twitter isn’t just
sending out tweets or tweeting or whatever the different verbs are for it
but is also finding engagement that’s when you do Twitter searches for people
who are talking about certain subjects whether it’s your genre or your
nonfiction subject whatever it be find those people and engage with them
comment like share build a rapport as somebody who actually cares and really
wants to build a connection this is the most effective use of Twitter here are a
couple of examples of authors doing this correctly JK Rowling is the queen of
Twitter she’s got the most witty burn centric tweets ever and if you haven’t
read them let me tell you they’re a lot of fun and if you have you know what I
mean by the word burn another author is Rick Riordan who takes delight and
self-deprecating humor and what’s new in science and tech this helps to kind of
build or show his interest and brings in people were also interested in of those
things which tend to also be his type of book fail our next social media platform
is Instagram Instagram is one of the hottest and growing social media
platforms however though it’s sort of a lifestyle social media platform the
people are really doing a good job of this are showing their life in action
with pictures and quotes and things like that so how does one use books and book
sales in Instagram well here are a couple of examples authors do just that
our first is R.M. Drake a poet who actually creates beautiful pictures and
puts pieces of his poetry inside of them that way when people are looking on
isn’t Instagram they get motivated and they see his writing and they start to
really attach to what he’s doing the next author is John Krakauer an
investigative adventure writer focuses his Instagram on his crazy cool life and
the behind-the-scenes in his adventures
which is kind of cool follow our next social media platform is one that many
people don’t actually consider a social media platform and that’s Goodreads
Goodreads is owned by Amazon and it’s a place where people can come to find
their next books to tell their friends about what they’re reading and even
track how far they are in their reading as well kind of sounds like a perfect
place to establish some communications if you’re a writer write one thing that
I authored definitely do is make sure that their books are listed in Goodreads
go ahead and add it and add the necessary information so that it is best
represented in case anybody is reading and talking about your book here’s a
couple of examples of authors who not only have great Goodreads pages and have
their books well-represented but also go the extra step to engage with readers on
Goodreads the first is Khaled Hosseini who’s the writer of Kite Runner he not
only has a great page but he actually goes and answers frequently asked
questions and gets huge engagements like hundreds of people liking and commenting
and following his stuff James Patterson is also a favorite of Goodreads he not
only goes in there and lists what books he’s reading but he actually makes it a
point to pick up self-published books and read them and comment and give love
not gonna lie as a sole publisher I appreciate that thank you and finally
our last but not least is Pinterest now Pinterest is sort of the most unsocial
social media platform there is because with it you create a board and it gets
engaged you don’t have to go and do one-to-one connections like Twitter or
putting your public stuff out there you create picture boards and you post them
and they get pinned get it Pinterest but with that creating good pictures is kind
of a must so how does one create boards that probably bring in the right crowd
but also convince people to buy your book well here are a couple of examples
of authors doing just that Jody Hedlund does a great job of
creating great boards for each and every one of her books you can see her style
as well as some of the ways she kind of works
and also check out those numbers Katie Ganshert goes a step further and she
actually creates a board that shows her short stories this is an opportunity for
people to get quickly hooked to her style of writing fall in love with what
she does and then check out the books that she writes so that they can see
even more so with that we covered some of the major social media platforms out
there I didn’t cover all of them but these are some of the big ones that were
able to not only dig in deep and learn how to do it right but see the great
examples that exist now one thing I highly recommend and this is my own
personal belief on social media is I tell authors all the time they should
only just choose one I know you’ve probably heard a lot of people say be
everywhere you know and but who’s got time for that we have to write our books
what I think is best is that you choose one social media platform and you make
that your thing you study it you learn you gain experience and you will find
that your results will be better than if you dabble in all six seven eight nine
ten twenty thousand different social media platforms out there okay errantly
twenty thousand right close so don’t get stuck trying to update six or seven
platforms choose one do it right and you’ll see better return and remember
once you’ve chosen that one or whichever ones you want to learn more about be
sure to check the description below click the link to the article I have so
you can not only get more details on each to find better resources that help
to improve you and take you to that next level and with that I’m Dave Chesson of signing off Cheers

13 Replies to “The Best Social Media Platforms for Authors

  1. Thanks for this video. Am wondering, you didn't mention YouTube as a platform. Is YouTube a social media platform? Would you recommend it as a way to promote and share our books?

  2. Your advice is always so helpful. Social media has been a real pain for me. Hopefully I can learn from the people you mentioned and improve my skills. Thanks, Dave!

  3. I’ve used wattpad and wordpress to share my writing. I’ve been able to get more readers this way. Of course Instagram and Twitter have always worked for me. Even Pinterest.

  4. The best social media is the one that an author will use consistently – good advice. Interestingly you didn't note LinkedIn. I feel like LinkedIn is like going to a boring work party personally where nobody actually shows who they really are, but I do know quite a few of our author clients have built up great followings posting articles on their LinkedIn page and as a result have an audience that is hungry for their content and their books. I'd definitely add that to the list for non-fiction authors. Happy New Year!

  5. Wow, thanks a lot Dave. I used to hear about pinterest but I didn't know it was a GREAT place for Authors. Cheers!😄😄😄

  6. A few years ago, I tried to add my book to Goodreads. However, at that time, my book was only on Kindle and Goodreads only listed books with a ISBN. Has that changed? Additionally, I didn't find it very social because I've never figured out how to read any discussions. To me, it is not as intuitive as Facebook, Google+, or Twitter. I would love a class or podcast on how to actually use Goodreads. It seems a natural for authors, but for me, its a locked box.

  7. I chose Twitter as my social media platform. Being a writer, I love being able to use words to engage. I'm still learning how to use hashtags effectively, but so far, I've really enjoyed it.

  8. If you blog, Pinterest can also help you to promote your posts. Great overview – thank you. 😃💝

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