Sufi Music I Rumi Poetry – HU – The Zikr by Anandmurti Gurumaa (New) | Sufi Zikr Meditation

Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi says… The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you,
don’t go back to sleep You must ask for what you really want, don’t
go back to sleep People are going back and forth across the
doorsill, the door is round and open, don’t go back to sleep I would love to kiss you, the price of kissing
is your life Now, my loving is running towards my life,
shouting ‘what a bargain, lets buy it…’ One has to be a seeker, but before becoming
a seeker, one has to become a lover You cannot become a lover if you have filth
of worldly attachments World is here in front of us to give us experiential
knowledge and understanding that it is changeable, transient entity… Laugh, sing, dance, make love, have children,
create houses, money, and power, and yet in a moment death snatches everything
and leaves you shivering shaking in fear and ultimately drowning in unconsciousness… It is not possible to taste the divine wine
of love if you haven’t met a sheikh, a mystic One has to become a ney, a reed flute; one has to become empty, hollow then all the
poetry all the music will come through you This divine love occupies heart and mind and
then all universe seems as if it is just the beloved peeping to us from behind the sun,
behind the stars and moon, flowers and trees, men and women, children and old Once this divine love makes its roots in the
heart, the person gets overwhelmed, drenched in this beautiful experience where the mind
goes into the zone of silence The whole universe then exhibits the divine
dance of love The one who has surrendered to the Lord is
called a sufi and sufi sings the zikr – la illaha ill allaah – there is no reality but god, there is only god Zikr has three parts: the first is the denial
of everything visible, second is the explosion into the individual, and the third part is
the outbreathing of divine presence HU Sufi sings HU – That which is, That which
was, That which will be… World becomes nothing more than an image,
stitched with gold thread on the tapestry, just the playful addition Drunk in love, the lover calls out in longingness
to the one who resides in the heart but still seems so far Nobody wishes a heaven if the price is death Nobody will wish for immortality if the cost
is death But this is what Love is — DEATH But from this arises the resurrection of a
new you – pure, virgin, loveful And now the calls of heart gets answered Until the ego is alive, there is no possibility
of love to happen When darkness of ego is blown away with longingness Urgency, search of the truth, this becomes
possible For Jalaluddin Rumi, it happened, when Shams-e-Tabrizi
arrived and stole his heart and mind And then love occupied this vaccum While someone asked Shams whose head was full of ideas and desires, he said, tell me about divine mystery. Shams said, I cannot tell
you the mystery. I can tell this mystery only to someone in whom I can see myself. This
mystery I will tell only to myself. I don’t see myself in you. I see someone else. The
mind has to be emptied of all attachments, greed, passion, darkness and
for this the teacher, the sheikh has to hit lovefuly, until the mind is shattered… The existence of the beloved cannot be proven
physically, nor it is a fantasy This presence at best has been given many
many names in different cultures, yet the presence remains nameless You may call it Allah, Brahman, Reality, Truth,
or any other word because that is what best a mind can
try to do, give the name to the nameless The sheikh is a mirror, a reminder of that presence, understanding of this mystery comes through the Sheikh
and it transforms all the energies of the seeker Rumi says, I have phrases in whole pages memorized
to but nothing can be told of love you must wait until you begin to live the love, be
patient, utterly patient The journey which begins from love towards
god, a moment comes in this journey when finally the union happens, all boundaries get dissolved
and this ‘I’ is no more different from that As Al-Hillaj-Mansoor cried out An-al-Haq ‘I
am That’ and then Total Emptiness ‘I’ is no more so who will call whom, just
a vast emptiness which is best described by Sufis as HU, that which exists, HU means that
which was and will be No word can ever contain the infinitude presence,
once the consciousness arises after this volcanic experience… on asking what happened to you,
sufi says, Huuuu…

100 Replies to “Sufi Music I Rumi Poetry – HU – The Zikr by Anandmurti Gurumaa (New) | Sufi Zikr Meditation

  1. Hu or Huwa depends on how you spell it is an arabic pronounce for male person. It usually begins in the sentence Like this transliteration" Huwa allahu Al-Lathee La illah ela hu al-hayyu Al Qayyum Malik Al-Mulk." Huuuuuu is refered to the nameless of whooo reside in us, is our source of life.

  2. I think the most important teacher in Sufism is Hafez. He is considered as Ghalandar of Love! In his teaching, Sufism does not necessarily need a teacher and is not systematic with hierarchy.

    But anyway, thanks for sharing nice poetries

  3. This is for the living in this life, to realise who you really are, before you die. What about when your children die in pain, in this life?

  4. Suffism has absolutly nothing to do with Islam,
    there are muslims that have integrated certain practices of Suffism,but the two are totally polar opposits,Notice the poems of Rumi,are totally peacful and consumed about love,
    Suffism is totally non violent,Islam is what we have seen in 1400yrs. Sharia law,rape murder and violence.
    just be informed.

  5. You know, when you translate it the whole thing loses its meaning and you will be limited to the perspective of the translator.

    Just laying it out there.

  6. at present every religion is all about EGO and SHOWOFF in one way or other.These enlighten being are beyond any religion.Specific names and words are just because of the culture they were born.untill we come out of religion's shadow Ego is bound to grow within us .Humanity/love is d only religion.Rest are all EGO manipulated in one way or other in the name of Almighty.

  7. For my Sufi experience is like TAO. Todo lo que intente describir el sufismo, no es sufismo. Muy bello video,…
    Ma Shaa Allah

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  9. Can my loved ones have this experience before they die or as they are dying? I told my son death is not to be feared. At all. It is freedom from tjis worldly prison. That does not make my moarning any easier.

  10. Namskar Guruma, You are Rabbia Adavi of modern india. Because enlightened are bound religion. With love 💖 from Kerala 🙏
    Wish and prayer our people try to under you & your mission. 🙏🙏

  11. Something happen very inside of me every time I hear o see this kind of music or images. My cells have memories, I can't remember

  12. I never tire of listening to this Zikr recitation of Rumi's depth! I could play it contnuously in my sanctuary because it is very cleansing as Zikr tends to empty the heart of the weight of the world! Thank you for a voice that conveys the intention seamlessly and flawlessly! HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  13. Sufi is one of the best teachings in Islam. Is to be true to yourself. What do you want ? Where do you want to go ? For whom you striving for ? If its not for God. Then you have to get back to yourself and ask these questions again. God is the answer. Nothing exist but God. Be with God. Do not get delusional with materialistic world. Islam is to fix your belly,mouth,mind and physical realm. This is the true spirit.

  14. Brilliant, Heart touching devine vibrational voice of Gurumaa, touching Sixth chakra instantly.
    Thank you 🙏🙏🙏

  15. I don't think I am qualified even to say a word about RUMI's Poetry and his love for Allah. But this video is to be watched over and over again to understand the full meaning
    of LOVE to ALLAH

  16. OMG! this is truly beautiful..this is the sound of true Love..this is the best meditative sound/song/music i ever heard..Thanks for creating this. Kudos

  17. Nice visualization, musical, narration, but the narration still need some explain,cause Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi's poem has more descriptions such as star has more bright, what's the light color is likely your chakra color, can same or different each other people, so the deeper mindset will have more light of meaning Rumi's poetry..
    Lovely salam 🕴️

  18. Guru Ma you are surely embodiment of the Suppreme Mother if you are accessible to me then surely I will be your deciple at your Devine feet but alas my destiny is like a kite of a broken thread.

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