Studying English Literature BA(Hons) at Kingston University

One of the really exciting things about studying
English Literature at Kingston is that it takes students into new territories quite
literally actually. So as well as studying the literature of the United Kingdom they
get the chance to explore the literature of Africa, the United States, of Ireland and
so on. And they also look at different kinds of literature, not just canonical
works from Shakespeare onwards but also popular fiction, genre fiction from children’s
literature to adventure writing. I came to Kingston because when I came to
visit on an open day everyone was really inclusive, the staff were really helpful and they were
very focused on me achieving what I wanted to achieve. I decided to study English Literature at Kingston University because initially I wanted to be
a teacher and that avenue is still open to me. However studying for this degree has shown
me that I have so many options available to me now that I’m doing this degree, so I can
go into research, I can go into something that involves cultural studies, I can end
up writing, so my horizons have been broadened since I’ve started studying. So even though I’m doing two courses the workload actually balances out completely evenly because
we’re doing two modules from each degree which adds up to the same four modules that you’d
be doing in a full field degree. So really there’s no increase in workload. My favourite thing about Kingston as a place to live is how close it is to Central London.
I get to go to a lot of shows, I get to play a lot of shows in Central London and all around
which is really fun. The benefits of living so close to London
are many. So, for example, this weekend I’m going to see Michael McIntyre perform in The
Coliseum and that is an incredibly easy journey for me. It’s not going to cost me very much
on the bus at all and when I leave I’m going to be far enough away from Central again that
it doesn’t feel like the capital city, I’ll be back in the country. My top tip for life at Kingston is getting involved with absolutely everything even if
you didn’t think it was something you were going to do before. So I started horse riding
from scratch. I’ve got friends who go skiing, I’ve got friends who are on the rugby team,
it’s all about taking those experiences and making the most out of them as possible. The people you meet are going to be the people that you’re working with and the people who
get you into societies and basically the people who you’re going to be spending the rest of
your life with, so get to know them.

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