6 Replies to “Steven Pinker: What our language habits reveal

  1. Steven Pinker always sounds like he's just ran down the block and then had a microphone suddenly thrust in his face.

  2. How delightful it would be to tie up in a chair the person who decided to insert the sound effects at the beginning of each TED video. I could then take my time in dreaming up punishments that fit the crime. It is in fact delightful just to think about it….

  3. Why does Pinker look like a girl? I wouldn't trust him any further than
    I could throw him and I'm not that strong. I think there should be a law against appearing in public as a hermaphrodite when your actually a man. He belongs in jail. Is he schtupping young college girls? I wouldn't be surprised. That curly hairdo must be time consuming. And itchy. Or MAYBE IT'S A WIG. That's what it is. A grey woman's wig. Being worn by an alleged man. "Give that man the muffin".

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