Synthesis in Paragraphs

So in the MEAL plan, synthesis, it fits in
the MEAL plan in the form of analysis. So synthesis is analysis that connects multiple
pieces of evidence together. So in this way, even though the MEAL plan
doesn’t include synthesis, it really can fit in as kind of replacing or in addition to
analysis. And you might have a paragraph that has some
analysis on its own. Just, you know, analyzing one piece of evidence,
and then you might actually also include some synthesis that, you know, puts together multiple
pieces of evidence. So you can have both analysis and synthesis
in the same paragraph, and you can kind of think of synthesis as related to analysis.
So that’s helpful to keep in mind, and kind
of how that fits into the MEAL plan. I have this example here of a paragraph.
I know it’s pretty long, what I want to focus
on though is how we have a topic sentence here, introducing the focus of the paragraph.
Then we include some evidence, and you can
see that because of all the citations, right? We’ve got citations throughout this paragraph,
right here (indicating). And right here (indicating) and right here
(indicating). And all these sentences are evidence sentences
which we know by the citations. Note these sentences also include some transitions,
which I’ve underlined, which are really helpful in synthesis.
So I like to emphasize that synthesis is really
— when you’re using multiple pieces of evidence like this, can you help connect them by transitions,
which can be really useful. And then after that, we have this nice little
sentence of synthesis (indicating). And you can see, “In sum,” that transition
helps indicate that synthesis is coming. Because we’re saying in sum, all this evidence,
that we just looked at, together, means this. And then we end with a summary or concluding
sentence in the paragraph as well, okay? So this is kind of like synthesis and the
MEAL plan in action. And you can kind of see how it works together
in the context of a paragraph.

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