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Hi Guys, my name is Marco, from blog intoxianime.com, and this is a video talking about Baka to Test ending The novel finished its publication some time ago, i made a video about chances of season 3, that are not very good So i decided to make a video talking about the main things that happened at the end of the story As it’s unlikely a season 3 will be made to show that After the part the anime adapted on season 2 there was a lot of battles, with pretty much the same joke They were almost winning but something happens and they lose There was a lot of battles like this until the end of the novel The most important thing in a romantic comedy is who ends with who in the end Its about this that i will talk Shouke and Yuugi ended together at the end. Yuugi more or less confess at the end of vol 11, saying he never said it before cause didn’t feel he deserve her But everything is solved and he even moves to class A to be together with her after They didn’t show the future to we see if they married, but is likely they will stay together from now on The protagonist that was in a love triangle confessed to himeji, the pink haired girl, at the end of vol 12 She accept, and the two of them start dating, BUT NO! Becaise school president ban romantic relashionships To be honest the was more like a joke than anything else. The protagonist even comment at the end that when he finaly confessed that happened and they could not date This rule doesn’t change anything, they could date outside the school And everthing makes look like they will be together as a couple in the future, since both already confessed So the end was happy to the ones that cheered for this couple And at least the protagonist choose one of the girls, what is not that common There are a lot of novels with open and or harem end The end wasn’t very detailed showing the future or stuff like that But at least closed the relashionships and the protagonist love triangle Well, this is it, theres not much more to tell, this was the spoilers most people wanted to know And i finish here, if you liked the video subscribe for more and give it a like And see you next time

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  1. só eu que fiquei curioso como quem a de rabo de cavalo ficou se ela conseguiu ficar com a minami ou não

    gimme the link for the comic of vol 11 and vol 12 please… i beg you… i just want to.. see my couples become together… my life is finally complete… no more curiosity… no more sadness. just please… send me any comic link that has Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu vol 11 and vol 12 plssssssss… T-T

  3. É engraçado que o intoxi aí nessa época táva mais fechado na hora de falar eu tava me assistindo jornal nacional

  4. To muito feliz,achei que ele escolheria a tabua já que eles tiveram muito mas momentos românticos,pelo menos no anime

  5. Mano, eu assisti bala to test pq vc me indicou em um vídeo, eu maratonei ele inteiro hj, as duas temporadas e os 2 OVAS … Mas … Eu não devia ter visto esse vídeo pra saber oq aconteceu no final…. Eu nn queria que ele ficasse com a himeji!!! Eu queria que ele ficasse com a Minami!!!!
    Droga!!! Porque???? Porque???? Oq aconteceu com a Minami??

  6. Fala Sérioo! Que saco! A de cabelo rosa é muiito sem sal! Eu prefiro ele sozinho do q com ela, garota chata.

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