The Benefits of Sign Language

My thoughts are explained through my hands, of course!! I kissfist my hands, to sign! I value Sign Language. Sign Language is my mind. Sign Language is expressive! Sign Language is my life! Sign Languages ensures a smooth flow in communication Sign Language is my mother language Sign Language is a human right! Sign Language is unique! Sign languages are official langauges Sign Language is my world! Sign Language opened my mind. Sign Language is beautiful! Sign Language is natural. We connect through Sign Language. Sign Language is passed down. Sign Language is MY language. Sign Language is like the blood through my veins. Sign Language is my identity! Sign Language gives me opportunities. Sign Language means I can travel the world and meet many people! Oppressing Sign Language? I look down at you! You must be crazy to oppress Sign Language! Oppressing Sign Language? NO! Stop oppressing Sign Language! Oppressing Sign Language? No! Oppressing Sign Language? STOP! You’re oppressing Sign Language? STOP! Oppressing Sign Language? NO! Finish oppressing Sign Language! Oppression of Sign Language? NO!! Oppression of Sign Language, do you ACCEPT?

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  1. not one hundred percent, but i think it is amazing grace. As i do not know sign language i was going off of their lips.

  2. I think that this is to be funny, the deaf do have a sense of humor so I can see that if this was meant to be funny how it is.

  3. I thought this was American and they were talking about schedules, but I thought maybe the rest was just new stuff I'd never seen before.

  4. This is not ASL. This is International Sign. I'm sure perhaps the FR8 team can make the subtitles for this video 🙂

  5. No, its not meant to be funny, its meant to show what the benefits actually are, and how we need to keep Sign Language thriving!

  6. It's International Sign Language, not ASL. I understand it as I've learned some International Sign Language. It's also poetic form. Can't be translated 100% into English captioning. It's not making fun of hearing people, it's celebrating use of sign language!

  7. Hi! This vid isn't meant to be non-inclusive. do you want a transcript? I can post an approximation. This isn't in ASL but is clear enough to get the gist. reply back if really want to know content.

  8. The irony. Hearing people who do not know Sign Language upset over the lack (or know how to click the CC button) of automatic subtitles. Welcome to the Deaf experience.

  9. I am an American hearing person living in Japan. Open-minded and currently learning ASL and JSL (Japanese sign language) here in Japan. ASL and JSL learning are connecting me with wonderful people from all over that I wouldn't (maybe couldn't) communicate with otherwise…just like the signers in the video are saying! Good video and a beautiful message.
    Thank you!

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