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it’s a whole episode about how many
would like to shit on Donald Trump’s star the different things you would eat
before. If you’re gonna get arrested do it right I always said or assumed that if I was
gonna be arrested for anything it would be for inciting a riot or public
indecency once again hello back to sugar and
everything nerdy I’m Watkins I’m Michelle and I’m etosha and today we are
talking about literature books so what books are you guys reading these days
I’m currently reading good I haven’t been reading anything fun as far as
fantasy is I’ve been reading this book called Datak lism that’s talking about
how social media and data is destroying our lives like real books and yeah yeah
I can’t go to my chest or go to a book store without buying a book like that
I’ll be honest that’s like true I always walk out yes nice books on Norfolk
theatre is like right next to Joanne’s and it’s a problem it’s also know that
it’s literally between a Joey ends in a home good and I’m like you like shopping
i I have to park like all the way on the Joanne side but it was grand enough
staying right I will walk down the whole thing at some time today 4 hours to kill
stay in there if you would now I have like six new books and they’re all kind
of scholarly and depressing but it’s cool are you or a loved one plagued with
being illiterate do you also have a back stock of books you swear you’ll read you
buy the entire series of a manga even though you haven’t finished the last
manga that you read do you Starbucks having not gonna finish your other books
that you’ve read all three four of them I’ve got that thing where it’s like on
my nightstand I’ve got like a few books or they’re not on any
Marcus now it’s like shameful so I put them in my nightstand now but I’ve got
like three looks and they have like bookmarks I could’ve made all the
beginning right I swear I read I think honestly the last books that I read read
was the Kingkiller Chronicle which I haven’t finished because he hasn’t
published the third book so that’s fine him and I forgot Patrick Rothfuss that’s
his name him and dirt hurt I almost said junior talking talking some longer way
that’s our EP george RR martin you can just like are like in a club together
where they’re like we’re gonna write these great books and we’re never going
to finish this ha ha America will be plagued no Martin’s game is his endgame
his endgame is to pass away without finishing yea-ah no I think it is oh and
I am mad about I don’t want to talk about Susan I don’t want to talk about
it maybe he was waiting for this TV series to finish and he was like because
I know they’re gonna I’ve said that he can write the book better than they did
the TV series I couldn’t believe that guy you have dark theory that that he’s
he wait to see like how people would like or just like how can I make this
better yeah favorite book adaptation it’s good
Oh which ones are good or bad I think everyone’s it was pretty decent
from the most part up until the very end there but I think and this might be my
own personal opinion but the best book to anything adaptation maybe of all time
is by far the Lord of the Rings yes I was gonna say that’s my yes they didn’t
time they had and how they had extended versions and they just they went all out
I love the extended versions because it made me happy I was so on that did her
yeah the reader I was like but what about this thing yes yeah it made me
really happy when the fact that they have the whole basically half the island
like we what a workshop and there’s like my dad talks about this all the time
because he worked on the toys for he was like we would go in the workshop and you
meet people and their sole job is like all they do all day is paint the
spearheads of work Spears literally their job for
like however long they produced that series like five eight ten years or
something think about how much the graphic designers had to do like an area
Potter for all the little labels and hey they built that whole hub they built
like Hobbiton and I really like I mean if I go to news one day I’ll go to New
Zealand and I’m gonna do that tour like sponsored like a tour in England or
Europe or you can do like the Doctor Who and like Torchwood tour and so
interesting you around like whales and stuff it was the Lord of the rain yeah
it was underwhelming compared to Lord of the Rings
yeah well and the fact that they they took one book and wrap and read it out
and yeah I didn’t get that I was like you didn’t need no no one wanted that
someone that read the books I didn’t want that yeah one did no one had a
feeling that they did it for money yes yes because the dragon was this big like
pool that they could use and they didn’t want to like give it away too soon so
they’re like well we can’t just like give it away in the first movie so we
have to have a second movie so they waited until the second hooded Smaug and
then they were like well at the end of the movie right now we have too much
left to cover so we have to make it third movie it was just an opening point
after all that I didn’t even see the Third Watch the animated one from the
70s that’s right movie or book adaptations that you guys
like thought were funny or good or bad I liked the beginning of the Harry Potter
season series as it went on I had more and more problems so that but I still
finished it out brainy I got a little nitpicky because I had read those first
I read all the books like the exception of the last one I was just like I’m just
let me just I just watched the two movies which is the one that was the
most different and what kills me is that JK Rowling like science she’s like an
executive producer I’m like girl you’re just gonna sign off on this she’s just
like yeah whatever it’s like I do not trust you I’ve just
recently this year finished the second deadly Hallows yeah because like the
first one is just really slow like yeah I’m just like this is not necessary
obviously like reading that book and getting halfway through and they’re
still in the freakin woods I’m just like yes this book does it have much longer
how are they gonna finish this so I felt in the first few books every time he was
at privet drive I was just like come on get to school already that I know this
is just hop to it like I know it’s like laying the
groundwork for like an important plot workers begin to do it’s like they
didn’t even bother with the Dursleys in the fourth one which was I feel like
have your Azkaban they were like cool that was pretty much as good as it’s
gonna get so just like just like a mall like that yeah well you know it’s like I
wouldn’t mind seeing them come back all I gave her thrown style though where
each I think they’re gonna season the crimes of Grindelwald I feel like
they’ve brought they now that they’ve expanded on books that she didn’t even
like write stuff for so I feel like maybe gave it a few more like maybe 5 10
more years and they as long as an ID Smith is still alive and can play
McGonagall I feel like if it’s that far in the future I’d like to see the
original actors come back as other like imagine I was set by her in the
movies guys I feel like they’ve changed her character and made her they made her
too perfect like she was like yeah what happened to it like she right there I’m
just like you know what a big problem was Steve clothes said that Hermione was
his favorite character yes I remember try to be too perfect yeah I know do you
like reading it I’m just like reading like she would make fun sometimes some
douchey brahmacarya where are you and then they kissed Emma Watson she’s like
so cute and I was like yeah I do remember Rowling did say in interviews
like she like Emma Watson but she’s like you’re actually – she said that she
thought yes she did I think she talked to her on the phone and liked her and
then when she met her she’s like I like her but like she’s – yeah like really
nerdy looking and they’re all okay but in The Hunger Games meeting Katniss she
was supposed to have olive skin and black hair yeah and then Jennifer
Lawrence with her peaches in Korean you know whose skin and brown hair brown wig
right and then like they switched over like oh okay adaptations but I also
didn’t read I never the last books until after the last movies came out yeah I
actually saw no I actually saw the first movie first and then I read the book and
that was when I discovered how she was supposed to look and I was like what the
hell you know but I will say I have to give her names credit though because I
feel like Hunger Games kind of bird I feel like was like a Renaissance for
like and yah novels and dystopia fiction to be made into movies yeah like that
and then like divergent series and The Maze Runner all of these really great
like dystopian like young adult novels all of a sudden they had it like coming
soon coming soon in the making in the making yeah are there they are there any
that are still being made right now I went through a whole phase because
there’s like Twilight is like that whole like teeny John rabe like apocalyptic
stories like hey there’s a good few years where we had a lot of amazing yeah
we came out of that yeah that’s awesome it was funny because
not long ago I was you know how we we grew up with like the Internet yes like
evolving but it was like I remember watching the trailer for the first
Sorcerer’s Stone on dial-up realize like how you know it took so long for the
books come out and then the movies come out and now now it’s all over
and I’m just wondering how much of my life have I spent watching like Dana
Radcliffe on the Internet that’s true cuz 2001 was kind of like
the golden year that was in Sorcerer’s Stone and Lord of the Rings the
Fellowship of the Ring both came out in 2001
so did Legally Blonde 2001 was it golden and but I also and then I love the Lord
of the Rings trailer for fellowship was like this big once you had cuz it took
like 14 hours to download and it was like this right and it’s just like that
we work I running through my head and the Khazars know cool it’s like five
seconds well can’t wait in six years and this comes out and now it’s like we
don’t want to see too much in the trailers and people used to go to movies
just for the trailers and now they you know they drop and you can watch them on
YouTube the same day if it’s based off of a book haven’t you read the book yeah Gaiman early on good omen if you already
gave his other stuff I do have a short too
I had America guides made into a show but it’s on like stars or something
random that right oh it’s a pet show they’re all right I’ll see you cuz
Kristin Chenoweth isn’t it but that’s basically but also I think I’d rather I
think I started listening into audiobook instead it has an interesting premise
yeah I had yeah I haven’t seen the show my boyfriend might have download anyway
anyway I might watch it someday but yeah Oh The Handmaid’s Tale just finished
today as we’re recording this and I actually recently got my friend got me a
graphic novel version of that’s on a book too and it’s like I
think watching it might be too triggering based on our political
climate but really it could be like really that’s why I haven’t started
watching it cuz I’m like it’s gonna get too real for me I feel like ya couldn’t
really know a whole lot about it until I started reading it and then it’s just
like oh oh it’s the future great the not too distant at all future
what’s there like that I mean think about it like 1984 a lot of like Oh
classic dystopian literature is kind of like predict it’s the hope you need with
you always it’s always watching like close but if you have the lessons
listening yes I’m just kidding Alexei I love you you look great today what are
you wearing but I was like if you want like emotionally wrenching books what is
this saddest book that I’ve ever read like what’s the book you cried the
hardest over I definitely mean Harry Potter’s definitely one for me I was
gonna say I think the the part where Dumbledore Dumbledore funeral is where
it really got me and what it was it was really because I remembered you know
just the loss of richard harris who was an amazing yeah and i stay and i still
pictured richard harris in my mind as i so when that happened it was just sorry
i will say that the last movie in the harry potter series like that like the
whole thing with Snape and everything since I didn’t read the last book I gave
up on it that was a surprise for me but yeah and didn’t know oh your heart yeah
I had a yeah we had a we had a posix I was like I did not know this like
reading like things like 1984 or they end them or just like things that kind
of make me yeah like reflect on our society of like maybe not quite over but
you’re like this is like equatorial is a little hard to review but that makes it
such a good read but this was kind of like that for me I like I love the
crucible but crucible makes gonna gouge my eyes out
like I get why it’s so good but I’m like it’s just bratty girls that are mad
because some guy didn’t want to dick her down right she literally just mad that
you can’t get remember what like that Laurie was just like girls that were
bored because they were Puritans this one guy like won’t make out with me so
I’m just gonna like I’m just gonna like everybody get murdered like I’m just
gonna pretend I know you guys watch final thoughts of favorite books books
to do ijen how many books that are like coming out soon I actually don’t know
obviously anything by Carrie Fisher I already read The Princess Diaries I’m
working on this one now and then wishful drinking
that’s the one that I just purchased and I yes
expert I know that Margaret Atwood’s supposed to have it’s gonna be to the
show because the show really the book only like goes up to the first season Oh
dope oh wow the first or second I like Good Omens plays was Good Omens the one
that was co-written by um Terry Pratchett yes is that good okay um Terry
Pratchett actually wrote the Discworld series which is very very long it’s like
27 books and Counting but : toward the end of writing him he started
developing Alzheimer’s so he tried to like crank them out really fast and but
it’s a really really cool series about and like the whole premise is Discworld
like the world is flat and with a Discoverer and it’s held up by four
elephants that are standing on the back of a turtle that swims through space
it’s really fine but so if you like Good Omens anything by Neil Gaiman but Terry
Pratchett that’s kind of like his foray into the fantasy world which isn’t
really really good they’re old but they’re good omens was so good I don’t
feel like the show did it justice even though the show was really good – OH
I will say that I started rereading lost world from the Jurassic Park series I
never actually read Jurassic Park but I I did read Michael Crichton’s
pirate latitudes okay that was actually his last found manuscript like there was
another that he that he began we didn’t finished
but that was the last one that was all him
oh that’s that’s cool I love shit like that yeah hidden manuscripts once again
you guys thank you so much for watching be sure to LIKE need to comment and
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