Tap ‘n Ghost: A Compilation of Novel Attack Techniques against Smartphone Touchscreens

Tap ‘n Ghost is an attack against NFC-enabled
smartphones. This attack exploits the malfunction of touchscreens. As you can see, the touchscreen works properly. However, after the attack starts,
false touch events are scattered along the line where the real touch is present. These attack techniques allow an attacker
to connect a Bluetooth device or a Wi-Fi access point to a victim’s smartphone. First, the attacker embeds NFC card emulators
and a metal sheet into a table. When the victim puts their smartphone on the
table, a dialog box pops up. The victim touches the “CANCEL” button. However, the “CONNECT” button is touched,
indicating the success of the attack. Do you want to know how? attend
the “Mobile and Location Security” session.

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