Textbook Affordability

[Music playing] I’d like faculty to know that I work, and so
I have to like work and save up like a budget for every semester that I can
like spend on textbooks and things at the beginning of the semester cuz that’s
like a big lump sum I have to like pay for every semester at the beginning. And
so if I don’t have enough saved, up it’s actually really stressful if I realize
my textbooks are gonna be more expensive than I think. There’s definitely an
opportunity gap among students, and that we all come from very different like
socioeconomic backgrounds and things of that nature, so there may be a few people
in the class who could who see no problem in getting a really expensive
book, like maybe a hundred dollar novel for the lesson, but there are people who,
you know, aren’t in the same position to do so. I feel like they may have to be
put in a really vulnerable situation of disclosing their financial situation to
their professors which may not be, you know, particularly optimal for them. If I
didn’t have to spend that much money on textbooks, I would definitely take out
less student loans and get into less debt which would help me out in the
future by just letting me have more options and having less debt to repay. I
do have an off campus job that helps pay for things like food and clothing, but if
I could use the $500 I spend on textbooks just on food and clothes for
the semester and going out with my friends, I don’t think I’d really need to
have that extra top job. I kind of first confronted this problem, not personally,
but it was a friend. She confided in me that she couldn’t afford her textbooks
for class and it kind of didn’t make sense to me. I thought, kind of coming
from my background, I thought you know how would you even make it to the stage,
even be in college, if you couldn’t afford the textbooks. And then I realized how
completely financially independent she was. Let’s just remember that, or think
about how, just because your class might not have expensive textbooks because of
the curriculum in the course load, it ends up being expensive no matter what
for some kids. [Music playing]

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