Storied: Queer Voices, Part 1

[music] [Lisa Marie Brimmer]
I’m reading from “i go on”.a kissso sultry subversivespecialsome thick synergystewedperpetual warleft on the lip of a glassso many gunson your lipsa scratch of red bleedingthe cue ballin the pocket whereyour handsin my pocket whereyou pushed meon the pool table.Writing and reading were something that has always helped me feel connected to something outside of myself. Libraries were some of the first places I was allowed to sort of, explore my identity as a person of color, as a black person and I think even as a queer person. I first learned about Stonewall shortly, actually, after coming out. It wasn’t something that I had been introduced to growing up. I grew up in a very rural area in Wisconsin and queerness wasn’t really talked about outside of homophobia. The idea that there was an entire historical lightning rod moment, right, feels like, something that as a storyteller, I think it’s important that we remember. Stonewall affects my life every day because in so many ways the Civil Rights Movement as pertains to queer folks, LGBTQIA folks, has created space for me to be out, to be safe in my communities and even if it is safer, safe-ish. So much was catalyzed in those moments of Stonewall in the ways that queer black folks, queer trans people of color, took power back and away from the, sort of, establishment that was silencing them. Our community is experiencing whatever freedoms we experience because of all the work that has been done historically within our communities and our different cultures to create space for the protection and the celebration of our lives.

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