Texas Author Paulette Jiles Invites Students to Enter Letters About Literature Contest

I get the most incredible letters about
News of the World. Some of them are people tell me about their family
history, some people tell me about how emotionally they were moved by this book. Letters About Literature is a reading and writing contest and it’s sponsored
by the Texas Center for the Book and the Library of Congress. Fourth through 12th graders are invited to take part in this letter writing contest and work with your
librarian, your teachers and your families and to send a letter to your
favorite author. If I had the chance I would write Charles Dickens. He’s the
most brilliant author in the English language bar none. And I’ve read
all of his work probably twice each but I still have a bone to pick with some of
with some of Great Expectations. And if I could find out where he was and write him a letter,
I’d do it. Letters say “I’m here, I read what you read, I like it, and I’m taking
the time to write to you today.” That’s a good thing to do. For more information,
educator resources, or to read the letters of past winners, visit tsl.texas.gov/lettersaboutliterature Your entries must be postmarked by
January 8th, 2018, so good reading and start writing.

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