Speaking & Learning 10 Languages At Once⎮Jasmine Lipska

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  1. Hello beautiful friends! What languages are you currently learning? Let me know ❤️ I am also so excited to share with you my first ever merch: it means so incredibly much that I get to create this, I am wholeheartedly grateful. So many of you have ordered a shirt already and I can’t wait for you to receive them, and for us to wear them together! If you are also interested in getting one, here is the link: http://jasminelipska.com/merch ❤️ sending my love 💕

  2. Born in Russia
    Mum and dad are from Russia too
    Now well: only russian, but if i saw this video all without subtitles, probably, english i now a little bit too
    Studying: german, korean and also started to learn japanese

  3. Dad from Chile
    Mom from Chile
    Born in Chile
    Live in Chile
    And i know English, of course spanish and im learning korean

  4. You should Say
    Watashi no namae wa Jasumiine desu
    But It's okay
    And about Polish I think that you used Google translate or something 😂 because you introduced yourself in masculine form

  5. born in egypt.
    mother fron egypt.
    dad from egypt.
    i live in egypt.
    speaking english.
    studying Chinese ,Japanese ,korean ,French

  6. Te quiero = I like you
    Te amo = I love you

    Btw love your channel. ~Best wishes~ 💓💓 UwU

  7. I‘m 13 i can speak 5 Languages
    ~german ~ fluently
    ~turkish ~ fluently
    ~english ~fluently
    ~french ~good
    ~korean~ Not that bad

  8. Merci is a quick thank you, but Je Vous Remerci is more in depth or if you are saying Merci again. Hope that helps!

  9. Im Born In America
    Mom is French
    Dad is Italian/Canadian
    I speak
    Sign Language
    and I am learning Korean and German right now. In the future I hope to learn Chinese but that will wait till after my Korean and German in somewhat good hehe.
    좋은 일을 계속!

  10. Born in the USA
    Mother is from the USA
    I speak English and a little of sign language
    I'm learning Korean
    And Cantonese

  11. This is my dream speaking so much languages like this 😍
    I speak french and english,I am learning korean,spanish,portugese..

  12. My opinion is that you are using same accent to all languages you learn but I think that if you practice more then it will get better

  13. In Polish you should have said urodziłam się (feminine) instead of urodziłem się, which is masculin form. Probably not your fault you learned it that way, but you said to correct you so here I am 🙂 reach out to me if you ever want to practice Polish 🙂

  14. Born in Germany
    Living in Germany
    Mother from Germany
    Father from Germany
    Speaking Germany

    POTATO POWER wuhh 🥺🥺🤤🥰🇩🇪🇩🇪🥔🥔

    (Btw I know that Potatoes are from America🥺😂)

  15. I can speak:
    German (bc I am from Germany and I am German lmao)
    English (School, Movies)
    Swedish ( I learning it so it’s not good 🥺 but I learning it bc I like Sweden 😀 )
    Russian (I learning it in School)

  16. Oh my god god I’m every time surprised and a little sad when such talented people as you can speak so many languages. I’m also learning Chinese but don’t have the motivation to keep going cuz it’s so difficult and if you have to study it on your own it might be to hard. I really admire you and your language skills. 😊

  17. Born in Madagascar 🇲🇬
    Dad and Mom are malagasy/chinese/mauritian
    I speak Malagasy, French, English
    I’m learning Spanish, Japanese and Korean.

  18. well i’m from the united states. my parents are too. but i know a little bit of some of languages.

    i can speak a little bit of chinese.
    some of korean.
    a little bit of spanish.
    a little bit of italian.
    fluent in english.
    some portuguese.
    some japanese.
    and some thai.

    as you can see i am very into asian culture-

  19. Does anyone have any suggestions for a tutoring platform like italki but for people aged under 18 too? I'm only 16 🙁

  20. Born in Philippines
    Mom from Philippines
    Dad from Philippines
    Lives in Philippines
    Study in Philippines
    Speak Tagalog and English
    Learning Korean

  21. Hey! in German, you pronounce every letter in the word, so when you say 'Name' (name) it should sound like 'Nah-ma'-the 'e' isn't silent. When you say 'Mein' (my) it sounds like 'Mine.' When you pronounce a word with 'ch' next to each other, you make a sort-of hissing sound. You are doing AWESOME!!

  22. Born in: Australia:
    Dad is from: Australia
    Mum is from: Australia
    Brother is from: Australia
    I speak: English
    I am being forced to learn because of school learning: Japanese & Chinese

  23. In Portuguese, (European and Brazilian) we have female and male forms.
    For example, thank you in its feminine form is "Obrigada"
    And masculine form would be "Obrigado". 🇵🇹🇧🇷

  24. I was born in Australia
    Mums Filipino
    Dads English
    Speak English & is trying to learn Spanish & French
    Also knows a little Chinese

  25. Born in France
    Mom from France
    Dad from Belgium
    Live in North of France
    Speak English/Spanish but I want to improve my level in these two languages ☺️

  26. It said she was reading a conversation about buying clothes in Korean but I heard her say "you don't study" three times in the video lmao. 4:42

  27. I speak three languages Arabic , French and English and i want learn korea and spanish for completing five languages 안녕~~~¡¡

  28. I'm German and I think you did a great job. Just pronounce the a in Name more and don't forget the e 🙂

    And the language itself means Deutsch without the e. You would use the e for example in (eine deutsche Frau) a German woman

  29. In Japanese, the letter は can be read as both 'ha' and 'wa', depending on the sentence. If it comes in between two words as a particle, then it will be read as 'wa'. Otherwise it will be read as 'ha'. So in the end, to say what your name is in Japanese, it will be 'watashi no namae wa jasmine desu'.

  30. merci is used more in france. i would advise you not to use the other one. it’s SUPER formal. it’s not needed

  31. Merci fits everywhere (thanks)
    Je vous remercie means I thank you it’s way more formal and btw when u introduce yourself you said je vous remercie (as you may already know vous is either polite or means you plural form) and then je t’aime is tu so singular you both together may sound weird hahah I know in English we can’t notice but ya I wanted to point out

  32. Your voice is so cuteeee!
    I speak Norwegian and a tips id give you is to practise your "R" and "L". Other than that it was good

  33. Born in Malaysia
    Father from Malaysia
    Mother from Taiwan
    Able to speak
    Malay language
    A bit of Cantonese
    Planning to learn Japanese language soon

  34. English (My dad’s British)
    Mandarin (my mom’s Chinese)
    French (I live in Canada and all my classes are in French!)
    I would love to study more languages in the future. You’re such an inspiration❤️

  35. Born: Germany
    Mother: Ukrain
    Father: Russia
    Live: Germany
    I can speak: German, English, Russian, a little bit Korean and Latin
    I am learning Japanese in an extra class and Mandarin at school

  36. Mom is 25%Indian, 25% Italian and 50% Dominican
    Dad is 100% Guatemalan
    Im not quite sure which race I mainly am sooo ill just go with Hispanic
    Im currently learning Mandarin and I can speak English and Spanish

  37. About French
    Je vous remercie = je=I /vous =you / remercie=thank so it means I thank you
    Remercier is the verb thank you

  38. Born In Brazil
    Dad for Brazil
    Mom from Brazil
    Living in Brazil
    And learning English lol, and a bit of Spanish

  39. I'm half German 🇩🇪
    And half Japanese 🇯🇵
    I can speak:
    German & Japanese
    Chinese 🇹🇼
    Korean 🇰🇷
    Thai 🇹🇭
    Kazakh 🇰🇿
    Khmer 🇰🇭
    French 🇫🇷

  40. I'm falling Love with your face and talking so sweetest Voice 😍❤️ Jasmine so Smart Girl speak so many …. lovely Countries in the World.. Love you so much..

  41. I’m from Norway and I LOVE your Norwegian!! 😊🙌🏼
    Great work with all the languages, you are such an inspiration! 🙏🏼💕

  42. well i speak German,Scots,Swedish,Norwegian,Danish,Estonian,Icelandic,English,Greenlandic and learning Mongolian and Faroese yes I have 8 nationalities

  43. Born in : Saudi Arabia
    Currently staying in : The Philippines
    Mother : Filipino
    Father : Saudi Arabian
    Lang./Dialects I use Daily : Filipino, English & Hiligaynon/Ilonggo
    I can Speak: English, Hiligaynon/Ilonggo, Filipino, Arabic, French & Spanish
    Currently Learning : ….

  44. I was born in Honduras = Spanish
    Live in USA = learned English
    Now i am learning Korean, Japanese, French, Italian, and Chinese 🙂


  46. My mother is Israeli, my father is half Armenian, half Maltese, I grew up in Israel, now I live in new Zealand, and thinking of moving to Finland, I speak:-
    I am learning

  47. Born in belgium
    Dad from morroco
    Mom from morroco
    Speak french from my dad side
    Speak arabian from my mom's aide
    Speak dutch from school
    Speak english from internet when i was litle i used to watch english movie's so yh who's arabian ore belgium ?

  48. I would love to learn Chinese this year but I’m so scared about prononciation. I’m french, so I speak a really really non tonal language, this is why i’m afraid

  49. Born in the U.S
    Dad is from Mexico
    Mom is from Mexico
    I currently speak English and Spanish but I'm trying to learn Chinese and french right now in school

  50. 'German' in German is actually 'Deutsch' or 'die deutsche Sprache' (which means the German language). And a little mistake I noticed: all German nouns are spelled with capital letters, so it would be 'Mein Name ist…' instead of 'Mein name ist…' It's not a serious mistake, but many German learners do that (:

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