Stephanie Poetri Tells Us About Her First Times

100 Replies to “Stephanie Poetri Tells Us About Her First Times

  1. i worked with her before on a youtube series called Anak Artis, and she’s the most humble and positive child of an artist. she was quite and shy back then, so i’m happy to see her grow so much in both career and personality

  2. Indonesian Girl, we proud of you ❤ Her Dad is an American & her Mom is an Indonesian. Her Mom live in Indonesia, and she is a famous Singer here. Here mom is a Diva in Indonesia. ❤

  3. growing up w/linkin park & MCR -> lucky girl, you've raised at a right childhood there #LPstan #welcometoblackparade

  4. It's rare to see Asian artists make hits in the US music industry except the Kpop idols, but now we have 88rising!🤩😇💞

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