Stunnah Beatz & Cryptographik Street Poets | Episode 3 | Hip Hop Homeland North East

Hip Hop is all about representing your homeland And the east will not be represented If we do not do the north-east Hence, all of us thought, why not do A huge ass collaboration with everyone Who is influencing the scene in the north-east My first stop was gonna be Guwahati I was gonna meet Rajdeep Sinha aka Stunnah Beatz One half of the internationally acclaimed Producer duo, Stunnah Sez Beatz Have you heard of 101India Hip Hop Homeland? When I included Stunnah into the plan, he was kicked And he had something up his sleeve too Little did I know S**t bro, I love that You hear the drop, bro. The drop Damn, the drop is awesome man Do you hear the snare rolls? Bro, this is f***ing mental, man I don’t think we should waste any more time Let’s go, let’s go. Where are we going? We should go to Shillong, bro, right now Andrew, what’s good, bro I’m good, bro. This is Feyago Nice to meet you, bro Nice to meet you finally, man Feyago, this is P.O.E.M, representing C.S.P P.O.E.M – That’s an interesting name How did you come up with that? It’s an acronym of “Prophet Of Esoterical Metaphors” When I met P.O.E.M, he took me to meet The rest of the C.S.P members I met Feyago earlier today And he told me about Hip Hop Homeland We are thinking of dropping a track And Stunnah is producing the beat So you are down for it? And as soon as I told them about the project They seemed kicked about it And we got down to business Tell me about Cryptographic Street Poets We formed way back in 2010 We promoted ourselves, we started ourselves And built our foundation on the internet We like to put some subliminal messages in our lyrics Some complex metaphors
people will have to think about And then we met few other artists out there Who wanted to do similar things,
but in different ways So we were like Why not just come together and form a label And do our stuff together With this label, we want to inspire different artists If they want us to help them, we’ll help them The problem is that we do not get The same exposure that the mainland gets But it’s not like we are going to stop half-way It’s possible if we work hard Check check Ratul So I fold, set to go search for a pot of gold.. F**k I do the nas.. Oh I f***ed it up, man Ok, I’ll just rap and s**t, yeah? To the point where it’s absurd like saying miracle pays Keep it going.. Ah f**k At the studio, I really understood Why these artists have chosen Hip Hop As a medium of expression If it weren’t for Hip Hop These guys would have been lost As writers, we have to make songs and compose And we need inspiration, right? So where do you get your inspiration from? Initially, it started with politics And then I grew up as an artist Most people think politics is only For intellectual people, but politics is for everybody I need another litre, need another leader too I’m but a creature with features that Made me see the truth We should understand that everybody From the youth, should care about it Because politics affects our life Directly Pumping up the bhakt s**t Whoa, prophet went all anti na.. Since you mentioned politics, if you wanna know more I think I’ll introduce you guys to a friend of mine He’s associated with us So meeting him would give me an idea of where your Inspiration comes from What’s his name? His name is Tarun Bhartiya People think politics is about leaders Or about votes, it’s not Politics is about power To question power is politics Khasi Bloodz, Cryptographik Street Poets Two artists who sing in vernacular

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  2. missionaries have done a god job in north east by converting all the natives,this is the result of that which is emulation of the culture from the west..

  3. u all r gonna kill the world ..keep rocking like this and make our northeast proud..hope that more such talented peoples will come out from our northeast👌👌👍👍

  4. awesome video broda,,, you guys are doing so people are totally in right direction! go ahead and let the mainland people know whats is northeast all about..peace!

  5. sad part is many so called hip hoppers getting what they don't even deserve in India and these ppl are just being unnoticed ..shit i though hip hop sticks with all these so called hip hoppers in india and stopped listening to indian hip hop you ppl in the other hand are dope man keep up the good work and you will be rewarded soon ..

  6. interesting ,sun faces east first .but never new that this much light it gives to you all .I would recommend to you all about Paul Robeson a great American lyricist and social activist .It will help you all to develop the craft and art you all have.

  7. where the fuck dat 10 dislike came from… this is awesome.. i hope to see you touch million views.. i know im late but you guys are awesome thanks for putting ne music

  8. really there is some sense in fucking indian YouTube… really u guys showed great courage…appreciate u…may wings of fortune may kindly upon you…god bless u bros…nd m an Eastside boy…like ti join ur pack…

  9. This hiphop show, remind me of my local hiphop show ‘HipHoppin Asia’. Famous rapper from Malaysia (my country) went all around Asia, meet up with the greatest rappers from each country included India.
    Btw this is awesome show man, keep it up..

  10. Each time I watch these video I go and watch the north east anthem and I understand it more🤘

  11. Hey NEs I want the beats of this song
    I want to make my reaction song on this one, the feyago rap….
    ………..A mid side hip hop fan yet to be born as rapper

  12. North east Hip Hop is old school Hip Hop. That's what I love. God bless you all. Keep up with the hard work .Appreciation from ziro, arunachal 👌

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