Supernatural 200th ep.”Fan Fiction” Behind the Scenes chat with Jensen & Jared [HD] [cc]

Director: Here we go, ready…ACTION! Jared We’re up here on the set of Supernatural for our 200th episode.. Director: Cut Jared: It’s awe-inspiring and kind of unbelievable Sam: Dean, there’s nothing here to even remotely suggest there’s a case. Dean: There’s nothing there that even remotely suggests there isn’t a case….BOOM! Jensen: Sam and Dean catch a case that involves a couple of disappearances Jared: a school.. Jensen: Yeah, at a school, an all-girls school. So imagine the surprise on Sam and Dean’s faces when they walk through the doors and find a musical, um, theater production. Actor-Dean singing: John and Mary, husband and wife, bringing home a brand-new life..his name is Sammy, I’m big brother Dean! Vivien Elizabeth Armour: We are putting on our interpretation of the Supernatural books by Carver Edlund Alyssa Lynch: We are singing about their lives, and they’re very confused. Dean: There is no singing in Supernatural! Joy Regullano: They don’t seem like the kind of people that like musicals in the first place, especially Dean (Dean laughs) Joy Regullano: Like, you probably wouldn’t see him at “Wicked” or something Kelly Ogmundson: We’re shooting a song called “The Road So Far”, and it’s…awesome. Vivien Elizabeth Armour: It is amazing…it is so much fun, and I am loving this beard, I can’t stop playing with it. (As Actor-Bobby): You…are IDJITS. Vivien Elizabeth Armour: So this episode is really special because it’s the 200th episode.. Nina Winkler: ..which means that there’s been a long road for all these fans to go on Actor-Dean singing: Yeah the road so far, we are in Dad’s car… (Kid director): Cut! Kelly Ogmundson: Not alot of shows get to do 200 episodes, EVER.. unless you’re Oprah… Nina Winkler: This is kind of a throwback to everything that’s happened, recapping everything, reminding you of the little interesting relationships that built.. Jared: It’s almost a salute to the fans Dean: We’re all here because you love Supernatural.. Actor-Mary: Actually, I was hoping we could do “Wicked”. Jensen: We pay attention to our fans, because they’ve really been champions for us for so many years, and it really is the reason why we’re sitting here today talking about a 200th episode.. Jensen: …and I think that this is a kind of little tip of the hat to that. Student: I mean it’s close ,but it just needs a little more…*scary sound* Closed captioning provided exclusively by “Son of a Bitch” – Dean Winchester on Facebook,Twitter, and Tumblr.

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  1. Omg, those lyrics 😆! That episode should be funny as hell. I can't wait to see this musical or music like version of "Supernatural" 😁! The road so far…200 episodes, hot damn!

  2. I love supernatural I've watched like every episode I'm huge fan 😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  3. i cry everytime i watch this episode. Then i sing, cry some more, cheer like im in the actual audience, laugh so hard and then i cry again

  4. I just learned that my favorite episode of supernatural came out on my birthday. Cool :3

  5. "Closed captioning exclusively provided by 'Son of a Bitch' – Dean Winchester on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr."


  6. Absolute best episode ever. I love it, I applauded, cheered, laughed and got teary eyed. one of my favorites

  7. Este episodio es de los mejores, dedicadas a las fans que somos las que amamos a los chicos, al Destiel y lloramos y reímos con ellos, simplemente es el sueño de toas, lo que me gustaría es haber visto toda la obra completa!!

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