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Hi, guys. How are you doing? My name is Ben Oliveira and today I’ll answer the literary tag: Macabre. Created by Beatriz Paludetto from the channel A Quimera. This literary tag consists of seven questions about suspense and horror books The first question is: Which book scared you the most? Usually, I’m not afraid of horror books and movies. But I wouldn’t left behind The Exorcist This horror novel was written by William Peter Blatty And I believe that everyone already knows the story It’s about a possessed girl This book was based on a true story But since it is fictional, the author has been able to explore very well the different devices to terrify the reader The Journalist Thomas B. Allen wrote a book about the real case of Robbie, the little boy who was possessed If you think about the commonalities between the two books, you will see that although this is fiction, there are many things there that are scary. The second question is What suspense or horror books were difficult to get out of your head? I chose The Drowning Girl by Caitlin R. Kiernan which is a novel narrated by Imp, a schizophrenic character You do not know what’s really going on or it’s just her imagination. It’s a very intense book if you get carried away by reading t’s the kind of book that you either love or you hate, and I am one of those who love. But as Beatriz had already answered The Drowning Girl in this tag question, I decided to bring another book for you, The Shining by Stephen King It’s the kind of book I watched the adaptation long before reading the book I watched the movie when I was a kid on VHS. And even after reading the book several times, I have that feeling of deja vu that I’m in the hotel Overlook and it will all happen again The third question of the tag is: What are the most beautiful horror or suspense books do you have? Again, a similar response, Beatriz chose Extraordinary Tales by Edgar Allan Poe, which is a book that I really like. I decided to show this other edition: Imaginary and Mistery Tales with illustrations by Harry Clarke It is a book that has very beautiful illustrations and for those who want to check, there is a post on the blog, that I shared these arts. They are already in the public domain. The other book I chose to talk about is Dracula by Luis Scafati In this illustrated edition the artist rewrites and retells the story of Dracula, with the artist gaze on one of the most well-known gothic novels of all time. It is worth checking for anyone who has interest. The fourth question is: Which characters from a horror or suspense book captivated you the most? I chose The Boy Who Drew Monsters by Keith Donohue There is a character named Jack with Asperger’s syndrome and the narrative revolves around what is his imagination or what is happening in the house, but from the moment that his family and his friend begin to see the monsters that Jack imagines, the story gets more intense. The other book I have chosen to talk about is a Brazilian thriller: I see Kate by Claudia Lemes Is the story of a writer who is writing a book about a serial killer and the crimes begin to happen again, and Kate gets involved in the middle of this whole mess. Very good. I really recommend it. The fifth question is: What was your favorite setting for a horror or suspense book? I chose The Scarlet Gospels by Clive Barker much of the story takes place in hell with demonic creatures and I found it very interesting. For those who like dark stories, it is a book worth knowing. From the same author of The Hellbound Heart. Sixth question: What was the crime, haunting or strange event that disturbed you while you were reading? I chose Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King I’m a suspect, right? I’m a fan. The first story of the book impressed me by the way one of the characters dies. She was brutally beaten, thrown into a pit and devoured by rats. I’m a suspect, but I also like the other three stories in this book: Big Driver, Fair Extension and A Good Marriage Each of the stories explores the dark theme in a different way and makes us realize that the human being is more frightening than any supernatural event. Finally the last question: What is your favorite adaptation of horror or suspense movie? I do not know if I’m cheating but I chose The Demonologist by Gerald Brittle It is a non-fiction book based on the cases investigated by Ed and Lorraine Warren. Ed was a demonologist and Lorraine is a clairvoyant and these stories were adapted into the horror movies The Conjuring and Annabelle And to be honest are movies that I like very much. I’ll let the link to the video of Beatriz, creator of the Macabre tag for those who want to check her answers. I hope you like it. Well, that’s it. If you got this far, let your like in the video, leave your comment below and sign in the channel. Until next time!

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  1. amei  sua  vídeo resenha você   já  assistiu  o  Filme  A Profecia  de 1976  e  leu o Livro  A  Profecia  do  David  Seltizer  Hell House  você  já  leu  , viu o filme   A  Casa Infernal

  2. Adorei a tag Macabra! Nossa, quantas dicas de livros pra ler (e quantos livros você já leu!). HAHAHA, adorei <3

  3. Hi man you have a great channel . I dont speak Spanish , but quality is obvious !! My support and subscribe 🙂

    If you find some time , please go to my channel and check my work .
    I am songwriter , music producer and I do my videos best I can . Just
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  4. Oi Ben! 😀 Gostei das dicas pois grande parte dos livros mencionados não havia ouvido falar. Eu também não costumo ter medo de livros mas…de filmes sim. hahahaha Abraços!

  5. Ben-De-Deus! Que camiseta lindaaa! Quero uma para mim. Pode me presentear! hahaha! =D

    Gostei da TAG, mas tenho um pouco de medo de terror, então… pensa na pessoa aqui lendo esse gênero! Ai, ai!
    O livro Contos de Imaginação e Mistério do Poe, é realmente lindo!
    Comprei 'Eu vejo Kate' e ainda não li. Preciso ler!

    Menino, tu lê muito terror, credo! Tu é assustador!


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