Spring Hills Home Care Services Hosts Exercise Class | Poet’s Walk

I work with the seniors with exercises because a lot of the times you find that they aren’t always as active as they should be. So, a lot of times, we do a lot of stretching. We make sure that they’re always staying hydrated. We usually do a lot of seated marches and seated kicks to try and warm up their legs get their heart pumping a little bit and get their blood flowing so that way they can start off their day right with a little bit of exercise. As older adults get older there’s a natural degeneration with muscles. A lot of times, they can get osteoporosis and lose their muscle density. Doing exercises keeps those muscles and keeps those bones nice and strong so that way if they have an accident or if they accidentally fall they’re strong enough to bounce back quick enough. The benefits for the exercise class are great because in the building we can combine our home care clients with our assisted living residents as well and, so, it’s a great opportunity for folks to come down and just get a little bit of an insight into what exercise physiology and what we do with our program is and then if they like the group class they can progress into the group class or they can decide to do one-on-one sessions with an exercise physiologist. I love exercise. I love walking and jogging and she’s very good, very good all of them are. They know what they’re doing and that’s their job they keep us going.

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