The Allstate Pillars & Poetry Tour | Morehouse/Spelman

Spelman and Morehouse colleges… two of the country’s most well-known and storied
HBCUs that have produced some of our nation’s most
respected and cherished leaders. This is the next stop of the Allstate Pillars
and Poetry tour where students have the opportunity to celebrate
their pillars of strength through spoken word poetry. You see a pillar of strength is anyone who’s
made a real difference in your life and this tour is all about us showing our
love for them- for all the good they do for us. We’re here with our five finalists, you know
you just performed on this stage that Allstate set up. What was it that inspired you to write about
your pillar of strength? Writing was always kind of my… ticket to
just, you know, free myself of any type of emotions that I was having. Every boy, girl, man and woman gotta be the
exception to the rule. We gotta be the new lesson taught in schools! And when that lessons learned, it’ll be the
next generations turn up until everybody’s credibility and independence
can be returned. It takes a lot of courage to… share with…
a room full of strangers. You definitely build courage when you write
poetry and when you present it to people. Every kink, every coil, every shade, everything-
has made me the Nubian queen that I am today. You don’t know who’s reading it, you don’t
know who you’re going to inspire. You and I are equal and we bleed the same so the mistakes of our predecessors- we need
to tame. Hatred and fighting there would be none- black,
white, orange or blue… we’re all one. There are things that I go through- I know
that I can’t be the only who who goes through it. It’s more important than just using your voice,
it’s more or less making sure your voice it’s more or less making sure that your voice is being used to give other people voices. You gotta be reborn from the ashes after you
set fire to the stage after you set fire to that turmoil. You turn the stage into a grave and a delivery
room! How does it feel to know that, that, someone like Allstate…
would invest in your movement and, and, your growth and your development? It feels… amazing to know that poetry is
not remaining underfunded. It makes me feel better knowing that… my
voice is still being heard for other people as well. Well, I just wanna say I see you, I see your
spirit, I see all of y’all. Thank you all for, for sharing the piece. Make some noise for all of our finalists,
please everybody. Give it up, give it up! I would like to bring one of our judges to
the stage Shout-out Spelhouse, shout-out White Hall. We’re gonna do an imaginary drumroll… for
our first place winner… for the second stop of the Allstate Pillars
and Poetry tour… winning a grand prize of three-thousand dollars… I want y’all to make some noise… for Deniero! It’s transformative to know that people want
to hear your narrative. I’m literally amazed. That’s all I can say. Yo, Spelman and Morehouse put it down in front
of the Yard Fest crowd today. Your stories of strength and inspiration are
what the Allstate Pillars and Poetry tour is all about. Much love, J. Ivy.

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