Student Perspective: Integrated English Language Arts

Carolyn Valco ’16. Integrated English Language
Arts. Coming into college it was that pivotal moment, what do I want to do? Cause I bounced
around a lot between different ideas, and coming in, I finally realized that education
was it. And I actually started out as an Early Childhood Education major, um, but during
my freshman year, I decided that Early Childhood wasn’t for me and I wanted to work more with
the older students and English has always been a favorite subject of mine, um, I love
all the classics and I just, I love to write, um, and I want to share that passion with
my students, so English just kind of seemed like the no brainer for me. So, in the fall,
I took my first semester with my cohort, and going in, I knew a hand full of the students
in my cohort from classes that we had together, whether they be English classes or education
classes, um, but there were a lot of students in my cohort that I also really didn’t know.
And I was really surprised by how quickly we were able to bond, uh, within that first
month of school, I had met everybody, almost, within my cohort, and we all took four of
the same classes last semester, so it was really interesting to kind of have that dynamic
and have that safety net of people, where you could go back and say “Oh, hey, um, this
assignment, like, can you help me out?” um, and it was really great to just be able to
have that network cause it really just makes it easier to study and you have those people
who are kind of going through the same thing, so it really helps. Um, in the fall, I was
in my high school field experience, so I completed 75 hours in a high school setting, and I really
enjoyed that. Um, that was my first experience in an English classroom through Miami, and it
was a great experience. I really got to teach, um, I was able to work with students one-on-one,
I got to create my own lesson plans, my coordinating teacher was great, we worked together, I taught
some of his lessons, he actually ended up teaching some of mine, too. Um, so that was
a really great experience to be able to have that and just kind of reaffirm everything
I’ve been thinking over the past few years in terms of my major. Next year, I’m really
looking forward to student teaching. Um, I haven’t gotten my placement yet, so I don’t
know what grade I’ll be in, 7-12. But, I’m really excited just to have that experience,
I really enjoyed my um, field experience in the fall, where I was in the high school,
and right now, I’m doing my 30 hours in a middle school, and I’m really enjoying that
as well. So, I’m just looking forward to having that more hands on experience and really being
able to build those relationships with students and watch them grow. So I’ve definitely found
that Miami’s professors are really willing to help me, um, if I have any issues I feel
very comfortable going to talk to them about them, whether it be an assignment or a personal
problem, um, they definitely want you to succeed, they’re there for you, they want to watch
you grow, um, sometimes they will push you, but sometimes you need that push, and I feel
very fortunate to have all these professors who are experts in their field and really
know um what they’re talking about, because they’ve done the research, they’ve been in
schools, and I think that’s probably one of the biggest aspects about Miami that drew
me in. College of Education, Health and Society. Department of Teacher Education. Miami University.Oxford,
OH. Est. 1809.

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