Story Break Animated – Procedurally Generated Romance Novels

This week we’re doing: procedurally generated romance novels. I stumbled upon an article by Elo Brian? (a computational scientist) Entitled Romance Novels Generated by Artificial Intelligtence, and what Elo did was: She took 20.000 Harley Quinn Romance Novel Titles. Fed them into a neural network, and had the computer generate titles. Why don’t you give the good people at home a taste of some of the examples? So this is what the neural network came up with: The baby pregnancy. The unlikely babies. Some of my favorites: The man for dr. husband. I was a big fan of His Final Santa, Christmas with a tycoon. Blackmailed baby. Pregnant for the rage. The surgeons baby surgeon. It was between that and sex revenge.

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  1. Sad to say Vghs isn’t coming back josh bay lock been divorced the other girl and jimmy wong lost his touch idk how

  2. The next best thing bullet jump you shoot two bullets then put both of your feet on the bullets and sore high as you want or far and the bullets dont dlow up after a certine ammount of time and they dont don't blow up when they hit something

  3. Listen everybody! Maybe this isn't the end, I'm not sure but I have hope. Maybe Freddie is working on the next season of Anime Crimes Divisions. VGHS also had 3 seasons and every season came out a year later, maybe it's the same thing here but they're putting so much effort into the episodes that they can't focus on normal videos anymore. Maybe they'll upload again next year.

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